Constant reliable power

PowerFrame grid system from Bosch
Published:  22 August, 2008

/>It improves the grid’s electrical capability and in doing so, extends service life and increases starting power, even in extreme conditi

Displaces moisture instantly

Titan Maintenance Spray from Fuchs Lubricants
Published:  21 August, 2008

/>It is one of six treatments recently released by Fuchs as part of its Titan range. These include a Copper Anti-Seize spray for freeing metal-to-metal pa

Going fast

Only 30 tickets left to see big names at GEA Aftermarket Technical Workshop on October 20th
Published:  21 August, 2008

TICKETS to the GEA Aftermarket Technical Workshop on October 20th are selling fast, with only 30 still up for grabs.

Latest glow plug technology

Glow plug programme from NGK
Published:  20 August, 2008

/>New part numbers joining the glow plug programme cover major brands from Audi to Vauxhall. The latest technology in force can be seen with the small 8mm diameter type plugs used on many contemporary engines including VAG 2.0 litre diesel models to the Advanced Quick Glow System or AQGS glow pl

ATA drive

IMI recruits national newspapers into ATA promotional campaign
Published:  20 August, 2008

SOME of the country's biggest national newspapers will be used by the IMI to spread the ATA message.

True brake fluid test results

The YWB214 Brake Fluid tester from TRW
Published:  19 August, 2008

/>Unlike ‘humidity testers’ it will measure the fluid itself and deliver results in less than 60 secon

BER latest

EU must protect technical data if BER is scrapped, says UK government
Published:  19 August, 2008

THERE must be a specific requirement for VMs to provide repair information to the independent sector, according to the government.

Helps with awkward tasks

Inspection scope from Serenco
Published:  18 August, 2008

/>It comprises a 3.5” screen, an auto focusing camera from 1.5cm to 10cm, a 1m long flexible shaft (available up to 30metres) and 35 deg, 45 deg and 60 deg screw-on mirror


Equipment supplier GEG is voted in as member of Garage Equipment Association
Published:  18 August, 2008

GARAGE equipment supplier GEG has become a member of the Garage Equipment Association (GEA).

Training days

Delphi reveals plans for 22,000sq ft training facility and more
Published:  18 August, 2008

DELPHI has revealed plans to build a 22,000sq ft technical training facility - in addition to the 'ATA academy' that it showed to the public for the first time on Friday (August 15th).

For optimum starting

The Elite battery series from Yuasa
Published:  15 August, 2008

/>Features of this range include a new lid design which exceeds the latest German OEM safety standards for acid leakage and a flame arrestor disc for complete spark protect

Take care of vehicle engines

SAE class oil range from Motrio
Published:  14 August, 2008

/>The Motrio Super is a mineral based 15W40 oil, Motrio Extra is a semi-synthetic 10W40 oil and the Motrio Super Extra is a fully synthetic 5W40 o

Talent time

Paul Abbey is crowned Britain's best young tech in junior skills contest
Published:  14 August, 2008

PAUL Abbey has been crowned the UK's best young technician in a national skills competition for junior techs.

Training gain

Find out how you could claim £250 worth of free training courtesy of Andrew Page
Published:  14 August, 2008

TECHNICIANS could receive a free training course worth £250 by attending an exhibition organised by parts distributor Andrew Page.

Improve power and torque

MPG+ fuel additive from Pro-Long UK
Published:  13 August, 2008

/>It can be used with petrol, diesel or biodiesel and reduces Hydrocarbon emissions by 50%, Carbon Monoxide emissions by 75% and Nitrogen emissions by

Customer help

Find out why it pays to know what your customers do for a living
Published:  13 August, 2008

Kevin White has found it really pays to get to know your customers.

Designed for durability

Braking programme from Unipart
Published:  12 August, 2008

/>All of its products have an OE matching quality guarantee, enabling independent garages to service a car without the worry of invalidating the vehicle manufacturer’s warranty by using inferior part

Changing times

IMI seeks to restructure to cope with demands of raising skill levels
Published:  12 August, 2008

THE IMI has decided to beef up its senior management team and appoint a chief operating officer to help handle its ever-expanding range of responsibilities within the industry.

MOT chance

Snap-on Equipment boss says MOT testing has extra profit potential
Published:  12 August, 2008

GIVEN the amount of rules and regulations surrounding it, you might think there was little chance of getting extra business out of MOT testing.

Keep wheels in fashion

Team Dynamics Mode wheel from Rimstock
Published:  11 August, 2008

/>It is supplied with a cast aluminium protective centre cap and the alloy is available in 15” and 17” sizes

Latest calcium technology

Lion batteries from Euro Car Parts
Published:  08 August, 2008

/>The batteries also feature a new pierced grid technology which increases power outp

Fuel safety

RMIF warns on dangers of fuel draining with advice on safety
Published:  08 August, 2008

GARAGES need to have fuel drainage safety measures in place to prevent accidents, the Retail Motor Industry Federation has warned.

A 'greener' choice of oil

Carlube Triple R fully synthetic oils from Tetrosyl
Published:  07 August, 2008

/>It can be used on vehicles with catalytic converters and diesel particulate filte

Tired tyres

NTDA survey highlights danger of aging tyres
Published:  07 August, 2008

ALMOST half of all drivers do not know the minimum legal tyre tread depth according to new research by the National Tyre Distributors Association. (NTDA) - and most of them are women.

