Scope deal

Pico develops custom Maserati version of its oscilloscope kit (model Alexina Graham not included)
Published:  14 August, 2009

PICO Technology has secured a deal to supply its oscilloscopes to Maserati's entire global dealer network.

Raising the bar for diesel

2,000 bar diesel system from Denso
Published:  13 August, 2009

Following the company's launch of a 1,800 bar common rail system in 1995, an improved 2,000 bar system is due for release shortly, alongside the aftermarket range of nozzles and pump components.

Bosch boost

Bosch wins approval to run ATA assessments for diagnostic, master and air con technicians
Published:  13 August, 2009

BOSCH has been approved by the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) to deliver ATA assessments.

Tyre chance

Tyre retailer looks to recruit 400 extra independent garages into its fitting network
Published:  13 August, 2009

THE ONLINE tyre retailer is aiming to recruit 400 extra garages into its national network of fitting centres.

Top tool sets for techs

Tool sets from Facom
Published:  12 August, 2009

Two small, portable tool sets should interest mobile technicians.

Peoples champ

Alastair Peoples becomes permanent CEO of VOSA as part of three-year improvement programme
Published:  12 August, 2009

ALASTAIR Peoples has been named as VOSA's permanent chief executive officer (CEO).

Charged up battery range

Numax batteries from Manbat
Published:  11 August, 2009

According to Manbat, Numax is the fastest growing battery brand in the UK thanks to its value for money and relationship with OEM supplier JCI (VARTA).

Dapper diesel testing kit

Compression tester from Laser Tools
Published:  10 August, 2009

rong>This kit contains dummy injectors and glow plugs to offer quick and effective injector leak back testing.

Kit deal

Published:  10 August, 2009

Tecalemit Garage Equipment has become the exclusive UK distributor for the Protech range of emission testing, diagnostic and air conditioning products.

Tester cuts to the chase

30581 battery tester from Alba Diagnostics
Published:  07 August, 2009

rong>Amid all the electrical info (that your customers probably won’t understand) you could get out of a battery, this tester cuts straight to the business end.

Align time

Snap-on offers garages up to £2,000 to trade in old wheel aligners for latest John Bean models
Published:  07 August, 2009

SNAP-ON Equipment has launched a scrappage scheme for wheel aligners.

Eco two-post gives a lift

Two-post lifts from Liftmaster
Published:  06 August, 2009

The company has proudly announced to Aftermarket that its lifts are the "greenest and most economical on the market".

Code craft

Vehicle supermarket Carcraft becomes latest big name to join Motor Industry Code of Practice for Service and Repair
Published:  06 August, 2009

ONE OF the country's largest used-car dealers has signed up all its centres to the Motor Industry Code of Practice for Service and Repair.

Decipher faults faster

Sun KoolKare Blizzard Pro from Snap-on Diagnostics
Published:  05 August, 2009

esigned to take up the top spot in Snap-on's range of air con products, this unit boasts three features aimed at getting to the bottom of faults faster.

Cat update

Authorities outline no tolerance approach to beaches of R103 regulations for catalytic converters
Published:  05 August, 2009

THE R103 regulations on catalytic converters will be enforced from day one, authorities have confirmed.

Cool air con machine

R134a air con machine from ICT Workshop Solutions
Published:  04 August, 2009

This fully automatic machine is able to recover, recycle, and recharge both oil and refrigerant all on its own, although it can be used in manual mode to check each phase if needed.

Value braking products

Brembo Max braking products from Universal Automotive
Published:  03 August, 2009

This range of performance braking products is distributed by Universal's Triple P division. Sales manager Martyn Pearson claims they give garages "a performance product at realistic prices." The discs incorporate a wear indicator groove and a black coating to prevent rust build-up.

Fresh start

Parts firm FAI Automotive unveils new HQ after fire disaster
Published:  03 August, 2009

FAI AUTOMOTIVE has opened a new headquarters, 18 months after its old building was destroyed by fire.

BER reaction

Right To Repair Campaign gives cautious welcome to latest EU Block Exemption proposals
Published:  03 August, 2009

THE RIGHT to Repair Campaign (R2RC) has welcomed EU's proposals for the future of the car sector.

Advanced diagnostic kit options

Advanced scope diagnostics kit from Pico Technology
Published:  31 July, 2009

Pico Technology now gives you the option to either buy its PicoScope and build a collection of accessories as you go, or get everything in one as part of an advanced diagnostics Kit.

BER feedback

Have your say on the future of EU legislation governing technical information and access to parts
Published:  31 July, 2009

WORKSHOP staff can have their say on the future of EU rules governing the motor industry.

Image time

Garage trade is improving its image with drivers, latest government figures suggest
Published:  31 July, 2009

THE GARAGE sector is succeeding in its bid to improve its image with consumers, latest figures suggest.

High temp ceramic glow plugs

NHTC glow plugs from NGK
Published:  30 July, 2009

rong>Three of the company’s NHTC (New High Temperature Ceramic) plugs are now available to the aftermarket for the first time.

Cat standards

August 13th deadline for start of R103 catalytic converter regulations is brought into force
Published:  30 July, 2009

REGULATIONS for replacement catalytic converters will come into force on Thursday 13th August.

Lift offer

Boston Garage Equipment offers garages special savings with 2-post lift offer
Published:  30 July, 2009

BOSTON Garage Equipment has announced a special offer on 2-post lifts to help garages beat the recession.

