Air in your system

Diesel Bleeding and Primer kit
Published:  06 March, 2012

IT can take some time to purge a diesel fuel system of air, especially if there's no self-bleeding system but help is at hand with the Diesel Bleeding/Primer kit from Laser Tools. It comes with six connectors, covering Ford, PSA, Fiat, Rover, Renault, Land Rover and Mercedes-Benz. The hand pump is used until clear fuel is seen in the clear exit pipe. If it proves difficult to purge, a bleed valve is included in the kit enabling the air to be bled off.

Curved blades

Tetrosyl's Curved wiper blades
Published:  05 March, 2012

Bluecol Aero-Flex wiper blades include retro fit fitment adaptors, suitable for use on over 96% of vehicles on the road. The blades are designed to follow the curved shape of vehicle windscreens and are designed to reduce juddering and wiper squeak.

Flameless cold heat

Safe way to blowtorch seized nuts
Published:  02 March, 2012

Taking a naked flame to seized nuts is not the safest thing to attempt in the workshop which is why the Inductor product range has been introduced to the market - a flameless cold heat which produces results with no collateral damage! The Mini-Ductor II is a 1Kw handheld unit and the Pro-Max is a 2Kw trolley or bench-mounted inverter; both run off 230V power.

In the dark

Auto darkening visor
Published:  01 March, 2012

Two welding helmets with auto darkening features join GYS. The Master LCD 11 and Master 9 - 13 LCD automatically switch from clear to dark as soon as the arc is formed and returns to clear when the arc stops.

Diagnostic tools

Hybrid testing tool
Published:  29 February, 2012

This wireless hybrid tester, the Bosch FSA 050, is now available through Euro Car Parts branches and allows techs to perform all sorts of diagnostic tasks on hybrid and electric vehicles.

Mobile parts cleaner

Handy compact cleaner
Published:  28 February, 2012

This bench-top parts cleaner from Rozone heats a water-based cleaning fluid to 40ºC where microbes break down oil and grease and the fluid is then recycled - reducing hazardous waste disposal and removing the requirement of a monthly service contract.

Get more from your mobile

Access information from your phone
Published:  27 February, 2012

If your mobile connects to the web you can use it to access a range of helpful information while in the workshop. Blue Print Mobile has just been announced, linking to technical information, new product bulletins and its VRM led technical data and parts catalogue system, AutoVista. Links to its G-Scan tool can also be found as well as technical tips and competitions you can take part in.

Green with filters

Better flow from range expansion
Published:  22 February, 2012

AIR filters for the Renault Megane III RS, Seat Exeo, Skoda Octavia II, Toyota IQ 1.4 and VW Transporter T5 are the latest additions from Green Filters.

Flexible heads

Six micro torque wrenches from Facom
Published:  21 February, 2012

A range of six micrometer torque wrenches are available from Facom; four with fixed ratcheting heads and two with flexible heads. All feature Nm and inch-pound scales and are available in a variety of lengths. The tools make light work of tightening cylinder head bolts or replacing an alloy wheel. When the set torque is reached when tightening, a click noise sounds and tension is automatically releases to prevent over-tightening.

A tool with bite

Bearing separator
Published:  20 February, 2012

A bearing separator from Frost comprises forged separators with knife edges which minimise damage to parts and have a range between 25 and 60mm. The tool removes gears, bearings, bearings cones, bushes and similar parts from shafts where ordinary puller jaws will not reach.

Cool new products

Denso expands cooling range
Published:  17 February, 2012

THE 2012 collection of engine cooling products from Denso says it delivers world-class heat exchange technologies direct to the aftermarket, in the form of intercoolers, radiators, condensers, heater cores, fans and oil coolers. The catalogue debuts 80 new condenser part numbers for applications including Audi, Citroen, Ford and Honda. Ten new parts join the intercooler range and 200 part numbers extend its radiator range.

Big Brands

Published:  17 February, 2012

The braking range from CES has grown and includes over 16,000 brake discs and 13,000 brake pads, covering the cast majority of car makes and models. The Chester-based distributor has added over 300 part numbers in the past six months and brands available include Delphi, Bosch, Blue Print, Apec, Brake Engineering and ATE.

Get your bearings

Four new part numbers join the FAG wheel bearings range from Schaeffler
Published:  16 February, 2012

Four new part numbers, covering more than 93,000 vehicles, join the FAG wheel bearings range from Schaeffler. A generation 1 bearing (front) covers models such as Vauxhall Meriva II variants and Gen 3 front and rear bearings will fit vehicles including the Suzuki Grand Vitara and Renault Clio Grandtour.

