IGA lobby for fixed MOT fee

Director meets with Transport Minister to argue case

Published:  21 August, 2013

THE RMI's Independent Garage Association (IGA) has met with Transport Minister Stephen Hammond to discuss the MOT test fee.

IGA Director Stuart James said: "It is our opinion that one of the biggest areas of concern relating to the MOT is the practice of garages discounting the MOT price and then charging excessive amounts for repairs in order to make up for lost revenue. So while consumers may think they are initially making a saving on their MOT they are then hit with an unnecessarily high charge for repairs. It is also our opinion that the franchised dealer sector is using the option of discounting MOT's as a "loss leader" for higher priced repair costs."

Mr. James added that he believed that a fixed fee would also reinforce the fact that an MOT test is a mandatory government safety inspection and not just a part of the overall service and repair bill.

The IGAs views are reflected by other experts in the industry. However there is scepticism that fixing the fee could ever be mandated. Barry Chandler of the MOT and Authorised Examiners Forum said: "It would be wonderful to fix the test fee, but it will never happen. There is 'no evidence' of sub-standard testing based on price, or so we are told..."

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