Unipart's starter for ten

Unipart promises "significant improvements" following rotating electrics expansion
Published:  22 October, 2010

Unipart has boosted its choice of rotating electrics by more than 25%. Mike Parsons, Unipart's general manager for product marketing, said customers could expect to see "significant improvements in availability" following the move that adds 2,000 part numbers to the company's choice of units. Suggested selling prices have also been added to all starter motors and alternators in a bid to help garages maximise profits from each sale.

'Present vehicles for MoT at the right time' - Transport Minister

Man from the Ministry speaks of impending changes to the MoT
Published:  22 October, 2010


RMI to launch own garage code

Just what the industry needs? Another garage code, this time from the RMI to be rolled out
Published:  22 October, 2010

Spending review

Coalition Spending Review announces funding boost for garages
Published:  22 October, 2010

THE COALITION Spending Review on October 20th announced the biggest set of government cuts since the Second World War but surprisingly it was not all doom and gloom as adult apprenticeships were given a substantial boost.

Lasting Classic cover

Chicago Pneumatic extends warranty cover on Classic tools
Published:  15 October, 2010

rong>Chicago Pneumatic (CP) has doubled the warranty period on its Classic range of tools to two years.

Clever unit takes it all in

Filtoo extraction unit sucks up fumes so you don't have to
Published:  15 October, 2010

No, it's not a trendy eco-toilet for hippy festival-heads, the Filtoo is an exhaust extraction unit from Flextraction. Built by Teka in Germany, it sucks up fumes, dust and gases found in welding, bonding, gluing, brazing, soldering, laser welding and restoration applications.

Pipe down over corrosion

XPart finds coolant pipe corrosion fix for MGF and TF
Published:  15 October, 2010

MG Rover parts specialist XPart has introduced an improved version of the coolant pipes for the MGF and TF cars to help prevent corrosion.

Support SMART repairs

3M aims to support SMART repairers with dedicated support programme
Published:  15 October, 2010

Technology firm 3M has boosted its offering to anyone in the SMART (that's Small to Medium Area Repair Technology, in case you'd forgotten) or LAR (Local Area Repair) businesses.

Wheely good alignment

EGS provides 3D wheel alignment demo option
Published:  15 October, 2010

Euro Garage Solutions (aka EGS, the garage equipment division of Euro Car Pats) has taken on two alignment specialists to give demonstrations of its wheel alignment kit to prospective customers.

In the orange and black

Halfords pushing ahead with Nationwide rebranding
Published:  14 October, 2010

/>The report suggested that new customers had been putting off ‘purchases’ – presumably repairs – that they had deemed to be non essenti

OEM parts and servicing 'price match' from Co-op

Used car chain offers 'customer charter' for aftersales, following research.
Published:  14 October, 2010

/>As part of the new service the firm, previously known as Sunwin Motors and now as the Co-operative Motor Group will carry out a full vehicle safety inspection as standard under its ‘Duty of Care' pled

Garage equipment suppliers enjoy two bites of the cherry

CV Show to return next year to the NEC, alongside workshop and garage equipment
Published:  12 October, 2010

WITH the return of the CV Show

Dust unit has a lot to offer

Nederman offers techs free grinder option
Published:  08 October, 2010

Exhaust extraction company Nederman is offering a free sander/grinder to anyone that buys one of its P160I portable dust extraction units.

Make a spectacle of yourself

Anti-fog welding glasses add to eye protection options from Weldability-SIF
Published:  08 October, 2010

Panther Spectacles and Resolution Goggles might sound like the crime-busting gadgets of a high-tech superhero but the more boring reality is that they're the latest eye protectors from Weldability-SIF.

A belt-er of a warranty deal

Goodyear forges on with belt failure warranty offer
Published:  08 October, 2010

Goodyear is forging ahead with its Fit & Relax warranty policy on belts. Valid for 30,000 miles or 2 years, the warranty means that should any Goodyear belt suffer what it calls an "honest and fair" failure within the period, Goodyear will pay to repair the engine, including parts and labour.

The ART of exhaust filters

Eminox gives glimpse of low-temperature DPF system
Published:  08 October, 2010

Exhaust specialists at Eminox have given a glimpse of an Active Regeneration Trap (ART) filter system. If that doesn't mean much to you, the system is basically a DPF system for low temperature applications.

