Later VAG models get boosted

Engine upgrades from AmD Technik
Published:  06 July, 2009

rong>This tuning company has a package of upgrades to boost performance on the latest EDC17 and MED9 controlled engines, as used on the Mk 5 and Mk 6 Golf plus the new Scirocco, Eos and Tiguan.

Quality check

Remy Automotive introduces tamper-evident packaging to help garages get "factory perfect" products
Published:  06 July, 2009

PARTS remanufacturer Remy Automotive has introduced tamper-free packaging across its entire product range.

Indy advantage

Independents have adapted best to recession, says management boss. But dealers are catching up fast!
Published:  06 July, 2009

INDEPENDENTS have adapted faster to the recession than franchise dealers, says motor industry consultancy Network Automotive.

Latest parts catalogue

Product catalogues from AC Delco
Published:  03 July, 2009

rong>The company has unveiled a complete suite of product catalogues for the coming year, covering everything from oil and antifreeze through to spark plugs, filters and brake pads.

VOSA pledge

Motor Industry Code of Practice recruits powerful ally as VOSA breaks with tradition to pledge support
Published:  03 July, 2009

VOSA has broken with tradition to give its strongest possible endorsement of the Motor Industry Code of Practice for Service and Repair.

Sort damp starting issues

SPL100 penetrating lubricant from Prolong
Published:  02 July, 2009

rong>Available in 12oz aerosol cans, this lubricant offers protection against friction while also dispersing water and moisture.

Code future

Motor Industry Code boss Chris Mason says the trade must decide the future of the scheme
Published:  02 July, 2009

CODE boss Chris Mason says the trade must decide the future of the Motor Industry Code of Practice for Service and Repair for itself.

TV advice

What has GMTV money saving expert Martin Lewis been telling drivers about MOT tests?
Published:  02 July, 2009

GMTV money expert Martin Lewis says motorists could slash their costs by using council-run MOT centres.

Get fault code cracking

Code Breaker from Mototek Solutions
Published:  01 July, 2009

rong>This book contains detailed explanations of nearly 3,000 fault codes, helping you to get to the bottom of not just what they’re called but what they mean for specific repair problems too.

Cooling news

There's one year until all air con techs must pass a new EU test. Find out why the situation has been described as "total chaos"
Published:  01 July, 2009

THE COUNTDOWN has begun for every air con technician in the UK to pass a new EU assessment before next summer.

Service chance

VOSA reveals the type of vehicle you should be servicing for maximum revenue. Click here to see what it is
Published:  01 July, 2009

VOSA figures show large vans have the worst MOT pass rate of any vehicle on UK roads.

Alternative diagnostic addition

OmiScan Gas from Omitec
Published:  30 June, 2009

Top Technician 2008 winner Mark Banks reckons exhaust gas analysers tend to be overlooked as diagnostic tools.

Nifty two tonne trolley jack

WDK20 two tonne trolley jack from Weber UK
Published:  29 June, 2009

This jack has an entry level of just 80mm and a maximum height of 495mm. According to Weber UK, this makes it suitable for virtually any type of car from 4x4s through to low-profile sports vehicles.

Safe and sound springs

Internal coil spring compressor from Sykes-Pickavant
Published:  26 June, 2009

/>What’s more, it comes with two pairs of jaws up to 120mm in spring diameter. Larger jaws are available from Sykes on requ

Funding help

IMI to help you get your hands on government cash with funding advice service
Published:  26 June, 2009

EMPLOYERS could get easier access to government funding thanks to a new service launched by the IMI.

Avoid improper torque

Tyre valve core torque tool from Tool Connection
Published:  25 June, 2009

rong>According to Tool Connection this tool will mean applying the wrong torque to TPMS valves with sensors is a thing of the past.  Set to 4”lbs (0.45Nm), it will remove and install valve cores without damage.

German quality in the UK

Narva bulbs from Randstad
Published:  24 June, 2009

rong>Lighting company Randstad is now a distributor for the German-made Narva bulbs range. It includes 6, 12 and 24V bulbs for motorcycles, vans and HGV vehicles.

Brand power

Published:  24 June, 2009

UK BATTERIES is set to re-introduce three popular battery brands to the aftermarket after acquiring the Oldham, Tungstone and Crompton names.

Code update

MISRC becomes compulsory for new Car Care Centres as Unipart agrees to subsidise garage scheme
Published:  24 June, 2009

UNIPART Automotive is officially backing the Motor Industry Service and Repair Code (MISRC) scheme.

Lighting up

Discover the explosive side of car headlamp bulbs as Philips launches bid to capture UK market
Published:  24 June, 2009

LIGHTING giant Philips has revealed its plans to capture the UK market for replacement bulbs.

Steering & suspension extension

Steering and suspension parts from Delphi
Published:  23 June, 2009

rong>A further 260 references join Delphi’s steering and suspension range, bringing the total number of part numbers to a whopping 2,990. This caters for 96% of the European parc.

A 'Perfect' shining example

Perfect Palm from Autoglym
Published:  22 June, 2009

rong>If your customers are too lazy to actually hold on to their polishing cloths, this new gadget is a truly novel approach to the problem.

Birthday time

Published:  22 June, 2009

SPARK plug firm NGK Europe celebrated has celebrated its 30th birthday with a pan-continental conference designed to showcase its corporate strength.

Traceable two-post lifts off

Trademaster T1035 two-post lift from The Trade Group
Published:  19 June, 2009

rong>This base-type lift has a 3.5 tonne lifting capacity and, according to the manufacturers has “traceable CE approval”.

