Hot hatch filter

Filters from Pipercross
Published:  19 September, 2013

The latest RS250 Megane is sure to be a hit with tuners says Pipercross which has created a direct replacement panel filter to improve the breathing in its engine. The triple layer foam design is the result of the firm's BTCC experience - it supplies most leading teams in the current season. The filter has been created with performance in mind but fuel efficiency is said to be improved too. Over 3,000 models are covered in the range and a lifetime warranty is offered on each kit.

Loss of feeling

Protective gloves from Lucas Oil Products
Published:  18 September, 2013

Fed up with wearing gloves that chap your hands? Well, Tiger grip nitrile gloves have just been added to Lucas Oil Products portfolio of products. These are powder-free, hi-vis and are designed to feel soft against your skin but also be hard wearing. A dimpled pattern provides grip without losing your sense of touch

Belt programme stretches

Belts from FAI
Published:  17 September, 2013

A further eight part numbers join FAI's Stretch Belt range, covering 172 applications. This programme now has 300 applications available, many of which have been added since the release of its 2013 belting catalogue. When fitting a stretch belt, FAI says you must use a special tool and not improvise with a pry bar or screwdriver as this may damage it and lead to a premature visit from the customer. Also, before fitting, check the belt pulleys are in good condition and aligned accurately.

Grease lightning

Professional repair and maintenance products from Holts
Published:  16 September, 2013

The repair and maintenance products in the Holts Professional range includes lubricants, specialist greases and fast repair products. Its cleaners contain solvents that dissolve grease, brake dust and dirt and new solutions include ERG & Carb cleaner, electrical contact cleaner and Engine & Parts Degreaser. A Releases spray, Silicone spray and Maintenance spray feature a 36º valve so you can use the aerosols at any angle, even upside down. Lithium Complex Blue Grease, Copper Grease and Moly Grease are supplied in 500g tubs. Holts SEALit Coolant Leak Repair is designed to permanently seal leaking engine blocks, cylinder heads, head gaskets and other issues and carries a money-back guarantee for the lifetime of the

Health factor

Filters from Corteco
Published:  13 September, 2013

Traffic fumes can create serious issues for people with heart disease, according to research published in The Lancet medical journal and a point that Corteco thinks should be driven home to customers. "A new cabin filter improves the environment inside the car," says Corteco's Steve Jarnet. "Few drivers appreciate that the quality of the air inside the cabin can be up to six times worse than it is outside at the kerb." Clogged cabin filters are not so good at keeping dust, pollen and fumes at bay so it's worth reminding drivers about replacing them and remember - drivers who upgrade from a standard to an activated carbon filter are more likely to run with the upgrade at the next service interval.

The move into electronics

Ignition from Unipart and NGK
Published:  12 September, 2013

As ignition has moved away from ignition leads, points and condensers and now incorporates engine management components - this creates the need for workshops to explain the process now involved on the most 'basic' of service repairs to customers. Anthony Hughes, a product specialist at Unipart, says: "The diagnostic process is very time consuming, takes up valuable ramp space and requires intensive labour. It is essential garages have the expertise to fit quality parts first time round to limit the time spent on diagnostics". Unipart has a full range of engine management parts available to workshops through its network of branches, has a technical support line and a range of tools and diagnostic kit as well as training and support - due to its partnership with Delphi. The firm also works closely with NGK to provide garages with the latest spark plug technology.

In the right lane

Auto Test Lanes (ATLs) from Hofmann
Published:  11 September, 2013

Auto Test Lanes (ATLs) allow a faster and more consistent way of testing as well as reduced labour costs and increased revenue opportunities for the second technician whose time is freed up. Existing MOT Bays can upgrade to a One Person Test Lane (OPTL) giving workshops the opportunity to single man test as well. All current Hofmann ATLs come with a two-year parts and labour warranty as standard and the firm offers a bespoke planning service and are exclusively available via the manufacturer's UK-wide distributor partners.

