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Published:  15 October, 2014

The Cool Blue Intense range of bulbs from Osram has grown this month. The halogen range currently has the bluest colour temperature approved for road use and give up to 20% more light on the road compared to conventional halogen bulbs. Its Xenarc Cool Blue Intense range covers vehicles using Xenon lights and provide a blue tone which illuminates the road as if in natural daylight, the colour results in a special gas filling not by a coating on the outer bulb. This range is now available in D3S and D4S types in addition to the D1S and D2S types. The H8 halogen bulb is available for the BMW 3 Series Coupe and the H15 for the VW Golf VI and others. The H15 bulb design lets the user twist and fit the bulb in one action, without the need for clips or electrical connectors.

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  • Lighten the situation 

    Two new products from Osram are available to brighten up engine bays and other dark recesses around the vehicle. The LEDinspect Professional and Slimline use high intensity LEDs to give a continuous, powerful light for up to two hours and two hours, respectively. Both are recharged via an AC mains docking station which is supplied with the products and a battery indicator light lets you know when it's running low. The Professional lamp is cordless and can be hooked up or placed in the working area using the integrated magnet. It has been tested to a drop height of 2.5 metres, so will survive an accidental drop! The slender Slimline lamp is ideal for lightening cramped spaces and can be charged on the move using the USB cable provided. Both lamps are waterproof and carry a three-year guarantee.

  • Stand out from the crowd 

    Wirelesss ambient lighting kits from Osram are a great way to customise a car - the rechargeable kits feature seven selectable colours and four dimming settings for use inside the car and in the door sills. The LEDambient interior kit, pictured here, comes with a wall washer, two spotlights and two bendy fibre optic light guides. The light guide and spotlights can be bent into any space and shine across arm rests or seat edges. The LEDs provide distributed light evenly and the wireless interior kit is secured in place by strong Velcro and is designed to withstand re-styling. A door entry ledge automatically lights up door sills and this is mounted with strong magnets. Both kits can be synced together, controlled by remote and charged by a USB cable and after a full charge can give around 48 hours of continuous use.

  • Hyper Plus bulbs to give away 

    To mark the brand new Hyper Plus range of headlamp bulbs, PIAA is giving away ten sets of bulbs to Aftermarket readers this month. The new product line is set to compete with other top-end lighting brands but also competes on price, says the lighting component manufacturer. The Hyper Plus range includes all the most popular sizes of bulbs: H4, H3, H1, H7 and H11. All are fully E-marked and DOT USA approved and feature UV screen glass to protect the reflectors and lenses. The bulbs operate at 4,000K for a brilliant and crystal clear white light yet they only draw the standard 55W to produce an equivalent output of twice that. As with all its products, the bulbs have been developed during extensive motorsport experience, used by some of the world's best rally teams. To get your hands on a set of these new bulbs, simply email your name, address and vehicle details by Friday 12th December, ten random entries pulled out of the hat will be sent a set of Hyper bulbs for their car.

  • Performance bulbs 

    LED lighting technology presents a challenge for future sales to the aftermarket as the non-replaceable light source has started to be fitted onto new typed-approved vehicles. However, Ring Automotive's Technical Director Nick Cameron remains positive: "Whilst LED lighting technology is a long-term threat to bulb replacement, there are still plenty of new and existing opportunities for bulbs in the aftermarket." Xenon HID bulbs were once limited to luxury and executive cars but are increasingly fitted as standard to wider range of vehicles. The replacement of these presents a higher profit margin for garages but may be put off by the high voltage involved and referred the task back to the main dealer. As demand for replacement increases it's important for independents to retain this work and Ring Automotive provides direct OE replacements. A training manual and video guide has been produced by the firm to increase installers' confidence. The XenonStar+ range of halogen bulbs has been introduced as motorists want to replicate the ultra-bright light output of Xenon. "By offering premium bulb upgrades that improves the light output, style or drivers' visibility, garages could increase their sales by 50%," stated Cameron. "Once customers see the improvement for themselves they do not go back to standard bulbs and continue to fit higher value performance halogens."

  • Fight against counterfeiting 

    Philips will be celebrating its centenary this autumn at Frankfurt's Automechanika show and will be showcasing the new technologies it has been responsible for over the last three decades such as high performance halogen bulbs, blue headlamps, Xenon HID lighting and LED automotive lighting. The company now turns its attention to the threat of counterfeiting and is currently in the middle of legal action against a number of companies it believes are selling dodgy Xenon bulbs in the UK and abroad. To ensure customers know what they are fitting and selling on, every Philips C1 and S1 Xenon bulb comes in new packaging which has its own unique holographic security code and a moving code which displays a moving digit under direct light. A certificate of authenticity is also provided. Its range of inspection lights is set to expand and an Autumn promotion will be announced next month.


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