Manage workflow

Simple system improves efficiency
Published:  23 March, 2015

The status of all work within a workshop can be seen at a glance using the T Cards system and this workflow management tool is now available online. T Cards Online enables several different users to log on at any time to view the current status of each job.

Even out discs

Brake lathe from Pro-Cut
Published:  09 March, 2015

Winter conditions can take its toll on brakes, causing corrosion, uneven disc surfaces or some run-out which results in brake judder. Workshops would traditionally offer to change just the brake pads or change both pads and discs but Pro-Cut points out a third option which provides a cheaper and better service to the customer - brake disc skimming. The Pro-Cut brake lathe should be used when only the pads need changing as a light skim is said to return worn discs to their as-new condition within minutes. No bedding-in in needed, there will be no squeals or disc corrosion and the components will last longer as the two perfectly flat surfaces won't overheat.

Eye-catching discs

Brakes from Meyle
Published:  06 March, 2015

The latest generation of Meyle's Platinum discs incorporate a UV paint finish giving better anti-corrosion protection and adding to the brake discs' appearance. It repels brake dust and the protective surface means that discolouring chemicals in rim cleaners do not need to be used. No oil film is needed to protect the surface of the disc which results in a quicker installation. Most of the Platinum Disc kits come with the locating screw included, saving further time and hassle. Meyle TV on YouTube features the Meyle Mechanics tackling various repairs and servicing tasks including brake disc replacement and how to correctly measure wheel hub and brak disc lateral run-out.

Give diesels a helping hand

Diesel cleaner from Liqui Moly
Published:  05 March, 2015

Soot is a common problem for diesel engines and older vehicles may struggle to pass the emissions test during an MOT because of it so Liqui Moly suggests using its Pro-Line Diesel System Cleaner in this instance. The concentrated treatment has been developed to remove chemical deposits from the fuel system, injection nozzles and combustion chamber. The can is poured into the fuel tank and gets to work after a few miles, dissolving deposits while the fuel is burnt and according to Liqui Moly, this results in the engine regaining its original power, fuel efficiency and exhaust gas values. It also protects against corrosion and minimises the effects of w

A look into the future

Diesel range from Denso
Published:  04 March, 2015

Replacement parts such as spark plugs and alternators may come to mind when you think of Denso but the firm is keen to emphasise its extensive range of diesel parts also available to the aftermarket. Denso has been making injection pumps since 1957 and was the first company to introduce 2,000 bar diesel common rail technology in 1995 and a 2,500 bar system came along in 2013. It supplies fuel injection pumps and diesel injectors, with a total of 100 part numbers for CR pumps and injectors covering at least 329 applications. Diesel fuel filters and suction control valves are also available. Looking ahead, Denso is working on a 3,000 bar common rail system. Other innovations include a similar size but more efficient fuel pump and redesigned components and new materials to further improve performance and reduce the diesel's impact on the environment.

Making life easier

Tools from First Line
Published:  03 March, 2015

The latest fiting tool from First Line is a freewheeling pulley removal and refitting kit to help with the growing number of alternators which have such a pulley. The Borg & Beck 18-piece kit combines a number of of specialist sockets for use with ½" or 3/8" drive wenches, tackling familiar Bosch, Marelli and Valeo units as well as the latest Fiat and Renault models too.

The rise in winter rubber

Hunter tyre changer from Pro-Align
Published:  02 March, 2015

The fully automated Hunter Revolution tyre changer is said to effortlessly change tyres, regardless of size or type, in the same way and in the same amount of time - helping to minimise damage to tyres, rims and TPMS sensors. The unit is exclusively available through Pro-Align and can help workshops protect motorists' tyres this spring when they switch back from winter to summer tyres. "Historically, there has been little appetite for winter tyres in the UK which meant that when workshops were removing tyres, they were normally being scrapped so it didn't matter if the tyres were damaged in the process." explains MD Paul Beaurain. "However, now that there's been quite a sizeable growth in the winter tyre market, workshops need to ensure that they do not cause any damage when removing and refitting tyres. With its fully automated process, the Revolution can help greatly with this."