Driven to extremes

Take a peek at the Shell extreme driving videos
Published:  10 September, 2013

Shell Helix Driven to Extremes pushes Shell Helix Ultra motor oil to the limit in this Malaysian adventure - featuring the chief expedition mechanic testing the oils in different weather conditions.

Frank talks Mann Filters

Frank Massey presents a video demonstration on Mann Filters
Published:  10 September, 2013


One way or another

Lighting from Phillips
Published:  10 September, 2013

Good lighting not only illuminates dark engine bays perfectly but it also helps us concentrate and prevents eye strain and headaches. With this in mind, Philips has designed a multi directional light system which has three independent modules that can be placed wherever you need them. The LED lamps are rechargeable so there's wires to get in the way and they can be dimmed and rotate so you set them up as you please. A heavy duty clamping hook attaches each lamp to non-magnetic parts and the base has a strong magnet to attach it to most metal parts. They are shock, water, dust and solvent resistant and are contained in a carry case which doubles up as a charger. Each unit runs for five hours on a normal setting.

Range overhaul

ACDelco's ignition range
Published:  09 September, 2013

A major overhaul of ACDelco's ignition range is imminent, which will double its current offering. Customers will be able to quickly search for spark plugs and other products on its website and access all the information needed to make a choice. The range currently has over 40 part numbers which are supplied in boxes of ten and provide for most types of vehicle. The plugs utilise a number of technologies including resistor/non-resistor, nickel and platinum tipped electrodes and are designed to give consistent starts in all weather conditions.

The last air filter you'll ever need?

Filters from K&N Filters
Published:  06 September, 2013

A Typhoon air intake system for the 2011-2013 Mini Cooper S is available from K&N Filters and is a free-flowing mandrel-bent aluminium tube induction system. The design features an oversized conical air filter for more airflow at lower restriction than a standard OE replacement which is limited to the size of the factory air box. This also promises to capture more dirt, which will need to be cleaned off when required - up to 100,000 miles. A direct replacement is also now available for the not too shabby Peugeot RC-Z, 2.0l diesel 2010-2013. Its air filters are made to increaser airflow by 30-40% over a standard paper filter for additional horsepower and improved fuel economy.

Kill a torch to win big prizes!

3 Watt LED torch from Varta
Published:  05 September, 2013

A 3 Watt LED torch from Varta has been christened the Indestructible Light and the battery manufacturer challenged the public to destroy it. The product has endured being run over by a fire engine, has been thrown from a multi-storey car park and even put through a dishwasher cycle but has remained intact with all its functions. It's now your turn to see if the light lives up to its name for your chance of winning one of four prizes worth nearly £7,000. Click on the QR code to see some of the best videos and to enter the competition. The Indestructible Light is part of a range available from high street and online retailers, which includes two other torches, a lantern and two headlights for hands-free illumination.

A simple bond

Hydraulic riveting tool from Tri-Sphere
Published:  04 September, 2013

Vehicle manufacturers are favouring the use of cold riveting, allowing different materials and various layers to be more easily bonded together. With this in mind, Tri-Sphere has upgraded its SPR hydraulic riveting tool to comply with the latest specifications. This model has a trigger rather than a foot-driven mechanism making routine jobs that bit simpler. It delivers up to 50kN of driving force and can work with high strength steels and the C-shaped head includes a 38mm pitch. A pressure gauge enables you to ensure the right pressure is applied to each type of material. Large clamps are available to deal with larger panels and twelve upper and lower mandrels are included with two sets of magnetic inserts.

Space saving

Automatic test lane
Published:  03 September, 2013

The Sun VIC 3000 automatic test lane has the Sun DGA 2500 combi gas analyser at the heart of the test lane which significantly reduces the footprint required, says Snap-on. The PC has a 22" tilt and turn flat screen monitor provides the MOT tester with clear information and the analyser runs automated test procedures. An inkjet is provided for hard copies of test results. The modular design of the ATL means that workshops can upgrade the DGA 2500 into a complete diagnostic system.

