Don't forget the sensor

Sensors from Walker Products
Published:  01 November, 2013

When replacing a diesel particulate filter you should also fit a new exhaust temperature sensor as they play a starring role in protecting components and reducing emissions. Walker Products has a range of 300 replacement part numbers for European vehicles. The firm also has a lambda sensor programme which includes 840 direct replacement part numbers.

Double clutch repair kits

Clutches from LuK
Published:  31 October, 2013

The dry double clutch from LuK, initially developed for Volkswagen, improves energy efficiency, helping to reduce fuel use and emissions, combining the comfort of traditional planetary automatic transmission with the efficiency of a manual. It consists of two clutches on two different input shafts - one actuates the odd gears and the other deals with the even-numbered gears and reverse. No hydraulic support systems are involved so fuel savings up to 10% can be achieved compared to a wet transmission - between 12% and 18% savings can also be made on CO2 emissions compared to a conventional automatic gearbox. The LuK RepSet 2CT is available from Schaeffler and provides independent garages with two engagement levers, two engagement bearings, adjusting shims and all the parts need for mounting. A specially developed tool helps remove and install the dry double clutch and detailed instructions, training and technical brochures are also provided. The sets are for use on the 7-speed transmissions used on Audi, Seat, Skoda and VM models but the firm is looking to create additional sets for use on other marques.

Autumn garage checks

Coil springs from GKN
Published:  30 October, 2013

Coil springs play a vital role in ensuring good road-holding and stable handling so keep your customers safe by checking their suspension system before winter sets in, advises parts supplier GKN. Worn or broken springs can affect braking and tracking so it's important to regularly check for cracks, rust and also wear and tear caused by the springs. The presence of rust should send alarm bells ringing - a rusty spring can break at any time and the likelihood increases as temperatures drop as steel becomes more brittle. Rust and damage generally occurs on the lower coils as stones, dirt and salty water are thrown up from the road. GKN recommends that springs are replaced on both sides as the second spring will also have suffered similar damage. New coil springs can be installed when the shocks are changed - GKN gives a ten-year guarantee on its Spidan coil springs when they are exchanged in pairs. A full range of mini-block, cylindrical and lateral force springs are available, in addition to complete pre-mounted strut kits to save time.

Align plates

Tools from Draper
Published:  29 October, 2013

This nifty tool makes light work of accurately aligning the clutch and pressure plate before fitting. It will fit most vehicles up to five tonnes but cannot be used with double plate clutches. You select the collet size you need; three are supplied with the tool, one of which is preassembled on the tool. Place the pressure plate on top of the clutch plate, fit the tool into the pressure plate and clutch plate then centre/align the clutch.

Run flat machinery pack

Tyre bay equipment from Tyre Bay Direct
Published:  28 October, 2013

Feeling flat? The latest package from Tyre Bay Direct will be sure to inflate your spirits. The kit comprises of a 24" fully automatic tyre machine (which crucially is capable to deal with run-flat tyres) and a motorised wheel balancer. Also included are all the associated scalpels and scrapers as well as tyre bead paste, leak detector fluid and more. The pack is currently available with an interest free option.

New model sparks

Spark plugs from NGK
Published:  27 October, 2013

The latest S3 and Q7 SUV Audi models feature NGKs spark plugs. The plug for the S3 has a slim M14 thread allowing for a larger layout of the engine's cooling ducts and its long insulator design and cup-shaped terminal provide high ignition voltages. The precious metal is resistant against spark and hot gas erosion so the electrode gap remains almost unchanged over the service life of the plug. A double precious metal type plug is used on the Q7's V6 3 litre super-charged TFSI engine.

QH poised to return

Clutches from QH
Published:  26 October, 2013

It's not been the best year for historic parts brand Quinton Hazell following the collapse of Klarius in February. However, new owners Tetrosyl are poised to bring the name back onto the shelves before Christmas with ranges of clutches, brake pads, water pumps and other vehicle components. The brand will officially re-launch at the EquipAuto show in Paris this month. Watch this space for exactly what will be included in the new line-up

Timing chain

Engine timing tool kit from Laser Tools
Published:  25 October, 2013

This engine timing tool kit is for use on Fiat's low emission 875cc twin cylinder TwinAir engine, used in the 500, 500C, Panda and Punto and some Alfa Romeo, Lancia and Chrysler vehicles. These engines use a timing chain and this tool set is needed whenever you want to remove or replace the timing chain. The set has a flywheel locking tool, a pulley locking pin and a camshaft locking plate with set screws.

