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MOT equipment from Snap-on

Published:  27 January, 2015

Whether you are thinking about becoming a DVSA-approved testing station or you are modernising your equipment in an existing bay, Hofmann can provide a service which incorporates the equipment, training, installation and take care of the planning, procedures and legal requirements. A DVSA-approved automated test lane enables efficient one-person operated MOT testing for Class IV, VI and VII. The Geogas 3000 Combi lies at the centre of the ATL, with a 21" monitor to clearly display results and a laser printer to produce a hard copy. Tests can be performed manually or automatically when the remote control is used. Its standard MOT Bay is the package that enables workshops to become a fully-operational DVSA approved testing station on a budget. Hofmann is part of Snap-on Equipment.

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  • One person can do it all 

    A range of Automated Test Lanes are available under the Hofmann brand, allowing one person to carry out an MOT test. This enables automated and consistent testing as well as reduced labour costs and increased revenue for the freed up second technician. Existing MOT bays can upgrade to a One Person Test Lane. Hofmann ATLs are available through Snap-on Equipment with a two-year parts and labour warranty.

  • Increase profits through wheel work 

    Tyre changing, wheel balancing and wheel alignment are a good way to increase profits and Trade Garage Equipment has recently introduced the 'Big Three' into its Technique range of equipment to handle new wheel and tyre designs. The T2520 Professional is a fully automatic tyre changer with a simple, lever-less operation and is a heavy duty machine designed for increased capacity and reliability but without the hefty price tag. The Technique T2120 wheel balancer features 3D data input with automatic entry of offset, width and diameter is taken care of with an inner and outer measuring arm. A colour display gives live readings, highlighting imbalance positions. Trade are also the main distributors for Supertracker. The 400R range of four-wheel computer aligners include customer and vehicle databases, Bluetooth, eight sensor technology and instant caster, camber and toe measurement. They can accommodate wheel sizes from 12 to 24 inches. The price of all Trade equipment includes installation and staff training.

  • Grinding gears 

    Chicago Pneumatic has unveiled its first composite angle grinder for the vehicle service market. The new CP75XX series boasts a powerful 1.1HP (840W) governed motor, providing a high material removal rate enabling users to reduce the time taken to complete their tasks. The new series is available in 4-inch, 4.5-inch and 5-inch grinding wheels, cutting wheels, flap wheels; providing users with added versatility to best suit their application.

  • Simple diagnostics 

    Sometimes we can forget that the simple things in life are the best. The Bosch OBD 100 is such an example, a simple diagnostic code reader that offers the ability to display the information you need without plugging in your bulky tools.

  • Safety in compression 

    A vehicle coil spring is a dangerous object in its compressed state. Coil Spring compressors have to develop over 1000 kilos of force to compress a spring, while the same amount of energy is contained in the spring itself. If released in an unrestrained way it can be very dangerous.


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