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Brembo braking products from Euro Car Parts

Published:  11 August, 2016

Brembo has highlighted the areas technicians need to look out for to avoid making mistakes when fitting pads and discs.

The company is keen to highlight that efficient fitting processes not only lead to greater efficiency but also customer satisfaction and therefore increased opportunity for repeat business. As well as this, the introduction of new systems, such as electronic hand brakes, ESP and EDL means that companies have to factor these in when formulating new compounds, guaranteeing the best mix between performance and comfort, therefore meaning garages need to ensure they are using the right pad for the vehicle they are working on.

Brembo also stresses that all components of the braking system are important in the same way, therefore periodical checks of the braking system are imperative, especially as several of the components are subject to wear and have a limited life. There is not one component that is more important to install correctly as the other and technicians should take care when working on the system.

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