New connected car concept launched

Manufacturer to link cars with Ethernet cables in cities

Published:  01 April, 2016

Vehicle manufacturer Ford is to trial a new connected car concept designed to reduce problems of signal degradation in built-up areas.

The company plans to install an Ethernet cable connection in the front and rear bumper of new vehicles. Drivers will then be able to hook up to a large server on the back of an F150 before entering a town or city, with other drivers linking up to them. This new take on the connected car is called the Ford One Online Link and will see data shared over the internet much more efficiently when tall buildings pose a problem.<

Spokesman Hugh Moore comments: “We all know the pain of loosing signal when driving through a city. We want our customers to get the best out of their connected car experience so we have decided to literally connect them in an effort to increase satisfaction.”<

The manufacturer aims to open its patent on this technology to other interested parties and has created a new working group, the Joint Online Knowledge Enterprise, in which it can share ideas to improve the new connected car platform with a vision to roll out in the UK in the next few years.<

Hugh continues: “Sometimes old is best and physical connections are stronger than wireless ones. We will need to speak to traffic light controllers to ensure FOOL vehicles get the priority when they approach but we see no reason why our new plan cannot create a new connected car platform for all.”

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