Powerful spark

Denso spark plugs
Published:  02 September, 2013

Two Twin Tip (TT) spark plug references join Denso's ignition programme. TT plugs are the first ever fine-wired spark plugs to be made without precious metal on the electrodes. A nickel alloy centre and a 'twin' protruding ground electrode has a slimmer than normal 1.5 diameter - producing more powerful sparks and better combustion. The firm says drivers notice a more responsive engine and more torque when pulling away. The XU22TT reference can be used on the Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Lancia 1.2 and 1.4 FIRE engine, 2009 onwards Ford Ka, Chevrolet 1.0, 1.2 and Daihatsu 1.3. The second reference, XUH22TT, fits the Kia/Hyundai 1.4 and 1.6 engines and is suitable for the Smart 1.0 engine. The range includes 15 part references in total, covering 85% of Europe's top-selling cars.

Power for all types of vehicle

Batteries from Varta
Published:  30 August, 2013

The motorcycle range of batteries from manufacturer Varta has been re-launched to the market under the PowerSports brand which includes AGM, FreshPack and gel batteries covering 95% of high performance and touring machines from European and Japanese makers plus many scooters.

Take a closer look

Boroscope from Martindale Electric
Published:  29 August, 2013

The DC50 boroscope from Martindale Electric will take your eye where your head can't reach! The waterproof camera head is illuminated and is on a flexible goose-necked lead, giving a clear visual of the tucked away component or system under inspection. The head can be bent in order to get images from a range of awkward locations and these are displayed on the monitor. The equipment is supplied with batteries, instructions and a full two-year warranty.

Temperature control

Thermostats from FAI
Published:  27 August, 2013

If you think thermostats are low priced, low margin parts then think again, says FAI. Most modern thermostats are controlled by the ECU so have a higher value and take skill to fit - presenting an opportunity for the aftermarket. The Calorstat range, available through FAI, is specified as OE by most VMs and offers 98% parc coverage and is said to be competitive on price against other premium lines. 33 new part numbers cover vehicles such as the Nissan Juke, Alfa Mito and Fiat 500.

Variable charge timer

Battery charger from SIP
Published:  26 August, 2013

A new line of battery chargers and starter/chargers are now available from SIP. Ammeters clearly display charging levels and they provide fast and slow charging functions with reverse polarity protection. They go up to a six charge rate level and there's a 120 minute variable charge timer function. They are supplied with heavy duty charge leads and crocodile clips and the starter/chargers are enshrined within a tough steel case and wheel mounted.

Caliper catalogue

Brake calipers from Remy Automotive
Published:  22 August, 2013

Parts remanufacturer Remy Automotive has added 170 new references to its brake caliper range. Applications include the Ford Mondeo IV, Nissan Qashqai, VW Golf VI and Polo, Renault Laguna and Vauxhall Insignia. All Remy caliper catalogue data can be found on its free online catalogue and is also available on CD Rom.

Brake fluid tested on the track

Synthetic brake fluid from Lucas
Published:  21 August, 2013

A DOT 3 and DOT 4 synthetic brake fluid range complements the range of lubes, greases and engine additives offered by Lucas Oil. The fluid has been tested under the toughest racing environments by some of its top racing teams on the track, road and off-road. They are compatible with all rubber braking components and other brake fluids and can be used with disc or drum brakes as well as some clutch-based applications. As well as its brake holding capacity, it protects from rust and prevents the hardening or softening of seals.

Bleeding the system

Brake bleeders from PCL
Published:  20 August, 2013

These brake bleeders from PCL are said to make light work of bleeding and refilling brake systems on all types of vehicle. They can be used quickly by one person and can also be used to bleed other closed fluid systems such as the clutch. The product works by drawing fluid from the bleed nipple, enabling either bleeding or full replacement of fluid in the system. They operate on a working pressure of 6-12 bar (87-174 psi), with air consumption of 180 l/min (6.4 cfm) at 8 bar.

