Cars that drive themselves

Science fiction set to become reality?

Automated car

Published:  25 July, 2013

The technology that enables cars to park themselves and automatically brake to avoid collision has been around for a few years now and features in several manufacturer's models but it seems we are approaching an age where we could have cars also taking control of the driving.

The technology already exists but it will be a challenge to persuade motorists round to the idea and also to integrate autonomous cars with existing vehicle technology. Martin Leach, Chairman of automotive services provide Magma Group, says: "There will be a degree of resistance from the public initially, particularly when it comes to trusting the technology at high speeds." Although the many benefits of such systems are not to be sneered at - enabling motorists to undertake other tasks whilst commuting, driverless delivery vehicles making deliveries at any time of day and night and the technology would mobilise the elderly, disabled or blind.

Leach believes we have ten years until autonomous cars take to the road and they will most likely emerge on U.S roads or perhaps in Japan or China and that it will take at least 30 years before they become the norm.

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