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Condensers from Denso

Published:  23 June, 2016

When it comes to keeping cool, especially as we approach summer, Denso has the right idea. The manufacturer has recently expanded its aftermarket condenser program with the introduction of 32 OE-quality Subcool condensers, which can offer up to 30% greater efficiency over conventional products.

DENSO Subcool condensers feature multi-flow technology, optimising the heat exchange and ensuring complete condensation of the refrigerant. An innovative use of a second integrated heat exchanger acts as a super cooler, through which energy consumption is dramatically reduced. This specialised construction also enables efficiency improvements of almost a third compared with conventional multi-flow condensers.

Air conditioning systems which operate with a Subcool condenser require less refrigerant than those which are equipped with conventional multi-flow condensers. This enables a space-saving, smaller design while the super cooling part of the condenser also means energy consumption can be reduced during operation of the air conditioning system.

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