EGR training

TerraClean machine from Ranstad
Published:  24 October, 2013

The TerraClean machine connects directly to a vehicle's fuel rail and circulates a special fluid around the engine to remove carbon, tar and varnishes from fuel injectors, injector pumps, combustion chambers, manifolds and oxygen sensors. A TerraClean service claims to increase MPG by up to 15%, reduce emissions, improve performance and extend component life. Randstad invites workshops to become part of the TerraClean service network and business is being driven to these centres by a TV advertising campaign and a two-day conference for its service centre network begins in Northumberland on Friday 4th October, giving members a day's training on a new EGR cleaning tool before the second day conference.

Blades and motors

Wiper blades from Valeo
Published:  22 October, 2013

Flat blades, developed to complement a vehicle's shape, continue to be the top seller in the aftermarket but hybrid wipers are becoming increasingly popular with Asian marques. Valeo's HBlades combine the conventional bow structure and a covering similar to a flat blade. The vehicle specific Silencio brand contains 197 references of universal, flat blade, specific fit, rear and HBlade (hybrid) wiper blades cover 96% of the UK parc and are made on the same production line as OE blades. Over 100 vehicle specific flat blades are offered which require no additional adaptors as they match the original part in terms of splines, curvature and length. A QR code on the pack directs you to a fitting instructions video for that particular reference. A Compact Revolution range allows you to replace standard blades with new flat ones which come with an integrated spoiler and replacement wiper motors are also available.

Fit a cat, fit a sensor

NTK Lambda sensor from NGK
Published:  21 October, 2013

When you replace a catalytic convertor you should always fit a new NTK Lambda sensor too, says NGK Spark Plugs. The reason being, a worn or failed sensor will reduce control of the fuelling system and lead to increased fuel consumption, uneven running and poor performance. Spokesman Tim Howes says: "The impending Euro 6 emission limits are particularly tough for diesel engines and considerable R&D is going on to develop cost effective ways of meeting the targets." Howes continues: "Even now complex exhaust gas after treatment requiring strict and accurate monitoring is the norm. This usually necessitates multiple temperature, pressure and gas constituent sensor deployment. There has been a considerable increase in the use of NTK wide band oxygen sensors on later diesel passenger cars."

TRW Corner module

Corner module

TRW videos
Published:  18 October, 2013

A series of short videos, produced by TRW, examines every aspect of its safety critical components and what makes up its Corner Module programme. The company says this should benefit the whole supply chain, describing the safety critical nature of the Corner Module and reasons why high quality replacement parts should be used.

Key checks

Transponder Tester from The Diagnostic Box
Published:  18 October, 2013

The TDB002 Transponder Tester quickly checks if a key or remote control has a working transponder fitted. It will work on most vehicle, truck and motorbike keys and remotes - checking that data is being sent and at what frequency. The gadget, available from The Diagnostic Box, will run for at least 20 hours on three AA batteries and powers off if left unused to save battery life.

Fine tune handling

Multipro Coilover kits, developed by Eibach
Published:  17 October, 2013

A number of new Multipro Coilover kits, developed by Eibach, are now available for VW Group models - the latest models to benefit are the Mk V and VI platform versions of the modified VW Golf and Jetta, Audi A3, Skoda Octavia and Seat Leon. The R2 kit uses lightweight aluminium with 10-way adjustable compression and 7-way rebound damping. The ERS race spring range coupled with precision spherical upper mounts are designed to allow perfect alignment and set up. Track day enthusiasts should note that this allows you to corner-weight the car and fast-road motorists can select comfort, ultimate grip or anything in between.

Seeping seals

Seal Conditioner from Forte
Published:  16 October, 2013

Seals deteriorate and oil leaks occur and to address this problem, Forte has developed a Seal Conditioner to restore seals' properties to protect engines, manual transmissions and final drive differentials. A major cause of oil burning and smoking is down to the valve stem seams hardening and shrinking, resulting in oil seeping past the seals into combustion chambers. Forte's Seal Conditioner can be added to all conventional petrol-based crankcase and gear oils.

