Unique lift raises the bar

Boston claims 6-tonne lift is Europe's most advanced
Published:  27 August, 2010

Boston has launched its B461 4-post lift onto the market with the bold claim that it's Europe's most advanced. The company says the 6-tonne unit offers several unique features. It comes in 6.1 and 5.75 metre platforms of 630mm width.

Latest lube spec. is vital

Technicians miss importance of oil specifications, warns boss
Published:  27 August, 2010

Millers Oils account manager Dave Mott says many technicians may still be missing a trick when it comes to the latest lubricants. "It is unfortunately still the case that many in the trade don't yet fully appreciate the necessity for using very specific products when it comes to servicing later model vehicles," he said. "Most new cars produced from around 2002 now require full-synthetic low SAPS (Sulphated Ash, Phosphorous and Sulphur) oils to run efficiently, and the damage of using older, less sophisticated products can be costly."

Brake drum kit addition

Pre-mounted drum kits from Global Braking Systems
Published:  27 August, 2010

A complete range of Cifam pre-mounted brake drum kits have been added to Global Braking Systems' hydraulics programme, with over 175 references in stock.

Disc refurb is the answer

Pro-Cut highlights benefits of refurbishment
Published:  20 August, 2010

Anything that involves chucking less stuff in the bin is all the rage these days. So the chance to refurbish brake discs rather than simply replacing them is very much in fashion.

Changes filter through

Reisse warns on dangers of oil filter neglect
Published:  20 August, 2010

rong>Filter company Reisse is urging mechanics not to neglect regular oil filter changes. The firm is stressing the importance of regular filter changes at the same time as standard oil changes.

ECP offers sales booster

Free display stands from Euro Car Parts
Published:  20 August, 2010

Euro Car Parts says that it offers consistent availability of the best brands at the most competitive prices and to help its customers increase sales, it provides more than 1,500 free display stands and 1,000 battery booster packs against specified volume purchases. It distributes premium OE brands such as Exide and Bosch and also stocks the LION brand.

Bigger better brochure

Diagnostics brochure from Alba Diagnostics
Published:  20 August, 2010

rong>Two new versions of Alba’s popular brake fluid tester, a lower priced unit that switches off at 200 deg C and the ALB1200 tester which includes a printer, are included in its new diagnostics brochure.

Luxury? Standox deliver

Standox gets Aston Martin seal of approval
Published:  20 August, 2010

Aston Martin has appointed Standox as a preferred supplier of paint refinish materials and services to its body repair programme.

Winning brake promo.

TRW drives on with disc brake expansion
Published:  13 August, 2010

TRW was just one of the companies celebrating the World Cup with a football-themed promotion running throughout the competition. Participating TRW distributors gave away flags, caps and novelty goodies as part of the promotion for its braking range.

Batteries make a stand

New retail concept from Exide
Published:  13 August, 2010

rong>A new retail concept from Exide based on a good, better and best sales approach aims to empower consumers to select between Classic, Excell and Premium options and boost gross margins up to 70%.

Snap-py software download

10.2 software from Snap-on
Published:  13 August, 2010

The new 10.2 software download is now available for its group of hand-held diagnostic tools, containing 73% more information that the 8.2 version back in 2008.

Tools for tricky oil jobs

Oil seal tools from Laser
Published:  13 August, 2010

Those of you who have replaced an oil seal on the crankshaft of a Volkswagen or Audi engine will know it can be a tad tricky as the flywheel-end oil seal is integral with the housing and engine speed sensor, so the whole assembly needs replacing.

Remy pulls out all the stops

Remy enhances brake caliper choice
Published:  13 August, 2010

Parts remanufacturer Remy has announced the addition of 288 new part references to its brake caliper range, increasing the overall range to 3,300 part numbers.

'Scot a lot to offer, this tool

RW Motortec brings Autobook to Scotland
Published:  06 August, 2010

The latest Launch tool is available now from Stirling-based diagnostic firm RW Motortec. As explained in the last issue of Aftermarket, the Autobook tool is a slimmed-down, easy to use version of the standard Launch X431 unit.

Brake with tradition trade in

£50 trade-in from Bowmonk
Published:  06 August, 2010

Trade in your old Tapley or Bowmonk mechanical decelerometer and Bowmonk will give you £50 towards a new BrakeCheck electronic brake meter, approved for all classes of vehicles including I and II.

Diesel plug range increase

NGK expands glow plug choice
Published:  06 August, 2010

A choice of three OE glow plugs have been launched into the aftermarket by NGK.

For a 'mix and matt' finish

Special matt additive from Standox
Published:  06 August, 2010

If you've experienced problems when making repairs to matt or silk paint finishes then you are not alone and the new 2K special matt additive from Standox could signal the end of your worries.

