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Motorbike spark plugs from NGK

Published:  21 May, 2010

Motorbike spark plugs are increasingly replicating their high-temperature cousins fitted to passenger cars, says NGK. The company says there is an on-going trend towards "hotter, automotive-style plugs" as the drive to reduce emissions hits motorbikes too. Hotter plugs can also enhance idle stability.

"Whether you are riding your bike around the town or on the race track, NGK offers the perfect spark plug for every motorcycle requirement, including the latest iridium types," says the company's Brian Childs. "Garage owners who want the very best performance from their customers' bikes will want the best spark plug."

NGK is trying to promote its OE pedigree to anyone who fits plugs to motorbikes. Its motorcycle catalogue lists all motorbikes officially imported or manufactured in the UK. It shows technical part numbers and stock numbers for standard fitment and fine-wire upgrade plugs, including its premium Iridium IX units.

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