Original CSC

Concentric slave cylinder kits
Published:  08 April, 2013

Concentric slave cylinder kits join the AP Clutch range from Standard Motor Products Europe, which include an OE sourced CSC. Over 200 are available for vehicles including the Ford Fiesta and Focus, Renault Master, Vauxhall Astra and Vectra. The kits are supplied with a 12 month warranty. The complete clutch catalogue

Grab your Mac

Hand tools
Published:  04 April, 2013

Three socket sets join Mac Tools, all backed by a lifetime warranty. The first is a 13-piece ¼", 3/8" and ½" drive stubby Torx driver set and are about 10mm to 20mm shorter than standard sockets. S2 steel bits range in sizes T8 to T60 and are fully resistant to rust. The second 9-piece ¼" drive set features the brand's patented spherical sockets - these allow full torque to be applied to 6-sided, 12-sided, splined, Torx, square and 50% rounded nuts and bolts. Sockets range from 6mm to 14mm and are compatible with multiple drive systems. A pivoting design gets into awkward areas. Last but not least is the 3/8" drive spline bit socket set, containing 9 spline bit sockets ranging from 4mm to 16mm, including a useful 13mm one.

Parking brake update

Software update
Published:  03 April, 2013

The latest software for TRWs easycheck includes an electronic parking brake update for the Renault Megane III and Scenic III. A further 82 vehicle applications are now available for download and include ABS, SRS, EPB, Service and Steering and Climate Control service functions for BMW, Citroen, Mercedes, Peugeot and Renault. 155 new vehicle apps for the EMS function are also available for BMW, Citroen, Mercedes and Peugeot. Helen Sheasby, Electronics Product Manager of TRW Automotive Aftermarket, says: "Given the column inches afforded to increased technological advances, only really true on newer vehicles, a common misconception is that garages have to invest in expensive diagnostic equipment. In the majority of cases with older vehicles, a simple service tool such as TRW easycheck is adequate. It is updated at least twice a year and is eminently affordable and cost effective as you only need purchase the functionality you need".

Help with repairs

Rotating electrics
Published:  02 April, 2013

The range of Fuel Parts branded rotating electrics has grown steadily since being introduced by SMPE five years ago and now stands at over 500 part numbers which cover 6,900 vehicles. The parts are offered with no surcharge and a no-quibble warranty. One of the continuing best sellers is the Mondeo/Transit starter motor replacement and is so common because it sits right at the bottom of the bell housing. Ford vehicles fitted with a dual mass flywheel can be problematic for the starter too as when the clutch starts to wear and it disintegrates, the one-way sprag fails in the disengaged position so the starter doesn't work, or it fails in the engaged position resulting in the starter working overtime. Fuel leaks from the diesel system commonly end up soaking the starter meaning an instant fail. SMPE's technical team are available to guide you through any diagnostic issues and to help you find out why the original part may have failed.

Parts pumped out daily

Fuel pumps
Published:  01 April, 2013

A range of Intermotor fuel pumps, 50% larger than its predecessor, can be sourced from Standard Motor Products Europe, SMPE. More than 550 parts cover 4,300 applications and include fuel pumps, swirl pots, sender units and relays. References will be added on a daily basis this year as part of an 'aggressive development programme'.

Kick vibration issues

Wheel alignment
Published:  29 March, 2013

Pro-Align's recently launched Road Force Touch has received approval from Mercedes-Benz, the VW Group and BMW for use within their franchise dealer workshops. As motorists demand increasing levels of ride quality and comfort so the tolerances of evermore sophisticated suspension systems get even tighter. MD Paul Beaurain says: "It's essential that franchise networks are capable of replicating those same exacting standards in an aftermarket environment". The Road Force Touch is designed to solve the most difficult wheel vibration and ride quality issues. To simulate a road test, a load roller is applied to the wheel and tyre as part of the balancing process. Stiff spots are identified in the tyre and matched with any low points in the rim. The system can calculate any lateral force variation in the wheel and tyre assemblies and recommends the best on-vehicle position combination to minimise any drift or pull issues.