Like a breath of fresh air

Liqui Moly air con treatment banishes bad odour
Published:  06 August, 2010

rong>The Klima Fresh treatment from Liqui Moly is another of the numerous air con treatments on the market.

Charge ahead with Manbat

How to boost profit and retain reputation
Published:  30 July, 2010

Manbat says that far too often, when a battery needs to be replaced during a repair people tend to source the cheapest like-for-like replacement in order to maximise profit. We're sure Aftermarket readers are aware of the implications but in case you need to be reminded of the consequences...

Aligner two about Boss kit

A890 wheel aligner from Autoboss
Published:  30 July, 2010

Autoboss reckons it has can provide fast, easy and stress-free wheel alignment with its new remote control wheel aligner.

Sparky cat. glows with the flow

Latest ignition technology from NGK
Published:  30 July, 2010

NGKs full range of spark plugs and diesel glow plugs for both passenger cars and LCVs can be found in the 2010 NGK catalogue.

Extra air parts filter through

Denso enhances cabin air filters choice
Published:  30 July, 2010

Denso has expanded its choice of Cabin Air Filters (CAFs) in a bid to meet peak demand over the summer months. The company added a number of new Toyota and Lexus CAFs last year. Now, it has boosted the choice with 37 references covering an extra 80 applications.

BHP increase for BMW

Superchips taps into BMW power
Published:  30 July, 2010

The latest performance enhancement from Superchips is a dealer-fit ECU remap which supposedly increases performance on the 135i model by 49 bhp.

Floored by fab tile system

PVC Flooring system from TilePlans
Published:  23 July, 2010

Workshop floors have a tough time of it, being exposed to oils and chemicals and the hectic life of a busy workshop but this flooring system from TilePlans steps up to the challenge.

Injector some life into parts

Piezo and common rail injectors from Bosch
Published:  22 July, 2010

The Bosch eXchange programme provides a cost-effective alternative to new parts without comprising quality or guarantees and now includes new Piezo injector and common rail injectors. A total of 15 Piezo injectors for the likes of Audi, BMW and Peugeot can be found.

On course for air con skills

F-Gas training from Texa
Published:  21 July, 2010

For those of you who know your way around the air con system, Texa's one-day IMI award level 3 'automotive refrigerant handling course' will ensure you meet the refrigerant-handling legislation that has just come into force.

Mmmmm! Nice wheels!

Dezent RG Rim from Alcar
Published:  20 July, 2010

Dezent's new RG Rim available from Alcar has a classic Y-spoke design and features a glossy black detail against a lacquered face that the company thinks will look at home on a wide range of 4 and 5 stud Jap, Euro and tuner cars.

Efficient Eco tyre rolls on

GT Radial rolls on with Champiro comfort tyre
Published:  19 July, 2010

Tyre company GT Radial has launched the Champiro Eco tyre, in a bid to give drivers an added option for fuel-efficient motoring. The tyre uses what the company calls Nanotek Silica technology to produce low rolling resistance.

Gates drive over OAPs!

Gates adds OAPs to product range
Published:  16 July, 2010

Belts and drive systems company Gates is stocking its shelves with OAPs to help mechanics deliver reliable repairs to accessory belt drives (to avoid any confusion, that means a choice of DriveAlign Overrunning Alternator Pulleys - aka OAPs - and not an army of geriatric workers!).

Client kind? Join the club!

A club for customer-friendly independents
Published:  16 July, 2010

If you are a customer-focused independent garage owner then read on to see how service and repair network Autosafe has improved its range of member benefits in an attempt to get you on board.

Hawk pads put a stop to Type-R

Hawk HPS brake pads from Cambridge Motorsport
Published:  16 July, 2010

rong>Cambridge Motorsport Parts has released a braking upgrade for the Honda Civic Type-R. The Hawk HPS (High Performance Steel) pads are intended for fast road use and aim to give impressive stopping power with great resistance to brake fade.

Yuasa chance to win passes

Win VIP hospitality race tickets from Yuasa
Published:  16 July, 2010

If you sell or install Yuasa batteries, you could win VIP pit lane passes and enjoy hospitality with Yuasa and Team Honda Racing at the finale of the Dunlop British Touring Car Championship at Brands Hatch on Sunday 10th October.

Race to Titan your belt

Titan Race range from Fuchs Lubricants
Published:  16 July, 2010

rong>Track day enthusiasts and professional motorsport drivers may be interested to learn that the Silkolene Powersport brand of products which has been manufactured in the UK for years, has been taken on by Fuchs Lubricants and re-branded as the Titan Race range.