Quality stamp

Clutches from Comline
Published:  27 February, 2015

A three year, or 36,000 mile, warranty is available on all Comline products, with the exception of service items such as filters. This is down to its confidence in product quality - spokesman Malcolm Rosher says: "We want the aftermarket to appreciate the quality that we have to offer. Putting the warranty stamp right there on the box will instantly communicate our quality promise and ensure the confidence we have in our product is also shared by motor factors and mechanics alike." A new returns and warranty process is now being actioned to cover its programme of over 7,500 parts. Any product deemed faulty by a mechanic and returned will be thoroughly inspected as part of a zero-tolerance policy.

Direct fit blades

Wiper blades from Trico
Published:  26 February, 2015

It can be difficult to have the right amount of stock when it comes to making a reasonable profit from replacement wipers, so Trico has simplified the stocking requirements with its Exact Fit Factory Replacement Centre range of wiper blades. The range fits 99% of the European car parc and is a direct fit with no adaptors required. The blade programme is supported with promotional material, including a counter top easel to display examples of the Exact Fit range.

ABS sensors for Asian models

ABS sensors from Blue Print
Published:  25 February, 2015

There are over 285 part numbers in Blue Print's range of ABS sensors, covering more than 1,145 applications. New references include the Honda Civic 1992>2001, Nissan Micra K13 1.2i 2010> and the Toyota RAV4 2005>. The firm offers itself up as a 'complete solution for Asian and American vehicle parts' and supplies more than 27,000 part numbers, covering 165 product groups, all of which are supported by a three-year unlimited mileage warranty.

Colour coding in place

Batteries from Bosch
Published:  24 February, 2015

Bosch has re-structured its battery range to make selection easier using a colour coding system which moves the EFB and AGM batteries into three main ranges. A range of pictograms show key specifications and uses to ensure garages and customers are choosing the correct one.

Liqui Moly

Published:  23 February, 2015

Prevent emission test failures

Lubricants from Comma
Published:  23 February, 2015

The way forward

Published:  20 February, 2015

Any Post Control, APC, is a significant advance in vehicle lift technology and the option has been introduced on all 4-post lifts in the Boston Garage Equipment range, enabling control of the lift from any post. For an MOT workshop, the savings can soon add up - by saving around ten minutes a day. The option of APC is currently included free of charge on all its ATL lifts.

Increase profits through wheel work

MOT equipment from the Trade Garage Equipment
Published:  19 February, 2015

Tyre changing, wheel balancing and wheel alignment are a good way to increase profits and Trade Garage Equipment has recently introduced the 'Big Three' into its Technique range of equipment to handle new wheel and tyre designs. The T2520 Professional is a fully automatic tyre changer with a simple, lever-less operation and is a heavy duty machine designed for increased capacity and reliability but without the hefty price tag. The Technique T2120 wheel balancer features 3D data input with automatic entry of offset, width and diameter is taken care of with an inner and outer measuring arm. A colour display gives live readings, highlighting imbalance positions. Trade are also the main distributors for Supertracker. The 400R range of four-wheel computer aligners include customer and vehicle databases, Bluetooth, eight sensor technology and instant caster, camber and toe measurement. They can accommodate wheel sizes from 12 to 24 inches. The price of all Trade equipment includes installation and staff training.

Gauging wear

Brake gauage from Autoparts UK
Published:  18 February, 2015

A brake gauge is being given away for free with any five sets of Padtech pads, ordered through Autoparts UK. The gauge measures brake pad thickness with eight presets showing the status of pads from 12mm to 2mm. The gauge can be used on wheels fitted on or off the vehicle and they are colour coded to indicate wear - green indicates good, amber is partially worn and red shows that it needs replacing. Padtech brake pads are manufactured and tested in the UK.