Small footprint

Wheel balancer is new from Hofmann
Published:  15 October, 2013

The Geodyna 3900 video wheel balancer is new from Hofmann and balances motorbike, car and light commercial tyres. It features a 19" colour monitor and semi-automatic data entry to speed things up. 'QuickBal' technology reduces cycle times, has a measuring speed under 200rpm and a wheel guard comes as standard. The new balancer has a 2D SAPE system for the error-free input of the distance of the wheel rim to the machine, rim diameter and width, as well as Virtual Plane measurement. Installation, user training and a two year warranty are included in the price of the equipment.

Sell on 'value for money'

Oil from Castrol
Published:  14 October, 2013

Research conducted by Castrol shows that although the price of engine oil remains the most important criteria when choosing oil - quality, engine protection and trust also ranked highly. The fact that 9% of respondents ranked their car manufacturer's recommendations and advice from sales staff as their most important selection criteria is a clear message to workshops that motorists appreciate the best value for money. Mark Perkins, Independent Workshop Manager at Castrol, explains: "Independent workshops can improve lubricant profitability by upselling premium oil to customers, as these typically generate greater profit from every litre sold. Castrol is the only lubricant recommended for use by a number of leading manufacturers which is a major selling point for many customers. If workshop staff take the opportunity to illustrate the benefits of high-quality, manufacturer-recommended oil, many customers will prefer to have peace-of-mind and will be willing to spend a little more for a lubricant that is recognised as the best for their vehicle."

Diagnostics upgrade

Software upgrade from Snap-on
Published:  11 October, 2013

The 13.4 software upgrade for Snap-on's diagnostic hand-held tools covers 98% of new vehicles and includes 2012 model year coverage. Manufacturer-specific data for all 30 makes made in 2012, covers EOBD and the Troubleshooter function has been upgraded with BMW and VAG data.

It's all about timing

Timing belt kits from Schaeffler
Published:  11 October, 2013

The INA range of tensioner parts from Schaeffler has a number of new timing belt kits and sets. A tensioner set and timing belt kit covers a wide range of Volvo models and various PSA, Ford and Mazda models are covered by new timing belt kits and tensioner sets. VAG vehicles are catered for by V belt tensioner repair kits and V belt tensioners are available for the Audi A4, A5 and Q5 and many more. Japanese and Far Eastern vehicles also benefit from the new parts. Technical Services Manager Malcolm Short says: "The new INA parts are for a variety of vehicles and include notable timing belt set and kit releases for a host of important vehicles that are seen on a regular basis by independent garages."

Fix leaks fast

Leak repair from Holts
Published:  10 October, 2013

SEALit Coolant Leak Repair is designed to permanent seal leaking engine blocks, head gaskets, freeze plugs, cylinder heads, radiators and hoses and Holts is so confident of its abilities it provides a money-back guarantee for the lifetime of the engine. It can be used on all cars and is compatible with all antifreezes - you simply pour the liquid directly into the cooling system to create a lasting seal.

Energy boost for autumn

Battery charger from Schumacher UK
Published:  09 October, 2013

Several battery chargers and maintenance products are available from Schumacher UK, all of which feature SpeedCharge software that measures the inputs to the battery. The Professional Boosters use Hawker Enersys batteries, have a two-year shelf life and can perform multiple starts on a single charge. They also feature digital displays and state of charge monitors. SpeedCharge software within the chargers is said to charge batteries up to three times faster than ordinary chargers. Director Ian Garwood explains: "The sophisticated software in the Schumacher chargers measures and monitors voltage and amp inputs. It actively adjusts them to maximise the charge input while preventing gassing and thermal runaway, which is essential to prevent damage to sealed and valve regulated batteries." An OBD memory saver is also available to support a vehicle's electronic systems and stored data during battery removal.

