German Gov. report: HFO-1234 'safe'

DuPont boss has 'highest level of confidence' in product

Published:  08 November, 2013

THE boss of chemical company DuPont has reaffirmed his support of AC gas HFO-1234yf. His comments follow the publication of the final report on the matter of the refrigerant's safety.

Germany's Federal Motor Transport Authority, the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA) have tested the gas and have found 'no evidence' of serious risk of explosion. The KBA initiated the tests following complaints by engineers at Mercedes that the refrigerant could ignite in the event of an accident.

Thierry Vanlancker, president, DuPont Chemicals & Fluoroproducts, said: "KBA confirms once again that its testing produced no adequate evidence of a serious risk related to HFO-1234yf.  In fact, the KBA indicates that all of their testing that was based on the requirements of German product safety law indicated no safety concerns whatsoever for the product."

"The KBA report proves our earlier statements that it is only under extreme testing conditions that do not represent real-life crash scenarios that the refrigerant could be made to ignite in a few instances.  The results of the KBA testing confirm DuPont's high level of confidence that the refrigerant can be used safely in automotive air conditioning.  This has been proven by years of cooperative testing conducted by automakers from around the world" he added.

The KBS's report follows the findings of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) that there is no safety risk using HFO-1234yf. Gas with a low 'global warming potential' is required in all newly type-approved vehicle AC systems as of now.

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