Discussions over MOT fee

IGA working with DfT on assessment

Published:  27 February, 2015

The Independent Garage Association (IGA) is working with the Department for Transport (DfT) to reaccess the statutory MOT fee.

The DfT are analysing garage running costs to validate the justification for an increase in MOT test fees to present to the next government, but to make this happen they need financial costings for MOT test stations as a starting point to the project.

Stuart James IGA Director commented, "MOT pricing has been a long-running issue with independent garages. The fact that there is no minimum price forces garages to compete on what is an already small profit margin. The IGA continues to campaign for the introduction of a minimum mandated fee, as well as an increase in the maximum fee."

The IGA has posted a survey for its MOT stations to complete, which will become a main source of information for the DfT's project. By anonymously sending their annual running costs, IGA members can provide proof that many test stations struggle to stay profitable as their costs rise and the test fee stays the same. This is the sector's chance to fight for fairer fees and really make a difference to the future of MOT stations.

The anonymous survey will be available via this link until March 20 2015. Information will then be collated by the IGA and forwarded in bulk to the DfT.

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