Cylinders and hoses

Borg & Beck hydraulic braking components from First Line
Published:  19 August, 2013

A range of hydraulic parts have been added to First Line's Borg & Beck braking programme, adding to the existing range of pads, shoes, discs and drums. This includes 104 brake master cylinder, 380 wheel cylinder and 1,224 brake hose references.

Pure digital

Digital purity

Pure digital radio
Published:  16 August, 2013

The people in the know have been saying for years that digital radio is coming to the aftermarket but despite there being a number of head units on the market, this has never really happened.

Mini Spares

Mini bag, maxi style

Mini Spares workbag
Published:  15 August, 2013

Love the original Mini? Then why not take a look at this Monte-Carlo rally inspired workbag? Like BMC's classic, this holdall is a far more stylish and fun way of carting your lunchbox or work boots around than a run-of-the-mill rucksack. Finished in hand-stitched leather, the bag features the entry number and registration of Paddy Hopkirk's giant-slaying car.

Folding trolley

Off your trolley

Workshop trolley
Published:  14 August, 2013

If you want to inject a little 'pit-lane' style and speed into your workshop then consider this folding trolley from Brown and Geeson. The cart looks pretty diminutive but is large enough to  move wheels and tyres, tools and even Euro-bins around your workshop. Better still, the truck has the option of attaching a uni-hitch, which will allow you to pull it around with a quad bike.

Viper sofa

Sofa so good

Furniture from Viper
Published:  13 August, 2013

You've seen it on the telly but where can you buy furniture made from car parts?

Puller kit

Injector puller kit from Facom
Published:  12 August, 2013

An injector puller kit from Facom will remove seized injectors without having to take off the cylinder head, preventing damage to the gasket seating surface. Included in the kit is a slide-hammer puller to remove jammed seals, a single and double grip Siemens adaptor, Delphi adaptors, one for 2.2L GM and a double grip Bosch adaptor.

Showroom sulphation

Battery charger from Traction Charger
Published:  09 August, 2013

Two new models join Traction Charger's range of UK-made battery chargers. The 50A Workshop charger and 50A Showroom charger feature its patented sulphation recovery system. The Showroom unit will automatically switch between maintenance mode and battery support mode.

Find parts in a flash

VRM lookup
Published:  08 August, 2013

VRM Lookup has been added to Juratek's website to speed up the process of finding the right brake parts for cars and light commercials.

Mixture of the obscure and fast movers

Brake discs from ACDelco
Published:  08 August, 2013

The brake discs range recently introduced by ACDelco includes 1,200 part numbers and joined the existing range of 1,500 brake pads. The discs are available for domestic, European and Asian models of cars, vans and light CVs.


G-Scan offer

Introductory Blue Print offer ends August 31
Published:  07 August, 2013

The G-Scan unit features genuine Hyundai and Kia software and allows live data recording of all available vehicle systems.The unit is supplied with a 4GB SD card and reader, self-test cable, 16 pin DLC cable and a robust carrying case.

Provide skimming service to gain new customers

Brake disc skimming from Pro-Cut
Published:  07 August, 2013

The Pro-Cut brake disc skimming machine can be used to refurbish corroded brake discs to as-new condition and can be offered to customers as a better value alternative to replacing partially worn discs.

Ratchet with a new twist

Hand tool from Facom
Published:  06 August, 2013

This 1/2" twist-handle ratchet joins the existing 1/4" and 3/8" models available from Facom and two new enhancements have been added across the range - namely, a knurled section has been added to the shaft to allow finger-tightening in confined spaces and a redesigned head profile for better access.

Charger has it all

Battery charger from Ring Automotive
Published:  05 August, 2013

A car with power steering which has the heating and lights on, windscreen wipers going and music blaring will be drawing 2,900 watts from the battery and traditional lead acid batteries just won't cut it anymore.