Universal brake solution

Brake bleeder adaptor from Alba Diagnostics
Published:  18 June, 2009

rong>If you have a pressure brake bleeder, you need a multi-vehicle cap. This ALB592B unit has a slide-action grip design that aims to fit round neck reservoirs from 30 to 85mm.

Smooth running

Published:  18 June, 2009

Easy intro into factoring

All-Makes programme from XPart
Published:  17 June, 2009

As the credit crunch bites and experts explain the benefits there may be in diversifying your business, here's precisely one such idea.

Training time

Warwick Control offers additional training date for latest on CAN, LIN and FlexRay networking systems
Published:  17 June, 2009

WARWICK Control has scheduled another date for its in-vehicle networking technology course aimed at automotive engineers and technicians.

Motorbike fault finding

Motorscan 5850 tool from ICT Workshop Solutions
Published:  16 June, 2009

rong>This tool comes with all the hardware and software you need for testing on just about every make of bike you can think of.

People news

Meet the new man in charge of diagnostic sales at Bosch!
Published:  16 June, 2009

BOSCH has recruited a new national sales manager to take charge of its diagnostic products.

Keep mirrors safe

Mirror Mate wing mirror defence system
Published:  15 June, 2009

rong>If your customers are fed up with people accidentally driving past and ripping off their wing mirrors, this unusual gadget could help. If nothing else, it will certainly catch people’s eye.

Survey time

RMIF plans survey of Independent Garage Association members to assess state of the trade
Published:  15 June, 2009

The Retail Motor Industry Federation (RMIF) is planning a comprehensive assessment of the state of the trade with a survey of all Independent Garage Association members.

Name swap

Published:  15 June, 2009 has formally changed its name to Autologic Diagnostics, with immediate effect.

Lube line bridges Gulf

Gulf lubricants from Triple P
Published:  12 June, 2009

rong>Triple P – the performance division of Universal Automotive – has become a distributor for the Gulf range of lubes, with a selection of oils that cater for the many grades and viscosities across the UK vehicle parc.

Charity trek

Technician David Massey completes gruelling 7 day walk across England
Published:  12 June, 2009

TECHNICIAN David Massey has completed a grueling 200 mile trek across England and raised £3,000 for cardiac research in the process.

A good deal for diagnostics

Easycheck scan tool from TRW
Published:  11 June, 2009

rong>The tool covers 13 VMs with OEBD functionality across each of the marques and, seven months after it was launched, TRW says demand for the scan unit is high across Europe.

Show time

Commercial Vehicle Operator Show to showcase latest repair and maintenance innovations in 2010
Published:  11 June, 2009

THE COMMERCIAL Vehicle Show Partnership has announced the launch of the Commercial Vehicle Operator Show, to be held from 13th to 15th April next year.

Star search

If you've tried everything else to solve your business problems, maybe it's time to turn to a psychic!
Published:  11 June, 2009

AFTERMARKET likes to leave no stone unturned in its search for the latest and freshest ways to keep your business thriving.

Reader writes

John Tullet joins the great Motor Industry Code of Practice debate - find out why he says signing up now is vital!
Published:  11 June, 2009

HARDLY a moment goes by in the aftermarket without a discussion (or a full-blown argument!) about the Motor Industry Code Service and Repair Code (MISRC) raising its oily head.

Help with ABS systems

Drain twin pressure and vacuum brake bleeder from Sykes-Pickavant
Published:  10 June, 2009

rong>This brake bleeder can deal with all types of brake servicing work, including ABS systems with stability and traction control functions.

Top spot

Richard Perriman scoops Top Technician 2009 title and £10,500 worth of prizes!
Published:  10 June, 2009

RICHARD Perriman has won the title of Top Technician 2009, after winning through three rounds of tough technical tests in the annual search for the UK's best vehicle repairer.

Test tool gets an update

The new Multi-Tester Pro from Autodiagnos
Published:  09 June, 2009

rong>This tool aims to take off where the previous Multi-Tester Pro (MTP) leaves off, offering multi-brand diagnostics on a wide range of vehicles.

Versatile vacuum testing

Vacuum pump from Gunson
Published:  08 June, 2009

rong>This kit comes complete with vacuum testing and one-man brake bleed functions.

Wipe out garage grime

Big Wipes from Sycamore
Published:  05 June, 2009

rong>If you’re fed up of getting grotty in the workshop, these disposable wipes are a simple way to keep everything from your hands to your tools clean.

Training time

New firm joins air con training market as deadline for mandatory qualifications nears
Published:  05 June, 2009

TECHNICIANS looking to boost their air con skills before the deadline for gaining mandatory qualifications could take advantage of a new training consultancy.

Striking silver selection

Automotive oils from Millers Oils
Published:  04 June, 2009

As part of plans to consolidate its position during 2009, Millers Oils has unveiled new-look silver packaging to replace its traditional black design

Scope skills

Which company is bringing the latest oscilloscope skills to a town near you? Take a look to find out
Published:  04 June, 2009

PICO Technology is hitting the road for its latest round of oscilloscope training courses.

Help for hardy hoses

Laser Automotive hose remover from Tool Connection
Published:  03 June, 2009

This is one of the tools from the 'does what it says on the tin' school of product names.

Advice time

What are the pitfalls of saving cash during the recession? Peter Cox from Motaquip explains how garages could cut-back too much!
Published:  03 June, 2009

PARTS supplier Motaquip is urging garage owners not to cut costs at the expense of securing a prosperous future.

A 'wheely' reliable option

Wheel Master equipment from Ranger Products
Published:  02 June, 2009

rong>The company claims its selection of tyre changers and wheel balancers offer a “robust and reliable” option for garages, complete with a team of installation and aftersales demonstration engineers.


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