Ceramic, Classic and PowerDiscs

ATE brand brakes from
Published:  17 February, 2015

Continental develops OE brake systems and delivers its ATE brand to the aftermarket, providing the independent trade with brake pads featuring various compounds tailored to meet the needs of that vehicle model and brake discs which already meet many of the 2016 R90 ECE standard. The firm says its ATE Ceramic brand can help customers stand out from the competition. The high-tech pads produce practically no dust, keeping wheel rims cleaner for longer. It also has a Classic range to enable true-to-original brake repairs on classic cars, high-performance vehicles are catered for by the PowerDisc brake disc range. ATE also has equipment to test brake fluids, sensors and other components and tools to help with the various tasks involved in servicing and repairing braking systems.

Powering the latest vehicle technology

Published:  16 February, 2015

New EFB and AGM models were introduced into Varta's Dynamic range back in the autumn and are available through the Manbat branch network. The Dynamic trio provides the aftermarket with the Black, Blue and Silver batteries and now encompasses AGM and EFB technologies, developed as part of its work on OE Stop-Start technology. The Varta Silver Dynamic AGM battery is designed to give massive starting power, faster conductivity and three times the endurance of its conventional counterpart - ideal for vehicles which use regenerative braking. The Varta Blue Dynamic EFB battery has twice the endurance of a traditional lead-acid battery and is designed for entry-level vehicles with a Stop-Start system.

Pump it up

Published:  13 February, 2015

An additional 45 part numbers extend the Intermotor and Fuel Parts fuel pump assemblies line-up from SMPE. An additional 200 applications cover the popular Vauxhall Astra, BMW 1/3 Series and X1, the Audi TT, Ford C-Max and Focus 1.6D. The fuel pump range now contains 650 part numbers for more than 4,800 applications.

Pressure sensors

Pressure sensors for Blue Print
Published:  12 February, 2015

A blocked DPF is often down to failed active or passive regenerations due to driving conditions and can also be down to other component failure such as the EGR system. Pressure sensors detect a filter that is beginning to get clogged up when it is about 45% blocked and the vehicle will then attempt an active regeneration to burn off the soot. It needs to be driven at a constant throttle for several minutes to achieve this, if a vehicle only ever doers short, town commutes then this process is never completed. If it gets to 75% blocked the DPF warning light will come on and the vehicle may go into 'limp home' mode - it may be possible to do a forced regeneration using a diagnostic tool such as Blue Print's G-Scan. If the light is ignored, the filter will completely block and will need to be replaced. Blue Print's range of DPFs include 31 part numbers for 44 applications.

Approved range of pads

Brakes from Comline
Published:  10 February, 2015

Comline says its Allied Nippon brand of brake pads boasts one of the most complete ECE R90 approved ranges available. It covers over 95% of the European, Japanese and Korean vehicle parc and the range is constantly growing to include popular applications. Most recent additions include front pads for the Ford Transit, Mercedes A-Class, Audi A3, Ford Fiesta and B-Max.

Motorbikes go maintenance free

Batteries from Yuasa
Published:  09 February, 2015

Battery manufacturer Yuasa has introduced an absorbed glass matt (AGM) battery specially designed to replace the conventional lead-acid batteries supplied as OE on BMW motorcycles. The Yuasa YT19BL-BS battery includes the protective terminal caps that characterise BMW factory batteries and fits a wide variety of models from 1970 to 2014 and from 500cc to 1600cc engines. It is rated at 170CCA and 17.7Ah. To complement its latest AGM battery, Yuasa also offers a range of smart battery chargers. The Yuasa YCX Smart Charger range for motorcycle batteries features three models - 12V YCX 5.0 and YCX 0.8 and the 6V YCX 0.8 - delivering solutions for a range of battery-related problems including reconditioning functions for deeply discharged batteries, unique patented maintenance charging and patented desulphation functions. Besides motorcycles, the chargers are suitable for use on all kinds of automotive and leisure batteries.

Boost MPG

Diesel Power Tuning product from Randstad
Published:  06 February, 2015

Increased power, acceleration and fuel economy is the name of the game with Randstad's Diesel Power Tuning product.    The tuning box module, developed by a race engineer in Holland, is programmed to tweak a specific vehicle model and is fitted to an under bonnet sensor. The unit does not alter a vehicle's ECU or remap the engine and will not affect a vehicle's warranty. It can be easily removed if the vehicle is sold and transferred to another.