Focus on the power

Brake kit
Published:  28 March, 2013

A brake kit is now available from Tarox, designed to harness the horsepower of Ford's latest incarnation of the Focus ST. The 330mm brake kit is built around the race-proven B32-6 piston billet calipers and uses two 330mm x 26mm two-piece discs. Performance can be further boosted by opting for the B33 10 piston caliper. The rotor is machined from solid billet steel to withstand much greater heat cycling without distortion. All components bolt to the existing OEM mounts and integrate with the factory ABS system. The kit is supplied with the 'Corsa' high performance pad which offers an immediate pedal even at low temperatures and is safe for road driving although designed for the circuit.

Pioneering electrics

Rotating electrics
Published:  26 March, 2013

Denso's rotating electrics programme currently stands at 3,063 vehicle applications and every machine is completely new-in-box and not remanufactured. The company created the world's first Segment Conductor alternator and back in 2005, pioneered a range of OEM alternators that provided higher output currents of 165, 180, 200 and 220 amps which are said to be the smallest and lightest in the world for their output.

Keep on top of figures

Range of management systems
Published:  25 March, 2013

Garage Data Systems will be enlightening visitors about its range of management systems for car repair shops in addition to specifically written programmes for commercial vehicle workshops. Multiple terminals can be provided across multiple sites to ensure managers can ensure efficiency and boost profitability.

Don't get left in the dark

Emergency jump leads
Published:  22 March, 2013

Emergency jump leads from GYS are available offering capability of 200A up to 700A and are colour coded for ease of use. Also new is a range of LED jumper cables to light up the situation in dark conditions. A 300A version has a three metre cable and a 500A has a 3.5 metre stretch. The integrated lights will allow the user to see the coloured clamps easily, avoiding the risk of attaching the wrong cables and causing damage.

A welcome lift

Electro-mechanical lifts
Published:  21 March, 2013

Hofmann has re-introduced a selection of electro-mechanical lifts to complement its existing portfolio. Formerly known as Europa lifts, the range includes the electro-hydraulic and the EML 3000 electro-mechanical two-post lift.

Making life easier

Ignition coil packs
Published:  20 March, 2013

Removing the 'push down' style ignition coil packs from the cylinder heads on VAG petrol engines without the right tools can result in damaged coils but a new removal tool from the Britool Expert range is now available to safely remove the packs from VAG vehicles.

Restore air fuel ratio

Turbo Cleaner
Published:  19 March, 2013

This Turbo Cleaner has been designed to thoroughly clean out turbochargers of oil, soot, lacquer and tar deposits which get left behind from the stream of hot and dirty exhaust gases.

One for tricky brake jobs

Brake pipe flaring kit
Published:  18 March, 2013

A brake pipe flaring kit from J&S Products features a hydraulic power unit to produce single and double SAE and DIN flares to make the trickiest brake jobs easier to complete. The kit can be used either on or off the vehicle and is supplied with three dies which will fit most vehicles you come across.

Loosen up

Professional range of maintenance products
Published:  15 March, 2013

The XCP professional range of maintenance products used by AA patrols is now available to workshops through Unipart Automotive. XCP One can be used for many tasks and is particularly useful for releasing rusted and seized parts. Rust Blocker and other lubricants are also available.

Diagnostic tools on offer

Over 400 products are offered at discounted prices
Published:  14 March, 2013

Over 400 products are offered at discounted prices within Sealey's current vehicle service promotion which runs until May 31. Many products are new and are offered with free items.

Tyre bay tool

Cordless Impactool
Published:  13 March, 2013

A ½" 20V Cordless Impactool has 780 lb-ft of maximum torque tool and 1,100 ft-lb nut busting torque and is available from Ingersoll. The compact impact wrench is designed to complete high torque tasks much quicker. It is supplied on its own or in a kit with a universal charger, two batteries and a blow moulded case.

