Filter technology needs to adapt

New vehicles increase pressure on market

Published:  13 June, 2014

The adoption of new biofuel blends in the UK could mean a rethink of diesel filter technology, according to filter manufacturer Sogefi.

At a recent technology conference, the company discussed the challenges facing the filter market from all OEM innovations, with the move to Euro 6 regulations for diesel engines a particular area of interest. The move to a 30% biofuel mix, which some service stations are beginning to implement, could lead to filter casing corrosion which increases the possibilities of contaminants in the fuel. Sogefi has therefore suggested that filter casings will need to be made of plastic to stop this from happening, which will also improve the change interval up to 75,000 miles.

The company also highlighted the challenges from smaller engine vehicles, with the need for reduction in noise and increased durability as well as an increase in the need for materials that have a lesser environmental impact in their construction.

The need for regular cabin filter replacement was also emphasised, with the company highlighting that contrary to manufacturer recommendations, filters are only replaced on average once every four years. Sogefi has further developed its filters to include rubberised frames for easier fitting and replacement in the increasingly difficult locations in modern vehicle due to tight engine packaging and larger crash structures.

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  • Editor's comment 

    As an industry we talk a lot about how technology is changing in vehicles, indeed the term technician is more prevalent than mechanic mainly due to the need for electronic systems diagnostics. Yet in an ever changing market, products need to be able to cope with the differences being made.

  • Editor's Comment 

    This is the final newsletter of 2014 and this certainly has been a year of change. Companies have come and gone, technologies and emissions have been in the spotlight and the industry has had to adapt. Yet rather than look back, I'd like to look forward to what next year may bring.

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