Prevent warping

Brakes from Apec
Published:  05 February, 2015

Apec has a wide range of coated brake discs for the aftermarket to match OE applications and extra part numbers where the original wasn't coated.

Battery analyser

Smart Battery Charger from Ring
Published:  04 February, 2015

This new Smart Battery Charger from Ring is unique, in that it is an ‘intelligent’ battery charger and battery analyser in one and a range of features to diagnose, recondition and service batteries. The latest Stop-Start batteries can also be charged with the product.

Clean and easy

Professional Brake Cleaner from Holts
Published:  28 January, 2015

Holts Professional Brake Cleaner features a ball valve within the can, meaning that no matter what angle it is held at, the pressure will remain and a steady flow will be deposited, ideal when working in tight spaces. In addition, there is no chlorinated solvent, acetone or silicone CO2 propellant so it is safe on all surfaces, especially handy when that overspray occurs. While the cleaner is mainly for use on braking systems, its de-greasing properties means it can be used in other applications on mechanical areas of a vehicle. It is also affective in general applications, anywhere that degreasing is required, from floors to workbenches. Holts have recently changed their logo to reflect their British background, with the three line motif becoming a union flag either side of the brand name.

Starting out or upgrading?

MOT equipment from Snap-on
Published:  27 January, 2015

Whether you are thinking about becoming a DVSA-approved testing station or you are modernising your equipment in an existing bay, Hofmann can provide a service which incorporates the equipment, training, installation and take care of the planning, procedures and legal requirements. A DVSA-approved automated test lane enables efficient one-person operated MOT testing for Class IV, VI and VII. The Geogas 3000 Combi lies at the centre of the ATL, with a 21" monitor to clearly display results and a laser printer to produce a hard copy. Tests can be performed manually or automatically when the remote control is used. Its standard MOT Bay is the package that enables workshops to become a fully-operational DVSA approved testing station on a budget. Hofmann is part of Snap-on Equipment.

VIDEO: Bloodhound news

Published:  26 January, 2015

The BLOODHOUND Supersonic Car kit contains over 3,500 components, many custom-made, including: a state-of-the-art Rolls-Royce EJ200 jet engine - normally found in the Eurofighter Typhoon; a cluster of Nammo hybrid rockets - developed to power the next generation of space launchers; a 550bhp Supercharged Jaguar V8 - used to pump the oxidiser into the rocket; two unique Rolex instruments specially made for BLOODHOUND SSC; a titanium skinned upper chassis; a carbon fibre monocoque and canopy with 50mm thick windscreen; plus 22,500 aerospace-grade rivets, each hand-fixed. Driver Andy Green and assembly instructions included.

SMART training in Reading

Training at LKQ Coatings' Innovation and Training Centre in Reading
Published:  21 January, 2015

If you are considering cosmetic repair as a business opportunity then it's worth visiting LKQ Coatings' Innovation and Training Centre in Reading. The facility is used to showcase rapid and cosmetic repair products, enabling repairers to experience and try out the equipment in a work environment so they can make informed purchasing decisions as well as upskill in this area. The centre offers nine IMI-accredited courses ensuring repairers receive an industry recognised Quality Assured Award (QAA) qualification. 'Smart' workshops focus on fabric and velour repair as well as leather and vinyl repair, paintless dent repair for novices and advanced level users, alloy wheel refurbishment, spot and plastic repair.

Systems and scopes

Training from James Dillon
Published:  19 January, 2015

James Dillon runs a successful workshop in Bridgwater, specialising in diagnostic work and also runs frequent Saturday courses as well as five-day Diagnostic Bootcamps. One-day practical training is provided on direct petrol injection, EEproms coding & programming, advanced oscilloscopes, CAN Bus networking, ESP & ABS training, common rail diesel, SRS & airbag and electrical fault finding - this last one takes place on Saturday 24th. February and March dates are currently being determined. The five-day bootcamp covers electrical fault-finding, oscilloscope diagnostics, engine management, common rail and CAN and IN-vehicle networking and is cheaper that taking the individual courses. The next one takes place Monday 2nd March to Friday 6th March.

