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Air conditioning from Snap-on

Published:  31 May, 2016

With the summer upon us it is time to invest in your air conditioning kit. The Sun Koolkare range from Snap-on offers air-con recycling designed for modern workshops that deal with all kinds of differing vehicle systems.

The machines are easy-to-use and feature software which will take technicians through a step-by-step sequence of functions to allow them to complete a full service on the system for their customers. It is primed to give a quick return on investment by being simple and quick to use.

Designed following feedback from customers, the range includes the Koolkare Dual Gas Unit, the Blizzard HFO, Blizzard and Blizzard Pro, and the Koolkare HD, which is designed for heavy-duty vehicles. The fully automatic units are all built with the technician in mind, with the aim of making the entire process as easy as possible.

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  • Super fresh 

    Three Sun Koolkare air con units from Snap-on are fully automatic and include Dual Gas, Blizzard and Blizzard HFO/PRO. They have been redesigned to make them simpler to use. A 5"colour display guides users through procedures. Larger 100mm gauges have been added to the Blizzard PRO, with visual indicators and a colour-coded light system to show a unit's status. The Blizzard and PRO model are supplied with a comprehensive vehicle database as standard and technicians can add new vehicles they come across if required. KoolKlean is a purification system on the PRO model which leaves the car smelling fresh after use as it eliminates smells and the bacteria which cause them.

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