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Block exemption security certificates to be issued by industry body

Published:  24 November, 2010

CAR manufacturers will have to provide security technical information to mechanics nationwide, regardless of their brand affiliation, the EU has ruled.

To ensure the information doesn't land in the wrong hands, posing a threat to vehicle security and triggering a rise in car crime, the Retail Motor Industry (RMI) will next year launch a body that will, having ascertained and certified that they are reputable, award garages with access to manufacturers' security technical information. RMI Standards and Certifications (RMISC) will be launched in 2011, making the trade body the first organisation in Europe to become a certification body for Security Technical Information.

"The consumer has the right to take their car to any garage they like to get it fixed, and that garage has the right to access the manufacturers' technical information to be able to fix the car. To turn off an engine management light in a car, for potentially just a battery, wiper blade, or even a tyre change, security information access will be required. Subject to meeting relevant criteria the RMISC Division will be certifying garages so they can gain access to this vital information," said Stuart James, Head of RMISC.

"In the future, every business repairing motor vehicles will need access to this information to continue operating in the same way. We appreciate that it's a bold step to make, being the first organisation in Europe to put ourselves forward, but it's the right thing to do for our members and the UK motor industry", continued James.  Rob Foulston, Chief Executive of the RMI said, "In the wrong hands, manufacturers' security information can be used to assist with vehicle theft. As the largest Automotive Trade Body in the UK, we feel we owe it to our members to step in and ensure such information ends up in the right hands." The RMI have the full support of the UK Police force who are keen to prevent the abuse of sensitive security information which would be damaging to the advances in car theft reduction.

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