Is your knowledge worthy of a certificate?

Training from Comma
Published:  15 January, 2015

Vehicle manufacturers dictate the use of highly technical engine oil and coolants to meet EU legislation and provide fuel efficiency and performance. These are vehicle specific as VMs create a bespoke package to cater for each particular model and make their use a warranty-critical condition of servicing in the aftermarket. Comma has two interactive online Product Training Academy modules which explain the various technologies involved and concludes with a training module and a 100% score gets you a Certificate of Excellence which can be printed off. "The independent sector fought long and hard to secure the opportunities afforded by the EU Block Exemption provisions, but it does mean that technicians have to view lubes and coolants in exactly the same light as OE-compliant hard parts and fit strictly by application," says Comma spokesperson Mike Bewsey. "The Comma Training Academy modules have been developed to inform and promote essential product understanding. Combined with our comprehensive online VRN data, they give technicians the confidence to consistently make the right product applications for every vehicle make and model."

Provide a better brake service

Training at the Pagid Professional Academy
Published:  14 January, 2015

The Pagid Professional Academy was created to help technicians deliver a better and more profitable brake service and the latest course is an IMI QAA Award in Light Vehicle Brake Fitting. The course combines theory and hands-on skills training and is designed for all abilities, from newcomers through to experienced technicians looking to hone their skills. The courses run throughout the UK and bookings are now being taken for January 2015 and beyond.

Jump to it

Jump leads from Hickleys
Published:  13 January, 2015

The Auto Mini Jump Starter is a powerful device in a small package. Available from Hickleys, it can jump-start a car with its supplied cables, as well as featuring an LED torch and a USB port for charging phones, tablets and sat nav systems. The battery is so powerful it can start a vehicle up to twenty times before needing a recharge! All of this versatility is packaged in a case measuring 160mm x 75mm x 28mm and weighing just 430g. It's the ideal pack to start a car that has been sitting for some time in the workshop and can be stored in a drawer or cupboard without taking up space. Take it out with you and it will easily fit in a door pocket too.

Oil into gear

Lubricants from Meyle
Published:  09 January, 2015

When it comes to offering a complete service on a vehicle with automatic transmission, having everything to hand to change the oil can take effort and therefore time. Meyle has introduced a range of 30 repair-friendly kits for full-service automatic transmission oil change covering more than 2,800 vehicle applications equipped with popular gearbox types. Supplied in a sturdy case, the kits allow you to minimise the time spent servicing and finding products by offering an all-in-one solution. Each kit comes with filter, seals, bolts, magnets, a drain or intake plug and 4-8 litres of ATF gearbox oil as required. The kit allows you to offer the customer extended lifetime of the gearbox through a complete service.

Networks and hybrid maintenance

Published:  08 January, 2015

Blue Print's training courses focus on practical content and use the workshop facilities at Pro Auto in Shrewsbury to put theory into practise. Two courses are planned for 2015 - High speed CAN and LIN Networks and Hybrid vehicle operation and maintenance IMIAL Level 2. The hybrid course is suitable for beginners and lasts for two days, enabling participants to safely carry out servicing and repairs on a hybrid system. All participants who complete the two-day course will gain an IMI approved qualification which meets requirements (QCF) QCA ID NO 500/7055/1.

Magnetic personality

Handy tool
Published:  07 January, 2015

If you're like me, you like to keep your hands busy. This is where the Polar Pen comes in. Made from magnets, the pen can be assembled, disassembled, put into various guises and used to create drawings and circles just by using the main body. Polar Pen started life as a crowdfunding project and has a number of different modules that can be purchased separately and added to it to make it more useful. Our example comes with a stylus top as well, handy if you have an iPad in the garage. As it's magnetic, it will also be very good at picking up those loose screws around the workshop.

Know your oils?