Like watching paint dry

Revo Light paint drying system from Tri-Sphere
Published:  09 July, 2010

rong>The Revo Light from Tri-Sphere, the entry-level model of the Revo 180, is a short-wave infrared paint drying system that is super energy-efficient. It uses no gas and because sensors guide the drying process, significant savings are also made on electricity.

"Simple" bleeding brake tool

Brake bleeder from Laser Tools
Published:  09 July, 2010

rong>For once, Aftermarket has found a product that even the manufacturer admits is not at the forefront of technology. Sometimes the simple things in life are the best and that’s what Laser Tools will be hoping for its latest brake bleeder.

I've started so I'll refinish

Farecla launches refinish product catalogue
Published:  09 July, 2010

Refinishing and consumables firm Farecla has published its latest catalogue, detailing its full product range together with additions from the Colad and Hamach brands.

Time to get with the program

Take part in key opportunity
Published:  09 July, 2010

Vehicle key programming specialists Hickleys, are holding evening events around the UK during August telling you everything you need to know about key programming, in order to add another string to your bow.

Smooth transition tape

Make masking easier with 3M's new trio
Published:  09 July, 2010

Three new items designed to make repair jobs quicker, easier and more cost-effective join the body shop range from 3M.

Lighten up with blue bulb

Osram delivers Xenarc Cool Blue bulb option
Published:  02 July, 2010

Lighting specialist Osram has unveiled its latest bulb in the form of the Xenarc Cool Blue Intense. The company hopes it will provide intensive illumination with cool design.

Like putty in your hand

Frank predicts putty approval trend
Published:  02 July, 2010

Spies Hecker has developed the Raderal Special Putty Set 2011 designed to cover welds, gaps and rivets on steel substrates.

Kit is the whole package

Febi pushes ProKit all-in-one repair solution
Published:  02 July, 2010

Parts firm Febi has upgraded its offer to workshops with the ProKit package - an all-in-one product packaging option designed to make repairs easier.

Tool to take advantage

Vantage PRO from Snap-on Tools
Published:  02 July, 2010

The family of hand-held diagnostic tools celebrates a new addition to its brood in the form of the Vantage PRO enhanced component test meter and scope.

Jack it all in with Sealey

Trolley Jacks from Sealey
Published:  02 July, 2010

rong>If it’s incredibly low minimum access you require from your trolley jack then take a look at the new line of Viking trolley jacks from Sealey.

Software update release

Software version 36 from Texa
Published:  25 June, 2010

Texa has just released version 36 of its IDC3 software for cars, which includes new wiring diagrams for various marques including Audi, BMW, Fiat, Ford, Peugeot, Seat, Volkswagen and VW.

ECP brings you to a halt

Pagid brake calipers from Euro Car Parts
Published:  25 June, 2010

rong>A comprehensive range of remanufactured Pagid brake calipers featuring brand new pistons and sliders are now supplied by Euro Car Parts. 

Compliant cats out of the bag

Fuel Parts maintains aggressive cat policy
Published:  25 June, 2010

As part of an aggressive expansion policy, Fuel Parts UK claims it is the only company offering a fully-approved Euro 4-compliant range of catalytic converters. The latest additions to its range include cats for the Fiat Bravo and Scudo from 2007 onwards together with the Volkswagen Eos from 2006 onwards.

Easier mountain your bike

Compact cycle carrier from Bosal
Published:  25 June, 2010

A few months ago, Aftermarket reported on the booming market for towbar installation work. Now, towbar manufacturer Bosal has come up with another potential aftermarket sales opportunity with its Compact bicycle carrier. The company claims there has been an explosion (not literally we hope, Ed) in the leisure cycling market. That means more people looking for ways to strap mountain bikes to their cars without breaking the law.

So let's get this straight

Ayce Systems offers alloy straightening solution
Published:  25 June, 2010

It looks like a horrible torture device but the latest product to roll out of Ayce Systems' headquarters is an alloy wheel-straightening machine. The number of scuffed and damaged alloys on the roads shows that wheels take a pounding on a daily basis (not helped by some people's inability to park without hitting the kerb). This product aims to correct the most severe cases of damage.

Werthers give EGS a lift

Euro Garage Solutions secures Werther lifting deal
Published:  18 June, 2010

Euro Garage Solutions (EGS) - the workshop equipment division of Euro Car Parts - has become the sole UK distributor of the Werther range of lifting equipment.

Cracking seal solution

Crack sealer offers exhaust system fix
Published:  18 June, 2010

rong>With motorists everywhere keen to save pennies, Agriemach has released an Exhaust System Joint & Crack Sealer to help cut repair costs.


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