Universal connection

Wipers from AC Delco
Published:  08 October, 2013

A total of 36 universal, 17 flat and four rear wiper blades from ACDelco cover popular applications. Flat blade wipers are supplied with a range of connectors which fit eight different arm types. Universal ones come in sizes 24", 26" and 28" alongside a number of universal spoilers and 24" and 26" derivatives. The firm recently added a four part range of universal rear wipers, covering 88 references. Four connectors make them compatible with the main five types of wiper arm.

Aircon to diagnostics

Products from Mahle
Published:  07 October, 2013

The Behr Acxpert 1000a is the first garage equipment product to be sold by Mahle and is suitable for vehicles using R134a, which is the case in most current models. Looking ahead, the firm is also stocking the Mahle Arcticpro 2000 for HFO1234YF systems - both units are approved by major VMs including BMW, Fiat, Citroen, Hyundai, Jaguar Land Rover, Renault, Volkswagen and Volvo. Mahle has also acquired RTI Technologies from Bosch and will soon be introducing a range of diagnostic and servicing equipment.

Point of sale items are little gems

Point of sale items from Saxon
Published:  04 October, 2013

Saxon has a number of product lines ideal for that cheeky point of sale purchase. Products such as the Sakura EU Travel Kit are an ideal way to boost your revenue and offer your customer a useful addition to their vehicle. The travel kit features compulsory and recommended accessories for European driving, such as a warning triangle, first aid kit, GB sticker, beam bender, high vis vest and an emergency bulb kit. In addition, the company offer the ever-popular Little Trees in-car air fresheners, which are supplied with counter boxes and point of sale material. Perfect to grab those additional sales.

Maximise sales this winter

Lighting from Hella
Published:  03 October, 2013

Hella has introduced discounts and promotional material to help garages and stockists sell more headlights, interior lights, halogen and Xenon lights. A bulb fitting guide has been designed to take the stress out of fitting bulbs, an online bulb configuration tool quickly finds the bulb you need and a free counter top display unit can house the now heavily discounted stock of 12V and 24V bulbs. Hella's Ian Dore, comments: "Our intention is that a specially priced, quality product, combined with practical counter top packaging and aftermarket support, will provide garages and stockists with a great platform for bulb sales this winter."

Can you give a DPF a good clean?

DPFs from Delphi
Published:  02 October, 2013

As we know, DPFs are designed to meet emission legislation and when they become blocked with soot, regeneration should occur automatically if the vehicle is driven for longer periods in order to reach the right temperature for this to take place. Washing or removing the DPF are methods used by workshops on vehicles which are only used as local run-arounds but Delphi states that not all DPFs can be washed efficiently and that removing it can affect emissions, which could affect an MOT result. A problem DPF should be removed and inspected to see if the substrate is cracked, the firm says aerosols could cause more blockages if it is already full of ash. OE filters are made with Silicone Carbide, other manufacturers may use Cordierite which can melt after multiple regenerations. Delphi DPFs are produced to OE equivalent standards using Silicone Carbide and are supplied with fitting kit

Overhaul drive systems

Belts from Gates
Published:  01 October, 2013

A campaign to encourage technicians to overhaul drive systems rather than just replace the belts and tensioners is underway by Gates and is celebrating production of 5 million timing belt kits at its Polish plant, 20 years after the introduction of its PowerGrip belt. PowerGrip timing belt kits include all the components for a synchronous belt drive system and all of the OE quality components are designed and engineered together. The ranges cover 99% of the vehicles in the European parc, covering petrol and diesel engines in Asian, European and American models.

Dual spark coils

Ignition coils from Denso
Published:  27 September, 2013

The ignition coils range from Denso has recently grown, expanding its engine management systems programme which also includes mass air flow sensors, exhaust gas recirculation valves and fuel pumps. With 10 new ignition coils, the range now stands at 18 parts in total, covering 46 OE part numbers for models such as the Daewoo Matiz, Hyundai Accent and Coupe, Kia Cee'd and Picanto. The range includes four types of coil: Coil on Plug for dual spark in a distributor-less system, Ignition Coil Block, the Distributor Coil and the Stick Coil. All coils feature a compact driving circuit into the top of the coil, the cylindrical coil can be installed directly into the plug hole, saving dead space.

