Technical articles

Sensors and adaptations

Sensors and adaptations

19 Oct 2015

James Dillon looks at sensor faults and diagnostic conundrums


Fifty shades of Carbon

Fifty shades of Carbon

19 Aug 2015

Frank Massey gets dirty with diesels


Business Features

Certifying your future...

Certifying your future

26 Nov 2015

As software becomes prevalent so does the need to be up-to-date with how to deal with it securely


Pass or Farce?

Pass or Farce

03 Oct 2015

The New MOT system had its problems but will benefit the industry in the long-term


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November/December 2015 issue

The November/December issue of Aftermarket Magazine is out now, featuring the latest news on the VW scandal, technical insights from Frank Massey and James Dillon, a wealth of product information covering wheel alignment, clutch, diagnostics and more, with views from around the industry