Prove it with Comma's training modules
Published:  07 January, 2015

Vehicle manufacturers dictate the use of highly technical engine oil and coolants to meet EU legislation and provide fuel efficiency and performance. These are vehicle specific as VMs create a bespoke package to cater for each particular model and make their use a warranty-critical condition of servicing in the aftermarket.

Training on the job

Training from AutoMate
Published:  06 January, 2015

If you find it hard to take a day out of the workshop for training then AutoMate can help. You can access the online library of training videos from any internet-enabled device and find out about subjects such as common rail diesel injector coding, scan tool advanced functions and how to use a multimeter.

Simple diagnostics

Diagnostics from Bosch
Published:  05 January, 2015

Sometimes we can forget that the simple things in life are the best. The Bosch OBD 100 is such an example, a simple diagnostic code reader that offers the ability to display the information you need without plugging in your bulky tools. The OBD 100 reads and displays emission-related diagnostic data via the OBD interface on both petrol and diesel vehicles. These codes can be erased easily to see whether they reoccur. In addition, the unit can display live sensor data, read the status of the MIL, provide on-screen information about the vehicle including the VIN and provide on-screen IM readiness codes; all this in a case which measures 83mm x 56mm x 19mm and weighs just 100 grams.

From strength to strength

New part numbers from Comline
Published:  18 December, 2014

A further 62 part numbers, incorporating 25 brake discs, 21 filters and 16 hub assembly kits, join Comline's 7,500-strong product range. The products cover all major European, Japanese and Korean vehicles and include an air filter for Fiat 500, oil filter for Renault Master, Nissan Qashqai+2, Vauxhall Movano, a brake disc for BMW's 2, 3 and 4 Series and a hub assembly kit for the Nissan Qashqai.

Flexible alignment

Alignment from Absolute Alignment
Published:  17 December, 2014

A mobile alignment product has been produced by Absolute Alignment, specialists in providing Rav 4 wheel alignment equipment. The Rav TD1760 WS Bluetooth wheel aligner runs on domestic power or a small generator. It has Bluetooth alignment heads and wheel clamps which fit most vehicles, turnplates and adjustable wheel stands - ideal for mobile mechanics and motorsport teams. Technical sales director Chris Dear says the advantage of this product is that it doesn't require a dedicated area to work in, "We've had our units in use in home garages and even outdoor driveways. As long as the area is reasonably flat the wheel stands can compensate for the basics, leaving the clever Rav software to do the rest."

New sensors

Sensors from Blue Print
Published:  16 December, 2014

Blue Print's engine management range has nearly 1,050 part numbers for around 5,500 applications and includes camshaft position sensors, knock sensors, MAP sensors, oxygen sensors and many more. New additions include a camshaft position sensor for the Suzuki Jimny, Swift and Wagon, a throttle body for the Daewoo and Chevrolet Matiz, a knock sensor for the Toyota Auris, Prius, Yaris and other models as well as a crankshaft angle sensor for the Kia Rio 1.3i.

Special Mercedes tool

Wheel nut socket set from Laser Tools
Published:  15 December, 2014

This new wheel nut socket set from Laser Tools includes the most commonly used sizes - 17mm, 19mm and 21mm. The set, available through Tool Connection, also includes the special 17mm WAF socket which is a particularly useful tool when working on Mercedes-Benz models. They are all 87mm deep, made from chrome vanadium and colour coded so you can quickly pick up the tool you need for the job. The tools are supplied in a case which neatly fits into a tool tray.

Onwards and upwards

Diagnostics from XTool Europe
Published:  12 December, 2014

A new research and development facility opens in Coventry for XTool Europe to support its UK and European distributor network. The team of software engineers will use the new premises to develop its range of car and commercial diagnostic tools. Managing director Andrew Dimond says: "We wanted to create a static location that our software engineers could work from allowing a smoother work flow. Previously they would work from our Cheltenham office but it quickly became apparent we were out-growing our location. By having this facility in the Midlands, we now have much better coverage of the UK and now offer even more support to our customers".