Pipes of appeasement

Exhausts from Akrapovic
Published:  26 September, 2013

If your customer wants to upgrade their standard exhaust system then these days you need to be mindful of noise and emissions before you agree to do it for them. Small wonder then why so many custom 'zorst companies have long since fallen by the wayside. However, Akrapovic, a firm formed by the famous Slovakian racer of the same name, has obtained EC-type approval and CARB compliance for its range of Audi RS4 and 5 upgrade kits. The kits are said to help the engines breathe out a little more easily, resulting in increased performance - and they sound more throaty to boot. The pipes are of a 'cat back' design, meaning you retain the OE catalyst making for an easier fitment.

Charge up on the move

Portable power packs from Varta
Published:  25 September, 2013

With most people now using smartphones and tablets to stay connected on the move, Varta has come up with a range of products to satiate your customers' thirst for power in the form of portable power packs. Portable Power packs, USB charger car sets and universal chargers with multiple adapters are now available, powered solely by batteries (which are now also available from Varta). The portable power pack supplies energy on the go via micro USB, mini USB and Apple charging connectors, giving enough power to recharge a mobile phone twice or an MP3 player up to ten times. A portable power pack and adapter set is also supplied with USB-In and USB-Out functions. A USB charger car set has a 12V USB adapter to connect to a car plug and fully charges a device in less than three hours. Adapters include Micro USB, Mini-USB and iPhone and two devices can be attached at once.

Burn off carbon build-up

DPF cleaner
Published:  24 September, 2013

If you are faced with a blocked DPF and unable to perform a forced regeneration, DPF Genie offers an alternative to using additives. The company based in North London has a special heat treatment oven to clean the system safely. You remove the filter from the vehicle, package it up and the firm has a nationwide collection service so once they have cleaned it, it is returned with a certificate which guarantees it has been thoroughly cleaned. Silicone carbide DPFs are not designed to have fluids pass through them so the company designed a special oven which uses only heat and air to remove build-up, it reaches 700ºC to burn off the blockage within the channels.

Design solutions

Dayco belts
Published:  23 September, 2013

Start-Stop functions will continue to be used by the VMs in order to achieve EU emission targets across vehicle ranges and component suppliers have had to go back to the drawing board and develop suitable systems. A vital part of these systems is the starter and while some VMs have opted for an uprated starter motor, others have chosen to use a starter/alternator driven by a belt for a quick and quiet engine start with the combined component switching between each function. Dayco worked with Peugeot/Citroen to create an auxiliary belt system with the strength to start and restart the engine instantly when the vehicle pulls away but had to be no wider than a standard belt. This resulted in the patented Dayco Self Tensioning System which maintains a balanced tension on both sides of the belt, enabling the starter/alternator to seamlessly switch between its starting and charging modes to allow the vehicle's Start-Stop system to function to its full potential. The cornerstone development of this self-balancing device is the rigid connection of its pulleys, which allows it to maintain the correct belt tension irrespective of the direction of the load.

Low rider

4-post lift from Stertil Koni
Published:  20 September, 2013

The ST4040 4-post lift from Stertil Koni lifts up to 4,000Kg so is ideal for cars, vans and other LCVs. It has a drive-on height of just 13cm so even the lowest of vehicles can easily get on the ramps. This also means that 'short' drive-on ramps can be used freeing up workspace. The equipment will lift up to 2,000mm and has an adjustable descent speed as standard. Its range of 4-posts has lifting capacities from 4,000Kg up to a whopping 30,000Kg, to cater for all classes of vehicle.

Hot hatch filter

Filters from Pipercross
Published:  19 September, 2013

The latest RS250 Megane is sure to be a hit with tuners says Pipercross which has created a direct replacement panel filter to improve the breathing in its engine. The triple layer foam design is the result of the firm's BTCC experience - it supplies most leading teams in the current season. The filter has been created with performance in mind but fuel efficiency is said to be improved too. Over 3,000 models are covered in the range and a lifetime warranty is offered on each kit.