MOT slashed

Nationwide Autocentre teams up with The Sun to offer half-price tests
Published:  06 August, 2008

NATIONWIDE Autocentre has shaken up the MOT market by offering readers of The Sun newspaper half price MOTs.

Replace brakes quickly

The PFM9.19 On-Car Brake Lathe from Pro-Cut Europe
Published:  05 August, 2008

/>It works on solid, drilled or vented brake discs and attaches directly to the hub meaning no disassembly is requir

Ladies' choice

Foxy website helps drivers search for ATA, BSI and other accredited garages
Published:  05 August, 2008

Faster diagnostic access

The Snap-on Solus Pro from Snap-on Tools
Published:  04 August, 2008

/>Information can be displayed on screen, saved to a PC or printed as it is now also easier to connect to a PC and printer via

BER support

Klarius warns garages will be "paralysed" if BER is dropped
Published:  04 August, 2008

TECHNICIANS, garages and parts stores will be "effectively paralysed" if Block Exemption Regulations are not renewed - that's the warning from the latest company to publicly support the Right To Repair Campaign.

Optimum starting power

Platinum range from UK Batteries
Published:  01 August, 2008

/>Each Prestige battery features a multi-plate design for increased starting po

Tech data at your fingertips

Tech Data reference tool from Forte
Published:  31 July, 2008

/>It provides an encyclopaedic reference to every make and model of passenger car and provides crucial information on topics such as service intervals, component replacement schedules, repair times and diagnostic d

Motor skills

ATA database helps drivers seek out technicians' skills
Published:  31 July, 2008

A SURVEY of motorists has shown most have little grasp of the issues affecting the technical up-keep of their cars.

Easy battery readings

The AK4009 Battery Tester from Sealey
Published:  30 July, 2008

/>The battery capacity level is shown by five LEDS on the top of the tester which are next to a measuring bar for easy readi

CAN clues

James Dillon launches comprehensive guide to CAN Bus diagnostics
Published:  30 July, 2008

TECHNICAL writer James Dillon has released a comprehensive guide to CAN Bus, to help technicians develop their understanding of diagnostics.

Crunch time

Experts offer marketing tips to help garages through credit crunch
Published:  30 July, 2008

GARAGES have been urged to boost their marketing success to help survive the credit crunch.

Battery boost

Exide prepares to unveil improved offers for garages and factors
Published:  30 July, 2008

BATTERY company Exide says it is ready to throw new weight behind its offers to garages and motor factors following a "difficult" period of restructuring.

Flexible mobile fitting

Tyre changer from Hofmann Megaplan
Published:  29 July, 2008

/>The megamount 401 XL Racing uses the space-saving ‘swing-arm’ principle but unlike previous changers of this type it uses a ‘Quadraclamp’ turntable system, clamping up to 26”. A ‘megafit’ arm accommodates stiff, low profile and run-flat ty

Top time

Technician Rob Lewis says Top Tech contest helped him land Delphi training job
Published:  29 July, 2008

FORMER Top Technician finalist Rob Lewis has landed a job as a trainer with Delphi - and credited his success to taking part in the nationwide hunt for the country's best tech.

Diesel filter fault tester

The OmiScan from Omitec
Published:  28 July, 2008

/>The tool will also allow you to reset the additive counter after fluid has been replac

Cabin filter range increased

Cabin air filters from Mahle
Published:  25 July, 2008

/>Some of the new applications for its pollen filters include the Renault Clio and Modus, Nissan Qashqai, Jaguar S Type, Range Rover and Toyota Yar

Common vehicles covered

The SACHS range of clutches from ZF Trading
Published:  24 July, 2008

/>New items include dual mass flywheels, clutch modules, clutch kits and concentric slave cylind

Repair rights

Find out the Right To Repair Campaign's bid to win driver support
Published:  24 July, 2008

THOUSANDS of posters, leaflets and DVDs warning motorists of the threats to the independent aftermarket are making their way to garages around the country.

Power steering lubricant

Automatic transmission fluid from Tetrosyl
Published:  23 July, 2008

/>It can be used in a wide range of vehicles, covering marques such as Nissan, Chrysler, Volvo, VW, Toyota and F

ATA alert

ATA goes public with consumer advertising campaign
Published:  23 July, 2008

DETAILS of a nationwide advertising campaign promoting ATA to motorists have been revealed by the IMI.

Training help

Delphi launches 'ATA academy' to help independents get easier access to training
Published:  23 July, 2008

DELPHI is preparing to launch an 'ATA academy' able to carry out assessments within a week, Aftermarket can reveal.

Accurate and fast results

Battery Testers from Traction Charger
Published:  22 July, 2008

/>All give fast and accurate results using the conductance testing method and come with abrasion and chemical resistant cables and cli

Tyre trade

Peter Gaster appointed chairman of the Tyre Industry Federation
Published:  22 July, 2008

PETER Gaster has been appointed chairman of the Tyre Industry Federation, pledging to improve communication and understanding within the tyre sector.

Technician friendly equipment

Updated cabinet designs from Snap-on Equipment
Published:  21 July, 2008

/>A standardised monitor bracket is incorporated into the balancer range, so a retrofitted TFT monitor can be fitted at any t

Profit time

Castrol survey reveals training failures are hitting dealer profits
Published:  21 July, 2008

DEALERSHIPS' failure to invest in training for service advisers is hitting profits, according to the latest stage of research by Castrol Professional.

Improved driving light

Nightbreaker lights from OSRAM
Published:  18 July, 2008

/>According to OSRAM, drivers find the whiter light a more pleasant light to drive with, especially on longer journe

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