Cool rules

ATA reminds air con technicians to get EU-approved qualifications as deadline for new standards draws closer
Published:  30 July, 2009

THE AUTOMOTIVE Technician Accreditation (ATA) scheme is reminding employers there is only one year to go before new European legislation regarding the handling of refrigerant gases comes into force next year.

Recharge battery sales skills

Battery sales training from Manbat
Published:  29 July, 2009

As well as being the name of an evil superhero in the original Batman comics (the creature being more bat than man), Manbat is a company that reckons a little training could be all that's needed to boost battery sales.

Digital disc measuring device

Digital caliper gauge from Laser
Published:  28 July, 2009

The picture of this product really says it all. It's a digital gauge that will give quick measures of brake disc thickness in either metric or imperial units.

Cool and colourful coatings

Thermohold heat barrier from Zircotec
Published:  27 July, 2009

Red and yellow and pink and green; these colourful barrier coatings have sadly reminded Aftermarket of that sugary and dreadful 'I can sing a rainbow' children's song we were forced to recite at nursery school.

'Excell'ent battery range

Exide Evolution Excell batteries from Euro Car Parts
Published:  24 July, 2009

We don't know about you but Aftermarket got a bit confused about all those names beginning with E.

Updated brake tester

BrakeCheck Series 2 from Bowmonk
Published:  23 July, 2009

Like trashy celeb Jodi Marsh preparing for the next round of tabloid photo opportunities, the trusty BrakeCheck unit has also been given a summer facelift.

BER latest

Block Exemption Regulation protection extended but long-term future still uncertain, says ADF chief
Published:  23 July, 2009

BLOCK Exemption Regulations (BER) look set to be extended until 2013, following plans announced by the EU.

MOT memory jogger

MOT Reminder from User 247
Published:  22 July, 2009

It's no good reminding drivers their car needs an MOT if they promptly thank you for your advice and head off to another workshop down the road.

Cat pollution

Published:  22 July, 2009

THE UK has the worst road pollution in Europe and exhaust company Klarius is blaming the problem on the use of non-type-approved catalytic converters.

Show time

Find out how a trip to Equip Auto could earn you added international business and £1,000 too!
Published:  22 July, 2009

COMPANIES looking for added overseas business could qualify for £1,000 of government funding.

Free money

Find out how you could get your hands on free government cash!
Published:  22 July, 2009

AFTERMARKET expert Neil Pattemore has launched a business to help workshops get their hands on government money.

Battery boost

Yuasa plans battery re-launch with prizes for garages and easy up-selling opportunities
Published:  22 July, 2009

YUASA Battery is gearing up for a re-launch of its entire automotive range.

The future of tyre inflation

Nitrogen Uniflate system from Tyre Bay Direct
Published:  21 July, 2009

It looks like a rubbish droid from Star Wars but this blue box represents the future of tyre inflating technology.

Wheel alignment made easy

Beissbarth Easy 3D alignment system
Published:  20 July, 2009

3D wheel alignment is made possible by the use of two highly accurate cameras at each wheel and a built-in reference system.

Faster fault-finding

AXONE Direct from Texa
Published:  17 July, 2009

The firm is continuing to push ahead with sales of this diagnostic unit together with the UNIProbe oscilloscope that was launched recently.

Results on latests BMWs

Bavarian Technic tester from Hickleys
Published:  16 July, 2009

rong>This single-marque diagnostic package works on almost all BMWs from 1994 through to the present day. It is designed for use on a laptop, complete with all the necessary cables and connectors.

Air con unit software update

BAC-90 Fullmatic air con station from Boston
Published:  15 July, 2009

rong>If you’re a fan of Autodata’s technical information, this unit comes complete with an Autodata database containing details of 2,400 vehicles. The software is loaded without time-out and can be upgraded at any time.

Capture driving footage

DR3 digital video recorder from Drivedata
Published:  15 July, 2009

rong>This unit records up to 3 hours of broadcast quality footage from cars and trucks onto an 8GB flashcard. It weighs just 180g and can be supplied with a range of cameras, camera mounts, remote controls and other accessories.

Charged up

Lack of driver knowledge presents opportunity for specialist battery charging, says CTEK
Published:  15 July, 2009

AROUND 75% of drivers don’t know what type of battery is fitted to their car, according to research by charging specialist CTEK.

Mighty Mini

Published:  15 July, 2009

AS THE Mini celebrates its 50th birthday, parts firm XPart is reminding garages that catering for the cars' maintenance needs is still almost as attractive as the cars themselves.

Additive gets sleek new look

Professional petrol treatment from Add It
Published:  14 July, 2009

rong>The entire Add It range of treatments and additives has been re-launched with a move away from the old bright yellow packaging to a sleeker black format.

Job profit

Meet the man set to bring profit advice to more than 500 Bosch Car Service Network garages
Published:  14 July, 2009

GARY Stanyon has been chosen to spearhead Bosch's campaign to boost its Car Service Network.

Slimline lighter aligner

Beissbarth Easy 3D wheel aligner from Euro Garage Solutions
Published:  13 July, 2009

rong>This aligner is designed for small workshops and has a slim, lightweight construction that makes it easy to move around.

ATA time

ATA reaches new heights as 15,000th technician gains the national skills award
Published:  13 July, 2009

ALFA Romeo technician Sean Davidson has become the 15,000th person to achieve Automotive Technician Accreditation (ATA).

Charity time

Find out why you should go to work wearing flip-flops and a Hawaiian shirt during National BEN Week
Published:  13 July, 2009


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