Loss of feeling

Protective gloves from Lucas Oil Products
Published:  18 September, 2013

Fed up with wearing gloves that chap your hands? Well, Tiger grip nitrile gloves have just been added to Lucas Oil Products portfolio of products. These are powder-free, hi-vis and are designed to feel soft against your skin but also be hard wearing. A dimpled pattern provides grip without losing your sense of touch

Belt programme stretches

Belts from FAI
Published:  17 September, 2013

A further eight part numbers join FAI's Stretch Belt range, covering 172 applications. This programme now has 300 applications available, many of which have been added since the release of its 2013 belting catalogue. When fitting a stretch belt, FAI says you must use a special tool and not improvise with a pry bar or screwdriver as this may damage it and lead to a premature visit from the customer. Also, before fitting, check the belt pulleys are in good condition and aligned accurately.

Grease lightning

Professional repair and maintenance products from Holts
Published:  16 September, 2013

The repair and maintenance products in the Holts Professional range includes lubricants, specialist greases and fast repair products. Its cleaners contain solvents that dissolve grease, brake dust and dirt and new solutions include ERG & Carb cleaner, electrical contact cleaner and Engine & Parts Degreaser. A Releases spray, Silicone spray and Maintenance spray feature a 36º valve so you can use the aerosols at any angle, even upside down. Lithium Complex Blue Grease, Copper Grease and Moly Grease are supplied in 500g tubs. Holts SEALit Coolant Leak Repair is designed to permanently seal leaking engine blocks, cylinder heads, head gaskets and other issues and carries a money-back guarantee for the lifetime of the

Health factor

Filters from Corteco
Published:  13 September, 2013

Traffic fumes can create serious issues for people with heart disease, according to research published in The Lancet medical journal and a point that Corteco thinks should be driven home to customers. "A new cabin filter improves the environment inside the car," says Corteco's Steve Jarnet. "Few drivers appreciate that the quality of the air inside the cabin can be up to six times worse than it is outside at the kerb." Clogged cabin filters are not so good at keeping dust, pollen and fumes at bay so it's worth reminding drivers about replacing them and remember - drivers who upgrade from a standard to an activated carbon filter are more likely to run with the upgrade at the next service interval.

The move into electronics

Ignition from Unipart and NGK
Published:  12 September, 2013

As ignition has moved away from ignition leads, points and condensers and now incorporates engine management components - this creates the need for workshops to explain the process now involved on the most 'basic' of service repairs to customers. Anthony Hughes, a product specialist at Unipart, says: "The diagnostic process is very time consuming, takes up valuable ramp space and requires intensive labour. It is essential garages have the expertise to fit quality parts first time round to limit the time spent on diagnostics". Unipart has a full range of engine management parts available to workshops through its network of branches, has a technical support line and a range of tools and diagnostic kit as well as training and support - due to its partnership with Delphi. The firm also works closely with NGK to provide garages with the latest spark plug technology.

In the right lane

Auto Test Lanes (ATLs) from Hofmann
Published:  11 September, 2013

Auto Test Lanes (ATLs) allow a faster and more consistent way of testing as well as reduced labour costs and increased revenue opportunities for the second technician whose time is freed up. Existing MOT Bays can upgrade to a One Person Test Lane (OPTL) giving workshops the opportunity to single man test as well. All current Hofmann ATLs come with a two-year parts and labour warranty as standard and the firm offers a bespoke planning service and are exclusively available via the manufacturer's UK-wide distributor partners.

Driven to extremes

Take a peek at the Shell extreme driving videos
Published:  10 September, 2013

Shell Helix Driven to Extremes pushes Shell Helix Ultra motor oil to the limit in this Malaysian adventure - featuring the chief expedition mechanic testing the oils in different weather conditions.

Frank talks Mann Filters

Frank Massey presents a video demonstration on Mann Filters
Published:  10 September, 2013


One way or another

Lighting from Phillips
Published:  10 September, 2013

Good lighting not only illuminates dark engine bays perfectly but it also helps us concentrate and prevents eye strain and headaches. With this in mind, Philips has designed a multi directional light system which has three independent modules that can be placed wherever you need them. The LED lamps are rechargeable so there's wires to get in the way and they can be dimmed and rotate so you set them up as you please. A heavy duty clamping hook attaches each lamp to non-magnetic parts and the base has a strong magnet to attach it to most metal parts. They are shock, water, dust and solvent resistant and are contained in a carry case which doubles up as a charger. Each unit runs for five hours on a normal setting.