Hybrid multimeter

Hybrid multimeter
Published:  12 March, 2013

An OTC 1,000V hybrid multimeter has an insulation test feature to check for voltage leaks on hybrid and electric vehicles. The kit includes heavy duty Class III test leads with alligator clips, short lead, K Type temperature adapter and manual. Features include true RMS, data hold, diode test and continuity buzzer.

Provide tyre pressure service

Diagnostic tool
Published:  08 March, 2013

The MaxiTPMS series of diagnostic tools from Autel offers technicians a range of functionality when working on Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems.

Speedy 3D alignment

Next generation of 3D wheel aligners
Published:  07 March, 2013

The next generation of 3D wheel aligners have been announced by Hofmann. The new Geoliner 670 Gen 4 and Geoliner 680 Gen 4 aligners run on its icon-based Pro42 software which provides all required functions through a one-touch programme, speeding up alignment and making it a very simple process.

Free brake cleaner

Brake pads
Published:  06 March, 2013

After introducing Padtech brake pads to market, Autoparts now stocks more than 100 fast moving brake disc references. Disctech brake discs are supplied with a 12 month/12,000 miles 'no quibble' guarantee and the parts are analysed for chemical composition, strength, hardness and microstructure.

Clamps and pegs

Kits for removing and installing Generation 2 wheel bearings
Published:  05 March, 2013

A range of kits from Tool Connection have been created to make light work of removing and installing Generation 2 wheel bearings which can't be separated from the drive flange assembly.

Tool up for the future of servicing

Wi-fi diagnostic tool
Published:  01 March, 2013

This wi-fi diagnostic tool from Varta allows you to test Start-Stop systems and replace the battery and has been developed by Johnson Controls as part of the Varta Start-Stop Service Programme. The tool identifies the battery type and tells the technician where it is. The EOBD interface provides visual steps to replace the battery on the touch screen display. It can be used to test the battery, delete error codes and read vehicle data.

Service kits

Wheel bearings and wheel hubs
Published:  28 February, 2013

More than 400 of the most popular European and Asian applications are covered by Meyle's expanding range of wheel bearings and wheel hubs.

Keep hold of plugs

Universal joint magnetic spark plug socket
Published:  27 February, 2013

The team at J&S Products reckon you'll never drop a spark plug again once you start using the universal joint magnetic spark plug socket, no matter how awkward the access is to it. The head of the tool swivels 360º and can be used at any angle and the magnetic head is said to hold firmly onto the plug. The tool is capable of high torque rates and compatible with most standard breaker bars.

Bulb gets a touch of bling

A gold limited edition bulb
Published:  26 February, 2013

A gold limited edition of Osram's Night Breaker Plus bulb has been created to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the range, which features a 24 carat gold tip and whiter light. Each duo box pack also has a unique code which can be entered into an online raffle to win Amazon vouchers.

A smarter charge

Smart charger range
Published:  22 February, 2013

The new Smart charger range from Yuasa comprises five models to solve a variety of issues such as stratified and deeply discharged cells, maintenance charging, charging during cold weather and AGM units.

Brand new heavies

A range of ECE R-90 approved brake pads for the CV market
Published:  21 February, 2013

A range of ECE R-90 approved brake pads for the CV market has been added to the TTC programme, which is part of the Unipart Group. It covers the Mercedes Sprinter, Renault Master, Ford Transit, Iveco Daily, Vauxhall Movano and VW Crafter models. Pads are supplied with accessories in a robust box to prevent damage in transit. The E11 number, part number and batch code are marked on the backing plate for full traceability. TTC also has a large range of LCV brake discs covering the majority of the European vehicle parc.

