Here comes the sun

Published:  25 June, 2017

A Suffolk garage proprietor has gone totally over to solar power, just in time for summer. Mark Bradley, owner of Spot On Tuning in Denham is running his business entirely via solar panels. He used 240-volt arrays from his other business, a mobile solar power hire firm called Solar Decker he has run since 2007.

The workshop business is now is being powered by the solar array set up on the eponymous Solar Decker, a double-decker bus re-purposed to provide solar energy.

Speaking to Aftermarket a week after going off-grid in June, Mark said: “It is definitely lowering my costs. At the moment I am only using the bus. I hooked up to the garage and I am getting 100 per cent full power since last Wednesday when officially went off grid.

“158 kilowatt hours have been used. You always have to charge fore more hours than you can get out. I am very well charged as we speak."

The power unit consists of two for lift batteries. Each cell is 2 volts and there are 24 cells. Each one is 1,000 amp hours, which equals 1,000 amps hours at 48 volts.

He intends to run off-grid until the summer ends: “I want to keep this going for as long as I can, until the winter comes. It’s more about the environmental concern. At least I know where my power is coming from. It’s the energy source of the future. It used to be too expensive, but now it’s a lot more affordable.”

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