BMW M3 upgrade

Suspension from Bilstein

Published:  29 April, 2014

A range of adjustable damper upgrades for BMWs E92 M3 are available from Bilstein, providing a full 'plug and play' compatibility with the factory EDC system, working fully with the factory switchgear. The EDC compatible unit allows owners to adjust their car for track or fast road use instantly, maintaining the character and comfort of the original drive but with a sharper focus on handling precision. It plugs directly into the factory loom using OEM connectors - a direct replacement for the original dampers. It is designed to give significantly greater service life over the standard part.

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  • Better handling for the Defender 

    A ride control package from Bilstein is available for all variants of the Land Rover Defender 90 and 110 from 1996 onwards. Two switchable modes, Sport and Comfort, are offered to the driver, controlled from a push of a button fitted to the car's interior. The application is said to offer significant improvements in handling. The product has been extensively tested in its lab and also at its Papenburg research facility. Here, the kits were 'shaken down' by test drivers. The kits carry full TUV approval and come with a 24-month warranty.

  • Shocking state of suspension 

    Dodgy suspension is rife on our pot-holed roads and Bilstein urges workshops to carry out checks when undertaking servicing and repairs this Spring. The firm undertook some research and a group of mobile suspension testers found around 20% of the vehicles checked had a defect in the suspension system and as many as one in four vehicles had a road adherence difference of more than 20%. Drivers tend not to notice the wear and tear on shock absorbers and the consequences can be severe, especially when evasive action needs to be taken on the road, dramatically extending braking distance. "A regular check of the suspension, including the shocks and springs, is essential for road safety," emphasises Rainer Popiol, head of training at Bilstein. The detection of possible safety risks also strengthens customer loyalty.

  • Approved parts 

    Steering and suspension parts are at the heart of what Optimal does and its programme includes more than 4,500 part numbers which can be found on TecDoc and MAM, with over 85% of part numbers available from UK stocks, the rest coming from its German warehouses. Every part of the front and rear suspension is available, from joints to tie rod assemblies, control arms and stabilisers. The firm is a TUV approved supplier, with its parts undergoing regular inspections throughout the entire manufacturing process. The firm continues to expand its product range and its next target for the steering and suspension range is over 5,000 different part numbers.

  • Replace in pairs 

    To prevent compromising safety, TRW is promoting the message to replace shock absorbers in pairs. The firm conducted tests with a differing damping force on one shock, which showed a significant improvement in car performance when they were replaced in pairs rather than individually, especially when a vehicle is changing lanes or under emergency braking. The firm has been campaigning for years to have the shock absorber classified as a safety critical part and included in the annual roadworthiness tests. Belgium has adopted this stance already.

  • Restricted flow will cause a whine 

    A power steering reservoir for the Chrysler Grand Voyager 3.3i 2001 to 2006 and Voyager 3.3i 2001 to 2004 is available from Blue Print. When this filter becomes contaminated and partially blocked, flow is restricted and this usually results in an abnormal whine from the power steering pump which tends to be worse from a cold start-up and at slow speeds. As long as the pump hasn't been starved of fluid for too long, the problem can be fixed with a replacement reservoir which has a new filter and the addition ofsome fresh fluid. Before fitting this direct replacement part, the firm advises that you drain as much of the original fluid from the system as possible before filling with fluid of the correct specification.


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