A choice of spring

140 new coil spring references
Published:  15 February, 2012

More than 140 new coil spring references and 59 updated part numbers feature within the 2012 KYB catalogue, giving 2,300 references in total.

DPF diagnostics

Published:  14 February, 2012

A diesel particulate filter diagnostics tool enables you to regenerate the DPF, reset the EOLYS additive light, check for DPF fault codes and perform a filter replacement and static regeneration, without the need for main dealer involvement.

Mobile charging unit

An advanced battery charging system from Snap-on Tools
Published:  13 February, 2012

An advanced battery charging system from Snap-on Tools has a 300 amp engine starting power and is adaptive, with different charging cycles for each type of battery, whether its standard, deep-cycle, AGM of Gel Cell. The mobile battery charger charges 6, 12 and 24 volt batteries with 4, 15 and 60 amp charging rates.

Cold starts

Cold start performance with fast heat-up
Published:  10 February, 2012

Extended post-heating, ceramic and instant heating plug technologies can be found within the Denso range of glow plugs. Benefits of which include excellent cold start performance with fast heat-up from as little as two seconds and extended post-heat temperatures of up to six minutes.

OE brakes for independents

Textar brake discs from TMD Friction
Published:  03 February, 2012

A new line of coated and composite brake discs that are OE identical and previously unavailable outside of OES channels, are now available from TMD Friction. The OE range complements the original Textar brake pad range and provides for all vehicle types.

Upgrade test lanes with no fuss

MOT Lift from Ravaglioli
Published:  30 January, 2012

An existing standard test lane  can be upgraded to a one person test lane or automated one by using the 4400.3 MOT lift from Ravaglioli, which is designed to fit perfectly into an existing MOT recess or pit, approximately 130mm deep. The lift has a 4,000Kg capacity and 4,460mm long platforms.

Catlock keeps thieves at bay

Anti-theft device
Published:  23 January, 2012

A couple of months ago we looked at the rising problem of catalytic converter theft and bemoaned the lack of products to help prevent it. The problem is getting worse too - last month, we heard of one company in the aftermarket that had its vans targeted... Ironically, the firm is in the business of supplying exhaust components.

Sensor-ble behaviour

Sensors from Valeo
Published:  20 January, 2012

A new range of fast moving OE sensors have joined Valeo's catalogue providing 20 references, including speed, knock, camshaft, oil pressure and air intake temperature.

Prevention cheaper than cure

Fuel additives
Published:  16 January, 2012

The use of fuel additives can save your customers money on expensive repairs and provide you with an additional service to motorists without additional expense.

Sensor test

Addition to range
Published:  13 January, 2012

One hundred references join the Sensors range of engine management components and include new cam and crank sensors, manifold pressure sensors and Mass Air Flow sensors.

Smart software

Upgrade from Snap-on
Published:  09 January, 2012

The latest software upgrade for the Snap-on brand of diagnostic tools provides users with nearly 20% more vehicle coverage than the previous software and now completely covers SMART vehicles.

Hybrid servicing

ESI and KTS from Bosch
Published:  06 January, 2012

Hybrid vehicles are starting to enter the independent's workshop doors so if you haven't done so already, it's time to take a look at the equipment out there that you'll need to service a hybrid safely and effectively.

Testing CAN

CAN test box from Pico
Published:  19 December, 2011

This CAN test box gives you easy access to the 16 pins of the diagnostic connector which, depending on the configuration of the vehicle, allows you to check power, ground and the CAN Bus signal.

Clamps and targets make life easier

Hunter HawkEye Elite TD from Pro-Align
Published:  16 December, 2011

A full set of measurement results is said to be delivered in just 90 seconds with the revised Hunter HawkEye Elite TD from Pro-Align.

Very nice to meter

Multimeter tools from Facom
Published:  02 December, 2011

A range of multimeters join the Facom range of tools. The Automobile Multimeter carries out diode and continuity tests, cyclic reports, measures cam angles and internal battery resistance.

A boost in bearings

Bearing catalogue from First Line
Published:  18 November, 2011

The 2011/12 First Line wheel bearing catalogue is now out and contains individual bearings, kits and 14 complete brake disc and wheel bearing assemblies. A further 148 new to range additions have been made.

Coolant exchanger

Coolant exchanger from Autoclimate
Published:  11 November, 2011

This compressed air-powered machine is a coolant exchanger and system checker which handles antifreeze replacement, recommended every five or six years. The Vacufill from Autoclimate is also suitable for bodyshops where thorough testing of the cooling system is required before refilling.

