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Are you prepared? You should be...

Published:  01 June, 2015

Preparation and values are key things in business, as they are in day-to-day life. Take for example our Top Technician 2015 winner Andy Gravel, I bumped into him at Autoinform in November and asked if he had entered yet. His response was that he wanted to do a couple more training courses before he did.

I don't think I can find a better example of how preparation can improve performance. Andy pointed out that to enter a competition before attending the training he was planning to do would be futile as it might help him, something that has born true. Ok you might not be entering a highly regarded competition (which you should be thinking about for 2016) but you have a job to prepare for, so what is the best way?

In life I've met two kinds of people, those who look for change and take it on board, and those who stick their head in the sand and ignore what is going on around them. The aftermarket is in a period of change, brought on by new technologies in vehicles and the manufacturers trying to exploit them. We may reminisce about the days where we were stripping carburettors down or tracing gaskets on paper, but today's world means we are more likely to be plugging computers in to find a fault and then tracing the wiring and systems linked to find the actual cause.

Therefore keeping abreast of the news is crucial. Preparing for change could be anything from investing in new tools to new training courses, or even new working practices for electric, hybrid and hydrogen cars. Thinking about stuff like this now will mean you are not caught out and will be ready, financially or otherwise, when the time comes. If not, your business could be swept aside by those who are ready.

It may sound like scaremongering but the reality is that as a market grows there are things that need to adapt. The car has remained the same more or less for over a hundred years but with technology now paramount in the world. The way in which the car works is changing. Take the advice of our Top Technician winner, and be prepared.

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