Burner row heats up

RMI and GEA issue stern words about the proposed waste oil burner ban

Published:  07 November, 2011

The row about small waste oil burners (SWOB) rumbles on with both the Garage Equipment Association and the RMI wading in.

Earlier in the year, DEFRA announced that it was considering licencing the devices in the same category as full scale incineration plants.  Under the proposed rules it will also be an offence to run on 'untreated' waste oil - effectively rendering them obsolete for garages.

Stuart James, director at the RMI said: "The exemption of Small Waste Oil Burners (SWOBs) in the Waste Incineration Directive (WID) has proved positive for garages in recent years. This move could be jeopardised under the impending Defra consultation."

The WID, implemented in 2000, could have in effect seen these heating devices banned as they could not meet the strict environmental standards required. However the Government issued an interpretation that meant SWOBS could still operate if they had an environmental permit from their local authority.

Stuart James added: "There would be severe problems across for garage across the UK if SWOBs were to be included in the WID. Garage owners rely on SWOBs as a consistent way of heating their workshops as well as disposing of their waste oil. The move would have serious financial implications on the trade with additional costs being passed on to the consumer."

Dave Garret, GEA Chief Executive continued:  "Preventing garages from using SWOB's as a heating source will also have a damaging effect on the environment. Burning waste at the source continues to be the most environmentally friendly way of disposing of it.

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