Sweet smelling cabin

Cabin purifier from Valeo
Published:  04 November, 2011

This cabin purifier not only makes the cabin smell that bit nicer but also gets rid of lurking bacteria.

Suspension parts from SKF

Price reduction this month
Published:  31 October, 2011

Technicians have been encouraged by SKF to replace upper suspension components at the same time as a vehicle strut replacement for economy and safety reasons and now there's even more incentive to do so with a 10% discount in place on all suspension products sold in October - so get your skates on readers!

micronAir filter catalogue from Corteco

Cabin air filters
Published:  28 October, 2011

The micronAir cabin air filter catalogue from Corteco has come to town and features 600 models for more than 900 vehicle types, providing coverage for over 95% of the UK car parc.

Powerful start

Plug catalogue from Denso
Published:  21 October, 2011

The latest spark and glow plug catalogue from Denso contains 50 new spark plug applications including the Honda CR-Z, Kia Soul and Skoda Roomster.

Diagnostics courses

Courses from AK Automotive
Published:  20 October, 2011

Improve your first-time fix rate when electrical fault finding by taking one of AK Automotive's one or two-day course this winter.

Maximum contact

Champion wiper blades from Federal-Mogul
Published:  19 October, 2011

Five new parts join the Champion Contact flat wiper blade range from Federal-Mogul and cover popular Volkswagen vehicles fitted with Fed Mog blades as OE.

Kits provide extended warranty

Timing belt kits from Dayco
Published:  14 October, 2011

Since the launch of Dayco Aftermarket in March, the popularity of its timing belt kits has grown substantially.

Forget snow shoes you need snocks!

Snocks from Automotive Wheels
Published:  07 October, 2011

If we have a repeat of last winter's conditions then we could all do with some snow socks or 'snocks', according to Automotive Wheels.

Bearing up

Bearings from Schaeffler
Published:  06 October, 2011

New front bearings are available for Vauxhall's Meriva 1.3CDTi, 1.5, 1.7CDTi released Jun 2010 onwards, from Schaeffler.

New pong hits the screen

Fruity screenwash from Car Plan
Published:  05 October, 2011

Here's a way of letting the car leaving your service bay smell a little sweeter.

More lambda sensors

Lambda sensors from DENSO
Published:  04 October, 2011

OE and aftermarket manufacturer, Denso has introduced scores more sensors to its aftermarket line - most of which are not covered by other OE suppliers, according to the firm.

Material world

Micro-V XF range of belts from Gates
Published:  03 October, 2011

The Micro-V XF range of belts available from Gates has been boosted by a further 17 references, taking the total to more than 660 which covers 98% of the UK car parc.

Low current drain

Low voltage disconnect unit from DMS Technologies
Published:  30 September, 2011

This 24V low voltage disconnect unit is a low power device which protects batteries from damage and helps extend battery life.  A 12V version is also available.

Everything starts with an E-mark

Osram bulb warning
Published:  29 September, 2011

Bulb maker Osram has warned that inadequate bulbs could fail the MOT due to not giving a 'good beam pattern'.

DMF for Vauxhall

Range expansion from LuK
Published:  28 September, 2011

New to range additions from LuK include eight cylinders, 17 dual mass flywheels and eight new Rep Set kits.

Equipment backed by experience

Kit from Boston
Published:  27 September, 2011

The Boston range of equipment benefits from 36 years of MOT experience and features include automatic software updates, optional VRM look up and immediate remote assistance. Lifts exceed ATL load, platform length and width criteria and its brake testers are designed to be quick, safe and easy to use.

Third gen circuit tester

Power probe circuit tester
Published:  26 September, 2011

The third generation Power Probe is a 12 to 24 Volt circuit tester created to promote fast and accurate electrical systems diagnosis. The tool features a voltmeter, test light, integrated flashlight, short circuit indicator, relay/component tester, three level continuity tester and bad ground indicator.

From diagnostics to air con

Air con service programme from Launch UK
Published:  23 September, 2011

An air conditioning service programme is now available from Launch UK, providing essential equipment, tools, consumables and training to get you up to speed in this lucrative service.

Handy light

Work light from PCL
Published:  22 September, 2011

A multifunctional work light from PCL features a 24 watt high intensity output LED that never gets hot and lasts 100,000 hours.

Rack end gaiter kit

Rack end gaiter kit from First Line
Published:  21 September, 2011

Traditionally, rack ends are sold in singles and gaiters in pairs, which can lead to many workshops being cluttered up with gaiters.


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