Tokyo Motor Show 2013 concept roundup

Published:  21 November, 2013

The 43rd Tokyo Motor Show is taking place until the 1st December 2013, with attending manufacturers launching new or redesigned cars. Also on many of the stands are a number of concept vehicles, some of which may come into production, and others which will never set a wheel outside an exhibition hall.

VW Twin Up!

Nissan Bladeglider

Toyota FCV

Toyota iRoad

One of Toyota's other concepts is the iRoad. A potential challenger to the established Renault Twizy, the electric vehicle is a three-wheeler, with two 2kw motors at the front, one on each wheel. According to Toyota, the car boasts 'motorbike like' manoeuvrability.

Diahatsu FC-Deck

Other concepts, which may seem more far-fetched, have appeared from Diahatsu. The FC-Deck is a liquid fuel cell car, with a spacious interior and cubic, futuristic exterior, although it does look like a shrunken lorry cab.

Diahatsu Deca Deca

The Diahatsu Deca Deca features a simple yet large interior, together with wide opening doors to allow easier access. The exterior styling however, can only be described as 'interesting'.

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