Engine specific oil

Lubricants from Autoparts
Published:  02 August, 2013

Autoparts, a motor factor which operates in Scotland and the Midlands, has launched an exclusive brand of Ultratec oil products.

MOT Support Programme

Strut mounts from Corteco
Published:  01 August, 2013

Four top strut mounts from Corteco are available now and can be installed on around 500,000 vehicles on UK roads today. They cover Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota and Volvo models from 1995 to 2013, including all variants of Toyota Avensis Mk1 and Land Rover Freelander from 2000-2006.

Stocking incentive for factors

Glow plugs from Denso
Published:  31 July, 2013

Denso is rewarding customers who plan ahead by offering up to 10% discount on all orders of glow plugs before July 31, enabling suppliers to secure stock before the inevitable winter demand. The promotion includes 98 part numbers and the minimum order quantity is ten pieces per part number and minimum total order quantity is 1,000 pieces.

Rack gaiters

Steering rack gaiters from First Line
Published:  30 July, 2013

Nine steering rack gaiters have been added to First Line's range of boots and gaiters which are semi-universal, serving multiple applications.

Advise your customer on safety and cost issues

Point of sale package from Hofmann
Published:  29 July, 2013

Some motorists may not be too excited about learning the safety issues which arise from wheel misalignment but most ears will prick up when told about the costs that result. Hofmann has made a point of sale package to explain how misalignment can affect road handling and increase fuel consumption and consists of a three meter banner, two reception posters and 100 leaflets in a dispenser.

As good as new

Turbos from Honeywell
Published:  26 July, 2013

The Garrett Original Reman programme of turbos from Honeywell has been developed to OE specifications for many applications in co-operation with automotive manufacturers. The parts have been restored, recalibrated and rebalanced to offer independents 'seamless' integration with vehicle engines.

Injector buzz kit

Electronic injector test kit from Delphi
Published:  26 July, 2013

Delphi recently introduced an electronic injector test kit and injector solvent cleaner to make diagnosis and cleaning of their internal components simpler, without having to remove them from the vehicle.

Battery failure

Batteries from Banner
Published:  25 July, 2013

Premature battery failure is on the rise, say Banner Batteries, as the trade fails to convince motorists that low capacity budget batteries just won't cut it anymore due to the higher demands placed on them in modern cars.

Glow plug check

Glow plug analyser from Sealey
Published:  24 July, 2013

This Glow Plug Analyser from Sealey aids quick diagnosis of glow plug failure or degradation without disassembling the plug from the engine.

Scissor lift joins equipment range

Scissor lift from Tri-Sphere
Published:  23 July, 2013

This 3 tonne capacity scissor lift joins Tri-Sphere and has a range of safety features. The TS7-230 has twin hydraulically synchronised rams in each platform for a clear, safe working area. The up and down limiting switches are sensor/optically controlled which means there are no moving parts to maintain.

Essential data

AutoVista from Blue Print
Published:  22 July, 2013

AutoVista is a VRM-lead, technical data and parts catalogue system for all makes of vehicle. It is an online information source so is constantly being updated in order to provide up-to-date and accurate technical information.

OE compressors

Compressors from Denso
Published:  19 July, 2013

Forty-four new compressor references join Denso's aircon range - all are original equipment and are supplied as complete assemblies, pre-filled with the right amount of oil. Vehicles covered include the BMW 1, 3 and 5 Series, X3 and Z4, Alfa Mito, Fiat Grande Punto, Honda CR-V, Toyota Yaris II and more.

Entry tool upgrade

Diagnostic tool from Snap-on
Published:  18 July, 2013

The Ethos Plus from Snap-on is a new entry level diagnostic tool for technicians.

Filters for Asian marques

Mahle filters
Published:  17 July, 2013

Several new products join the Mahle Original range and Knecht oil, air, fuel and cabin filters for Korean and Japanese cars and light commercials.


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