A cooling flush

Degreaser and cooling system flush from Forte

Published:  24 June, 2014

A Bio Degreaser & Cooling System Flush from Forte is said to remove oil, sludge and rust deposits from inside cooling systems to restore heat efficiency, preventing heat-related problems. The blend of inorganic acids and inhibitors are combined with a heavy-duty cleaner and degreaser. The product is compatible with all cooling components, fluids and antifreezes including ethylene glycol and OAT based coolants. The firm recommends use at the specified coolant change interval.

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  • Clean and protect 

    A drained engine can hold up to 15% of the old oil so it makes sense to flush through the system before an oil service. Forte suggests using its Advanced Formula Motor Flush to cleanse the system of lacquer, varnish and sludge. This is also designed to neutralise the acids that build up in oil as it breaks down over time, keeping the new oil cleaner for longer and also helps to free sticking piston rings, hydraulic valve lifters and VVT systems. A Specialist Injector Cleaner addresses injector contamination in petrol engines. An Oil System Protector meets all relevant specifications and is compatible with all crankcase fill oils and helps to keep new oil effective for longer.

  • Maintain power 

    D-TOX is a powerful additive from Comma to purge fuel lines, injectors, combustion chambers, cylinder heads and valves of deposits. Two products are offered, one for diesel, the other for petrol and are useful for vehicles with a mileage of 10,000 and above. Tests have shown the product to improve fuel efficiency and maintain peak engine power, BHP and overall performance. The single shot treatment can be added to a full tank of fuel at major service intervals and is said to be effective for a whole year's typical annual mileage. Petrol Magic and Diesel Magic are single-shot additives for use at shorter mileage intervals to prevent deposits building up in the combustion chamber and valve head.

  • Top up and flush out 

    "The effects coolant can have on engine temperature and subsequently a vehicle's emissions of mono-nitrogen oxides is particularly significant," says Prestone's technical director, Bruce Ellis. "Carefully monitoring coolant levels will make a significant improvement to the engine's performance, as will topping up and flushing out any existing coolant with fresh product." Prestone's coolant/antifreeze is designed to protect aluminium and all other engine parts for up to five years or 150,000 miles. It can be used in all makes and models of car and is supplied ready for use. The product uses a patented blend of organic acid corrosion inhibitors. Aftermarket still has 20 of these to give away to the first 20 readers to email nicola@aftermarket.co.uk with their postal address. Good luck!

  • Prevent MOT failures 

    High exhaust emissions account for more than a quarter of all MOT test failures so the fuel additive firm STP is highlighting its Pre-MOT packs which can reduce the risk of MOT failure. Irregular servicing on older cars is a contributing factor behind carbon build-up but normal combustion also leads to problems in new technology engines. The twin pack Pre-MOT Packs contain a 200ml bottle of STP Petrol Injector Cleaner or Diesel Injector Cleaner which should be used before the MOT test to unclog injectors in one tankful of fuel. The kit also includes a 200ml bottle of STP Petrol Treatment or Diesel Treatment which prevents further deposit build-up.

  • No more smokey diesels 

    A cleaning additive from Liqui Moly is said to restore an engine's original emission values by regularly adding the product to the fuel tank. Diesel Purge dissolves deposits in the injectors and the fuel system - the main culprit to deteriorating emission values. It is also designed to improve ignition performance of diesel fuel, protect against corrosion and prevent partial-load knocking. When faced with a particularly smokey diesel you can give the engine an instant hit by disconnecting the fuel line and putting the end in the can of Diesel Purge and starting the engine to make it run on pure additive, to achieve the best results. You can also fill up the new diesel filter with the product when a car comes in for a regular inspection so the car runs on additive for the first few minutes. This will remove air out of the new filter and help the vehicle pass the MOT exhaust test too.


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