Range overhaul

ACDelco's ignition range
Published:  09 September, 2013

A major overhaul of ACDelco's ignition range is imminent, which will double its current offering. Customers will be able to quickly search for spark plugs and other products on its website and access all the information needed to make a choice. The range currently has over 40 part numbers which are supplied in boxes of ten and provide for most types of vehicle. The plugs utilise a number of technologies including resistor/non-resistor, nickel and platinum tipped electrodes and are designed to give consistent starts in all weather conditions.

The last air filter you'll ever need?

Filters from K&N Filters
Published:  06 September, 2013

A Typhoon air intake system for the 2011-2013 Mini Cooper S is available from K&N Filters and is a free-flowing mandrel-bent aluminium tube induction system. The design features an oversized conical air filter for more airflow at lower restriction than a standard OE replacement which is limited to the size of the factory air box. This also promises to capture more dirt, which will need to be cleaned off when required - up to 100,000 miles. A direct replacement is also now available for the not too shabby Peugeot RC-Z, 2.0l diesel 2010-2013. Its air filters are made to increaser airflow by 30-40% over a standard paper filter for additional horsepower and improved fuel economy.

Kill a torch to win big prizes!

3 Watt LED torch from Varta
Published:  05 September, 2013

A 3 Watt LED torch from Varta has been christened the Indestructible Light and the battery manufacturer challenged the public to destroy it. The product has endured being run over by a fire engine, has been thrown from a multi-storey car park and even put through a dishwasher cycle but has remained intact with all its functions. It's now your turn to see if the light lives up to its name for your chance of winning one of four prizes worth nearly £7,000. Click on the QR code to see some of the best videos and to enter the competition. The Indestructible Light is part of a range available from high street and online retailers, which includes two other torches, a lantern and two headlights for hands-free illumination.

A simple bond

Hydraulic riveting tool from Tri-Sphere
Published:  04 September, 2013

Vehicle manufacturers are favouring the use of cold riveting, allowing different materials and various layers to be more easily bonded together. With this in mind, Tri-Sphere has upgraded its SPR hydraulic riveting tool to comply with the latest specifications. This model has a trigger rather than a foot-driven mechanism making routine jobs that bit simpler. It delivers up to 50kN of driving force and can work with high strength steels and the C-shaped head includes a 38mm pitch. A pressure gauge enables you to ensure the right pressure is applied to each type of material. Large clamps are available to deal with larger panels and twelve upper and lower mandrels are included with two sets of magnetic inserts.

Space saving

Automatic test lane
Published:  03 September, 2013

The Sun VIC 3000 automatic test lane has the Sun DGA 2500 combi gas analyser at the heart of the test lane which significantly reduces the footprint required, says Snap-on. The PC has a 22" tilt and turn flat screen monitor provides the MOT tester with clear information and the analyser runs automated test procedures. An inkjet is provided for hard copies of test results. The modular design of the ATL means that workshops can upgrade the DGA 2500 into a complete diagnostic system.

Powerful spark

Denso spark plugs
Published:  02 September, 2013

Two Twin Tip (TT) spark plug references join Denso's ignition programme. TT plugs are the first ever fine-wired spark plugs to be made without precious metal on the electrodes. A nickel alloy centre and a 'twin' protruding ground electrode has a slimmer than normal 1.5 diameter - producing more powerful sparks and better combustion. The firm says drivers notice a more responsive engine and more torque when pulling away. The XU22TT reference can be used on the Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Lancia 1.2 and 1.4 FIRE engine, 2009 onwards Ford Ka, Chevrolet 1.0, 1.2 and Daihatsu 1.3. The second reference, XUH22TT, fits the Kia/Hyundai 1.4 and 1.6 engines and is suitable for the Smart 1.0 engine. The range includes 15 part references in total, covering 85% of Europe's top-selling cars.

Power for all types of vehicle

Batteries from Varta
Published:  30 August, 2013

The motorcycle range of batteries from manufacturer Varta has been re-launched to the market under the PowerSports brand which includes AGM, FreshPack and gel batteries covering 95% of high performance and touring machines from European and Japanese makers plus many scooters.


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