Wiper way safety fears

Wood Auto boss highlights importance of wiper accessories
Published:  08 October, 2010

Wood Auto is highlighting the safety and revenue opportunities that effective wiper sales can bring.

Cars failing MOT on lights now 15% - report

Research suggests that motorists are performing basic checks less frequently
Published:  08 October, 2010

ONE in 15 vehicles is missing one or more brake lights increasing the risk of an accident for other road users.

Breath of fresh air

Parts maker to stop smoking with next generation of fuel systems
Published:  08 October, 2010

Several new technologies to clean up engines have been showcased by OEM and aftermarket supplier Delphi at a trade show this week.

With Fuel Parts it's in the bag

Fuel Parts bags up ignition range in bid to cut trial-and-error fitting
Published:  01 October, 2010

Emission systems firm Fuel Parts UK has introduced a new bagging system in a bid to encourage proper fault diagnosis, rather than trial-and-error fitment.

Testing kit from Trade Group

MOTs at the touch of a button
Published:  01 October, 2010

The Trademaster T5000 series of brake testers from the Trade Group promises to deliver 'significant operational benefits' to any MOT station.

Help with the daily grind

Sykes-Pickavant cleans away grot with wheel grinders
Published:  01 October, 2010

Tool company Sykes-Pickavant has created a series of wheel hub and wheel stud grinders to help you remove corrosion.

Clever chargers power up

Yuasa gives battery chargers an intelligence boost
Published:  01 October, 2010

A collection of supposedly intelligent battery chargers has been rolled out of the factory by battery firm Yuasa.

Workshop benches and kit

Industrial workstation from Sealey
Published:  01 October, 2010

A range of heavy gauge steel cabinets, workbenches and accessories are available which feature an evenly distributed load capacity of 1,000kg and self-locking mechanisms to prevent accidental opening.

Taking stock at ECP

Motor parts distributor buys automatic warehouse system
Published:  30 September, 2010

Change of suits for HiQ

New man heads up service network
Published:  30 September, 2010

/>Tye joined the Goodyear Dunlop, parent company of HiQ in 2006 when the company began the process of relaunching the HiQ brand, including its service standards and franchise mo

Oh it's Thorite for some!

Compressors and pneumatic systems from Thorite
Published:  24 September, 2010

rong>A large range of portable and stationary compressors and pneumatic systems are presented by Thorite in its new free brochure, said to be ideal for garages, bodyshops and tyre fitting workshops.

A belt kit out of the Blue

Blue Print secures first with Mitsubishi timing belt kit
Published:  24 September, 2010

Parts firm Blue Print has launched what it claims is the aftermarket's first seven-piece timing belt kit for the Mitsubishi L200 2.5 Di-D from 2006 onwards.

Sensor change poster

NGK lends hand in driver investment challenge
Published:  24 September, 2010

Trying to persuade customers to spend their cash on new parts that (to them) don't seem necessary is never easy. To help when it comes to lambda sensors, NGK has produced a poster and leaflet aimed at convincing motorists that paying for fresh sensors is the smart thing to do.

Steer towards FAI

Ford wishbones join FAI steering range
Published:  24 September, 2010

Manufacturer and distributor FAI Automotive has published a catalogue supplement detailing the latest additions to its steering and suspension range.

Wood have a lightbulb moment

Wood Auto aims to shine with Osram range
Published:  24 September, 2010

Components company Wood Auto is drawing attention to its choice of bulbs. It offers an own-brand option together with a premium range of Osram bulbs and a choice of work lamps. Bulbs are available in 6, 12, 24 and 48 volt variants and in general and halogen varieties.

Impact back

Workshop rises from the ashes after £1.5m refit
Published:  24 September, 2010


Black News

Drift tyre firm smoking after 'misleading' test re-reporting
Published:  23 September, 2010

/>Taiwan-based Maxxis produce a range of rubber for both bikes and cars, but it is best known for marketing a street legal ‘drift’ tyre. The product gave mixed results in a recent head-to-head test published in weekly magazine Auto Express. However it has been how other sections of the media have re-reported the test that have angered managers in the compa

TecDoc cat can benefit classics

TecDoc highlights classic car credentials
Published:  17 September, 2010

Electronic parts cataloguing system TecDoc is traditionally associated with parts suppliers and distributors. However, over the last few months UK boss Shaun Greasley has been on a mission to highlight the benefits he believes it could bring to workshops and even classic car enthusiasts.