Longer life guarantee

Brake disc references
Published:  20 February, 2013

Over 125 brake disc references and 100 new brake pad references for Toyota, Suzuki, Lexus and Honda vehicles were recently added to Meyle's Asian Line of spares. Its steering and suspension line has been joined by a newly designed control arm for the Honda Civic VIII which is backed by a four year warranty. The Meyle HD control arm has been re-engineered to provide a longer service life - the ball head diameter has been increased to strengthen the ball joint and a more rugged rubber bushing design reinforces the rubber to metal bond. A wide range of HD stabiliser links are also offered. The Asian Line also includes filters. Additional references will be added over the coming months.

Prevent data loss

OBD Memory Saver
Published:  19 February, 2013

The GYSPack OBD Memory Saver connects to the OBD port and provides a secure power supply when replacing the battery so no settings or data from the vehicle's systems are lost. Its powerful internal 7Ah AGM battery can maintain electronic systems for many hours without the need for recharging and a charge indicator light displays the state of charge. An external mains charger is supplied for speedy recharging.

Tool promotion

Big Price Chill promotion
Published:  18 February, 2013

SIP Industrial Products has announced details of its Big Price Chill promotion. More than 350 savings are available including launch price offers on its new Italian-made trade range of professional propane heaters. There is also a special winter promotion showcasing 80 of the best sellers from the Force Tools range, which runs until March 31st. The Force Tools promotion includes a collection of tools specially designed for the automotive trade such as wrench sets, screwdriver sets, assembled drawer sets designed to fit tool chests and plier and torque wrench sets.

The new Technique

Professional tyre changer
Published:  15 February, 2013

The Technique T2520 Professional tyre changer and T2100-2 Computerised Wheel Balancer head up the range of wheel servicing equipment from Trade garage Equipment. The automatic tyre changer features 'lever less' operation to avoid damaging expensive wheels and also reduces the stress to the machine and user. Instead, a push button-controlled 'finger' picks up the tyre and removes it from the rim. It consists of an air-operated tilt back column and a pneumatically operated robotic 'assist' arm to tackle difficult or stiff low profile and run-flat tyres. The T2520 has a turntable clamping capacity up to 26" diameter. The Tw100-2 wheel balancer can handle wheels up to 21" wide and 37" in diameter. It features twin displays, automatic data input via an automatic measuring arm and a range of programmes including behind spoke balancing and sensitivity down to one gram.

Sleek storage

Range of roller cabinet based tool kits
Published:  14 February, 2013

Britool Expert has re-designed its range of roller cabinet based tool kits. The tool kits maximise the use of modular tool packaging which fit securely in the drawers of the cabinets. A drawer will hold on average three modules with moulded spaces for each tool, making tool location simple and fast. The modules are also available as stand-alone products offering an alternative to traditional storage solutions.

All new, all makes range

An all-makes steering and suspension programme
Published:  13 February, 2013

An all-makes steering and suspension programme has just been introduced by Comline to complement its existing range of parts. The range at present focuses on control arms and stabiliser links with ball joints, suspension bushes, tie rods and tie rod ends to follow shortly. A total of 274 part numbers are stocked which covers 90% of applications. Its European factories produce parts for both OE and replacement markets and a series of tests are administered including full tension compression, life performance and an optical and contour scan. Comline's sales and marketing director, Malcolm Rosher, explains: "Quality is paramount as steering and suspension parts are safety critical. Our product development and quality departments have spent the past two years conducting a thorough investigation to ensure only the highest quality components make it into a Comline box."


A workshop catalogue from Ring Automotive
Published:  12 February, 2013

A workshop catalogue from Ring Automotive has been produced to make it easier to find the right product for the job. An inspection lamp guide shows you at a glance the various features each lamp has - whether you need high power, virtually unbreakable, multi positioning or high visibility lights - there should be a lamp to suit. It also has UV inspection dyes to help find faults within the aircon and cooling system and dyes to locate fuel and oil leaks. There is also a selection of borescope inspection cameras, battery testers, jump starters and booster cables.

