Self adjusting clutch issues

Expert at ZF talks to us about self-adjusting clutches

Published:  22 October, 2013

What problems do you have with fitting clutches?

The main problems are to do with incorrect diagnosis of the systems around the clutch. What generally tends to happen is that you have a vehicle with 125,000 miles and you put a clutch into it but you maybe don't check anything else around the vehicle. Perhaps you don't change the CSC or the input shaft bearing or perhaps you don't check to see what else is worn.

It depends how they are driven. If they have a really good driver with a vehicle that is serviced properly, you can get some extended mileage out of them. The friction lining is an extended life one and is a bit thicker, so if you drive the car properly and do what you need to do with servicing and maintenance they can last a lot longer. If you don't and you slip the clutch a lot, then you won't get any advantage from it.

When I go out to garages, what I typically see is a constant use of air tools and rattling a clutch in with an air tool you risk bending the cover and damaging the adjuster mechanism. We have a deal with Klann who supply us with tools that we use in training. We use the KL-0500-40K to prevent damaging the SAC-Clutch during removal and new installation, as well as preventing twisting of the adjuster ring inside the pressure plate.

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