Light the way for DRL

Unipart highlights need for DRL crash repair replacement option
Published:  17 September, 2010

With the imminent start of legislation making them compulsory on new vehicles, Daylight Running Lights (DRL) are set to shape the future of lighting.

ECP lights keep on running

ECP offers Philips LED daytime running lights
Published:  17 September, 2010

If you want to pretend your car is a flashy new Audi, you can now get hold of Philips LED Daytime Running Lights (DRLs) from Euro Car Parts.

Boom for ignition range

Blue Print adds Toyota Rav 4 ignition option
Published:  17 September, 2010

rong>As part of its on-going expansion, parts firm Blue Print has added ignition coils for the Toyota Rav 4 – together with glow plugs for the Mitsubishi Colt and Smart Forfour.

Tech pledge for test lanes

GE-Tech asserts European quality credentials
Published:  17 September, 2010

MOT equipment company GE-Tech is highlighting its European-made credentials in a bid to win new customers.

Parlett lands Euro workshop job

RMI man Colin Parlett to represent independent garages across Europe
Published:  17 September, 2010

GARAGE owner Colin Parlett has been appointed Chairman of the Independent Repairers Division at CECRA, the European Council for Motor Trades and Repairs.

Unipart urges Motor Codes support

Unipart asks Car Care Centres to join Motor Codes following industry criticism
Published:  16 September, 2010

UNIPART is urging its 1,000 Car Care Centres to sign up to Motor Codes, following the Which? mystery shopping investigation into garage standards.

Industry show attracts record numbers

Automechanika exhibition claims record opening figures
Published:  14 September, 2010

THE INDUSTRY'S largest trade show, Automechanika, has opened the doors this morning to thousands of industry visitors.

Factor growth

Unipart extends garage reach with growth of franchised factor programme
Published:  13 September, 2010

UNIPART is continuing efforts to expand its Express Factors franchise programme with the enrolment of its latest branch - Express Factors Scarborough.

People news

Former Delphi man Kevin Kelly takes over diagnostic sales at Bosch
Published:  13 September, 2010

KEVIN Kelly has been appointed diagnostic sales director at Bosch.

Wood show air con launch

Wood Auto debuts air con compressors, Hall 3.0, stand G78
Published:  10 September, 2010

Auto-electrical firm Wood Auto will debut its range of air con compressors at the show along with Rita Millo, the company's recently-recruited European sales manager (although unlike the compressors, she won't be kept in a glass cabinet - we assume, Ed).

NGK plugs technical triumph

NGK prepares to highlight OE success, Hall 3.0, stand B51
Published:  10 September, 2010

With what it describers as "important news" from both the OE and aftermarket sectors, NGK will have a strong presence at the Automechanika show.

Show who's in charge

Not just a simple charger, Hall 8.0, stand F27
Published:  10 September, 2010

One of the many tools that will be at Automechanika is a new 12V battery charger with constant output mode. It provides a constant 10A power source to maintain a battery charge during 'key on/engine off' diagnostics, when fault code reading and ECU re-programming for instance.

Filter factors line up

Hengst lines up engine and filter selection, Hall 6.0, stand A84
Published:  10 September, 2010

Filter systems and engine parts firm Hengst will unveil a choice of new parts for the Vauxhall Insignia in Frankfurt.

Sealey good gadgets

Sealey tools up for catalogue launch, Hall 9.0, stand F04
Published:  10 September, 2010

rong>Tools company Sealey will give customers a glimpse of its latest catalogue at Automechanika.

Hemp panels headline show

Published:  09 September, 2010

/>The Kestrel is one of five electric vehicles being developed by Project Eve, an automotive industry collaboration founded by Motive and Toronto Electric, an Ontario material handling and electric motor company, to boost the production of electric vehicles and electric vehicle components in Can

Keep an eye on aligners

Hunter equipment to demonstrate the latest software, Hall 8 stand B44
Published:  03 September, 2010

The Hunter brand of wheel alignment and garage equipment will be on display in Frankfurt this September, including its premium HawkEye Imaging Aligner range with featured sections of BMW, Mercedes, Porsche and VW group aligners.


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