OE range now available

Batteries from Exide
Published:  11 December, 2014

Exide's range of Start-Stop batteries are now available to the aftermarket and include all the same features as its existing OE line. The AGM battery delivers four times the cycle life, 20% more power and three times greater charge acceptance than a standard type. It achieves this by using advanced lead-tin alloys, high-surface glass mat separators and special carbon additives. The new Exide EFB battery has similar advantages. Meanwhile, its conventional Carbon Boost batteries, pictured here, are designed to recharge up to 1.5 times faster and deliver 30% more starting power, resulting from a breakthrough in the company's research of carbon boost technology.

A longer platform

Wheel and body alignment from Globaljig
Published:  09 December, 2014

Globaljig has introduced a Rotax chassis repair and measuring system with a six-metre platform to accommodate larger vehicles with longer wheelbases, high-sided bodies, tail-lifts or wheelchair lifts. As well as a longer platform, the new system has a five-tonne capacity scissor lift. Pulling towers are on a continuous rail around the Globaljig Rotax, delivering ten tonnes of pulling power from almost any angle. The mono-cube design ensures that almost any vehicle can be mounted upon it. A repair accuracy within plus or minus one millimetre of the OE recommendations can be achieved, according to Tri-Sphere.

CO2 cuts made by new grease

Lubricants from SKF
Published:  09 December, 2014

A low friction grease from SKF is said to reduce resistance by as much as 9% compared to standard products while maintaining the same bearing performance within hub bearing units. This cuts both CO2 emissions and fuel consumption in the process. It has been calculated that a car with four hub bearing units using this grease saves 0.15g per Km, saving 2.9KG of CO2 per year, based on an annual mileage of 14,500Km. It can be used on all generations of hub bearing units, on new designs and retrofits

Points mean fun days out for workshops

Loyalty scheme from ACtronics
Published:  05 December, 2014

A fun new loyalty scheme from component remanufacturer ACtronics rewards customers with points every time they order parts which can be swapped for team-building activities. 'Purple points for parts' is a pilot scheme which will run for nine months and has been created to thank customers for their continued support. If it proves a hit with garages, it will be rolled out to the Netherlands and Germany. Garages will be rewarded with ten Purple Points for each remanufactured part ordered and these can be redeemed against free activities which include go-karting, clay pigeon shooting or at Go Ape high-wire adventure parks. To give you an idea of how quickly the points can accumulate, 12 minutes of karting will cost 25 points. You can register for this by ticking the relevant box on the online order form. When enough points are collected, you let ACtronics know which activity you want to do and where and they'll book you in, you can pay to add on extra staff members if you like too.

Free training video

DPF technical tips from Autoinform
Published:  04 December, 2014

Remote diagnostics becomes a reality

Diagnostic from Launch UK
Published:  04 December, 2014

The X-431 PRO 3 tool joins Launch UK and is a potential game-changer, offering real-time remote diagnostic checks using wireless, Bluetooth connectivity and 'Golo' telematics. This allows workshops to access real-time vehicle data, to perform real-time diagnostic checks remotely and provides the motorist with information and maintenance guidance via their smartphone. For motorists, Golo technology locates independent garages in their area and will record data concerning safety, anti-theft and driving behaviour. Dave Richards, Launch UK managing director, said: "The launch of Golo is another example of how the independent aftermarket can respond to the threat of vehicle telematics from vehicle manufacturers. "It is very exciting for the independent garage... Not only is Golo going to be a valuable tool for retaining customers in the independent aftermarket, but it will also create a social community among garages and drivers, strengthening the reputation of the independent aftermarket." Launch PRO 3 has a built-in social network service that allows workshops to connect to a virtual community and seek instant help with challenging faults. Technicians can access a comprehensive vehicle database and repair tips to improve workshop efficiency. The PRO 3 tool has various other features. These include the ability to recognise the diagnostic features of other tools in the X-431 series, reading and clearing DTCs, interpreting and reading a vehicle's data stream, also performing actuation tests. Workshop technicians can use the PRO 3 to diagnose faults on 90% of all European, Asian and American vehicle brands.


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