Made in Britain

UK manufactured Padtech brake pads
Published:  11 February, 2013

UK manufactured Padtech brake pads are now exclusively available from distributor Autoparts. The brake pads feature an 'anti-squeal' coating to reduce noise and have undergone rigorous tests including density, strength, friction, OE dynamometer and compression tests. The Padtech range has in excess of 1,300 references, covering all makes of vehicle and are listed via the MAM Software cataloguing system AutoCat

Milestone for clutch range

ACDelco's clutch range which now exceeds 1,000
Published:  07 February, 2013

A further ten parts join ACDelco's clutch range which now exceeds 1,000 in total. Four complete clutch kits cover models of the Renault Megane and Scenic, Vauxhall Astra/Corsa 1.3 CDTi 75 and 90 HP models, and the Toyota Yaris MKS. Three service kits, a CSC kit for the Chevrolet Lacetti and solid flywheel conversion kits for Ford/Seat and VW MPV models are also available, as well as kits for the Audi A4, A6 and VW Passat. Each kit is backed by a 24 month unlimited mileage warranty.

Texa trade in

At least £400 is offered to readers when you trade in any air con charging unit
Published:  06 February, 2013

At least £400 is offered to readers when you trade in any air con charging unit (working or not) and purchase Texa's entry level 710R R134a machine from Javac UK. The 710R is fully automatic and has car, van, truck and agricultural databases and the option to create your own. The unit provides leak detection, electronic refrigerant weighing and automatic timed oil and UV tracer injection. Every charge performed is recorded by the printer and can be downloaded to a PC. A two year warranty and training are provided with the machine.

Safe pair of hands

A range of work gloves
Published:  05 February, 2013

A range of work gloves from Mac Tools are available to ensure hands are protected in various conditions. The Fast Fit glove is designed for light, regular use and has an elastic cuff so you can pull them off quickly. Synthetic leather is used over the palm and around to the thumb and index finger for protection and to reduce wear. A wicking material draws moisture away from the skin. The Cold Weather glove has an insulated lining and is ideal for mobile mechanics and those working in chilly workshops. Leather panels on the palm and fingertips reduce wear and an accordion stretch panel across the knuckle provides impact protection. These gloves and more are available from regional Mac Tools mobile distributors.

A unique offer

MOT equipment that creates modular product groups
Published:  04 February, 2013

GETECH manufacture MOT equipment and try to create modular product groups when possible so customers can purchase one item, such as a brake tester, to begin with and expand in the future if need be to a one-person ATL. Further upgrades are then available to facilitate motorcycle testing if required. The firm believes it has something to offer which is rather unique - it provides a non-PC based ATL, which it says has many benefits to users even if, on first appearance, it seems like a step backwards! Like in the case of its brake tester, all calculations are made internally by the brake tester and not externally on an 'office spec' PC, which is vulnerable to crashes and hard drive failures. No console is needed on the workshop floor - a display can be wall-mounted in the best place, if it needs to connect to a secondary PC system, this can be done via Bluetooth. This philosophy has been used for its MOT system which utilises a standalone combined emissions analyser with an on-board PLC (Power Line Carrier).

Charged and ready to go

The BAT 131 from Bosch
Published:  01 February, 2013

The BAT 131 from Bosch is suitable for testing 6V and 12V lead acid, gel and AGM batteries. It features a load-free test facility and the cold cranking current can be set between 100 and 2,000. Furthermore, the menu can be set to a choice of 20 different languages. In addition, Bosch offers a VSE 1 course that provides delegates with a working knowledge of the test procedures involved in vehicle electrical system and circuit fault diagnosis. Topics covered include electrical properties and values, procedures with test equipment and battery technology, amongst others.

