The right time to use reman?

Phillipe Desnos of Delphi talks to us about a product's lifecycle...

Published:  22 November, 2013

Remanufacturing precision diesel parts is a relatively new field. How has it been going?

I think you raise a very good question. I would say that it is symptomatic and problematic in the aftermarket, especially for complex products. You can't treat the 'end of life' of a simple item, say a brake pad, with a highly technical part such as a diesel pump. We'll keep parts in production for as long as possible but then we will manage the end of the life of a product by offering component supply and offering repair solutions. A lot of the components inside a part such as a diesel pump are common and a 'rationalisation' of these components will mean that we can use the same part inside several different pumps. When the vehicle gets to about fifteen years old, the owner will want to spend less money so having a repair solution available is very useful for him.

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