One box has it all

A range of pre-assembled brake shoes
Published:  31 January, 2013

A range of pre-assembled brake shoes are provided in the Borg & Beck range from First Line, each comprising two pre-assembled shoes, two wheel cylinders, a hold down kit (springs and pins) and a sachet of grease. Having all the key components in one box reduces installation time and having only one reference number to deal with saves time when ordering the parts. The programme holds 97 part numbers, covering all major applications.

Diesel power

Diesel Performance product claims to enhance a vehicle's performance
Published:  30 January, 2013

The Tunit Diesel Performance product claims to enhance a vehicle's performance, improve fuel economy and reduce harmful emissions - without altering the vehicle's original equipment or programming. On average, users have seen an improvement of around 10% in fuel economy and up to 27% reduction in emissions. It comes supplied with original manufacturer's plugs and connections and can be installed within 30 minutes.

Quick charge

Clear information when charging batteries
Published:  28 January, 2013

The SpeedCharge from Schumacher provides the user with clear information when charging batteries. A monitoring programme enables the charger to apply the maximum charge to minimise the time taken to correctly charge AGM Start-Stop, calcium, SLA and leisure batteries. The device also features a de-sulphation programme to help maximise the capacity of the battery.

Take control of your test lane

Sun DGA 2500 Combi Gas Analyser
Published:  25 January, 2013

The Sun DGA 2500 Combi Gas Analyser from Snap-on Equipment is available as a standalone petrol gas analyser or as a combined unit with a wireless diesel smoke meter, a wireless RPM and oil temperature measure also feature. It's easy to use thanks to Window-based software and clear information is displayed to the user on a large 22" flat-screen monitor - a laser jet printer is provided to make hard copies of test results and customer information can also be stored. The unit can be used as the central control unit for your ATL test lane. Snap-on Equipment provides a wide range of MOT and ATL options from 4-post lifts, brake testers to pit options.

Made in Britain

Brake pads feature anti-squeal coating
Published:  23 January, 2013

UK manufactured Padtech brake pads are now exclusively available from distributor Autoparts. The brake pads feature an 'anti-squeal' coating to reduce noise and have undergone rigorous tests including density, strength, friction, OE dynamometer and compression tests.

Removal tool

Tool to aid removal of seized and inaccessible diesel injector copper-sealing washers
Published:  22 January, 2013

A new Laser Tool has been introduced to aid removal of seized and inaccessible diesel injector copper-sealing washers. The Laser Diesel Seal Puller, available from Tool Connection, features a tapered and threaded end that screws into the copper seal to grip then is tapped up with the built-in hammer, removing the copper seal.

Value for money

MasterPRO trade price guide
Published:  21 January, 2013

A MasterPRO trade price guide is now available from Euro Car Parts, comprising 16 pages stuffed full of essential workshop kit and tools. You will find everything from ratchets, sockets and lifts to service tools, diagnostic kit and specialist tools. ECP is confident the range provides workshops with quality tools at a price that will not break the bank.

Two-post joins the ranks

A new two-post joins the Sun brand of lifts from Snap-on Diagnostics
Published:  18 January, 2013

The SVL 35 has a 3.5 tonne capacity so can accommodate small cars to commercial vehicles and everything in between. The electro-hydraulic twin ram lift can be recessed or surface mounted and features an automatic arm locking device, dead man controls and foot guards. It comes supplied with 60mm lift pad extensions. It features four three-stage arms which can be adjusted to suit with lifting and lowering times standing at just 45 seconds. A hydraulic jacking beam is optional.

Exclusive pulleys

Range of OE quality clutch pulleys
Published:  17 January, 2013

Sovereign Rotating Machines now has the exclusive rights to supply a range of OE quality clutch pulleys. This move is complemented by the addition of 150 references comprising both overrunning alternator pulleys (OAP) and overrunning alternator decouplers (OAD). The pulleys have been tested to original equipment specifications, including durability test at high temperatures and speed, as well as an endurance reliability test of more than 160,000 cycles, says the company. The zinc-nickel plated pulleys are sold under the WAI brand.


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