Test tool gets an update

The new Multi-Tester Pro from Autodiagnos
Published:  09 June, 2009

rong>This tool aims to take off where the previous Multi-Tester Pro (MTP) leaves off, offering multi-brand diagnostics on a wide range of vehicles.

Versatile vacuum testing

Vacuum pump from Gunson
Published:  08 June, 2009

rong>This kit comes complete with vacuum testing and one-man brake bleed functions.

Wipe out garage grime

Big Wipes from Sycamore
Published:  05 June, 2009

rong>If you’re fed up of getting grotty in the workshop, these disposable wipes are a simple way to keep everything from your hands to your tools clean.

Striking silver selection

Automotive oils from Millers Oils
Published:  04 June, 2009

As part of plans to consolidate its position during 2009, Millers Oils has unveiled new-look silver packaging to replace its traditional black design

Help for hardy hoses

Laser Automotive hose remover from Tool Connection
Published:  03 June, 2009

This is one of the tools from the 'does what it says on the tin' school of product names.

A 'wheely' reliable option

Wheel Master equipment from Ranger Products
Published:  02 June, 2009

rong>The company claims its selection of tyre changers and wheel balancers offer a “robust and reliable” option for garages, complete with a team of installation and aftersales demonstration engineers.

Cool connector locator

CD3 air con module from Autodata
Published:  01 June, 2009

rong>This module puts additional repair information at your fingertips to take advantage of the growing market for air con service and repair work.

For the latest BMW bikes

Varta LF AGM batteries from Johnson Controls
Published:  29 May, 2009

rong>The company says its battery range now covers 98% cover of the UK’s two-wheeled market, including both sports and commuting bikes.

Focus on popular vehicles

Ford Focus II alternators from Remy Automotive
Published:  28 May, 2009

The remanufacturing company has unveiled new alternators for the Focus II and C-Max along with the Volvo S40 plus 1.6 and 2.0 diesel versions of the Mazda 3.

Improved testing option

Diesel Engine Compression Tester from Laser Tools
Published:  27 May, 2009

rong>Laser says that following the introduction of its common rail flow meter kit, it realised its diesel engine compression tester was lacking the latest dummy diesel injectors and glow plugs.

Increased driver comfort

Gates Torsional Vibration Dampers from FPS
Published:  26 May, 2009

rong>Distributor FPS now offers a full range of Gates DriveAlign dampers (also known as TVDs) thanks to its status as the sole distributor for Gates products in the UK.

A unique leather look

Roadster car mats from Unique Products
Published:  22 May, 2009

rong>As customers’ cars get older, they’ll want to spend more money keeping them looking younger (it seems to work in the cosmetics industry!). That’s the thinking from Unique Products behind its latest accessory range.

The latest diagnostic answers

Data system from Hella
Published:  21 May, 2009

rong>A technical database (Hella DDS 100) has been combined with a diagnostic interface, giving information and diagnostics for more than 45 vehicle makes and around 33,500 models.

Take care of turbo chargers

Titan GT1 SAE 5W-40 motor oil from Fuchs Lubricants
Published:  20 May, 2009

This oil was specially developed for vehicles with exhaust after treatment products and turbochargers.

Automatic charging option

WATTMATIC 100 battery charger from GYS
Published:  19 May, 2009

These bright 6/12V batter chargers will go down well with anyone looking for a yellow colour scheme in their garage!

Just the job for refinishing

Refinishing products from Farecla
Published:  18 May, 2009

rong>The surface finishing company is attempting to get ahead of its competitors with the claim that its products contain 25% more abrasives per litre than other leading brands.

Scooter seal of approval

Navigator TXB diagnostic module from Texa
Published:  15 May, 2009

rong>Texa recently signed an agreement with the Piaggio Group meaning all Piaggio, Vespa, Aprilia, Moto Guzzi and Gilera workshops around the world will begin using the Navigator TXB diagnostic tool.

For automatic efficiency

ACS 600 and 650 service units from Bosch
Published:  14 May, 2009

These fully-automated service units mean there's no need for manual shut-off valves, something Bosch says can prevent user errors and ensure work is safer and more effective.

Suspension jobs made easier

Universal C Clamp from Sykes-Pickavant
Published:  13 May, 2009

This clamp is designed for the recently-launched 878/879 series of press-and-pull sleeve kits for suspension bush removal and installation

Smarties have the answer!

Smart car wheels from Rimstock
Published:  12 May, 2009

rong>The new Smartie wheel from Rimstock’s Team Dynamics brand, coincides with a growing trend for smaller, more cost efficient cars.

Approved VW solution

Xstream G40 advanced OAT antifreeze and coolant from Comma
Published:  11 May, 2009

This coolant was originally developed to address the needs of large-engined vehicles, such as the V8 Audi, V10 Bentley and VW Touareg.

Speed up wheel alignment

STR200 wheel aligner from Supertracker
Published:  08 May, 2009

Supertracker has a comprehensive range of equipment, from a basic aligner to a fully-computerised unit with printing and customer database features.

Meet refrigerant regulations

Koolkare Blizzard QTech recycling centre from Snap-on Diagnostics
Published:  07 May, 2009

This automatic single-pass system removes air and moisture from the vehicle air con system while also checking for leaks

A touch of Italian style

Tonino Lamborghini Li-Ion screwdriver from Silverline Tools
Published:  06 May, 2009

rong>This elegant-looking tool comes with an LED work light built in so you’ll be able to keep a close eye on anything you’re working on, even in the darkest of spaces.

Petrol and diesel diagnostics

Compression testers from Facom
Published:  05 May, 2009

rong>Two new compression tester sets for petrol and diesel engines are out now, to eliminate the inaccuracy and hassle involved when using simple gauge-type compression testers.

Smart diagram selection

Electronics Smart Assistant from Vivid Automotive
Published:  04 May, 2009

rong>This electronic data module aims to help independents diagnose and repair vehicles fast.

Easier to use robust power

Lightweight ratchet from Laser
Published:  01 May, 2009

rong>Out now is a robust ratchet with rubber grip and lock-on function which now offers 72 mechanisms for a smoother action.

110-piece problem solver

Tap and die set from Tool Connection
Published:  30 April, 2009

rong>This comprehensive tool kit is made from tough alloy steel with split dies for precision threading jobs.

Idlers and tensioners extension

DriveAlign tensioners and idlers from Gates
Published:  29 April, 2009

rong>The timing belts specialist has made 67 additions to its tensioners and idlers range, which now covers 1,286 applications across 41 vehicle manufacturers.

Wireless workshop option

PC Max diagnostic tool from Autoboss
Published:  28 April, 2009

rong>This tool is a wireless PC-based version of the company’s V30 diagnostic unit.

For the latest car coverage

BMW software updates from Eclipse
Published:  27 April, 2009

Latest updates for the company's Testpod and Testpod Pro diagnostic tools include comprehensive information on new BMW models.

For efficient air delivery

SX screw compressors from HPC Compressed Air Systems
Published:  24 April, 2009

rong>The company has completely revamped its SX range of rotary screw compressors to give quieter, more efficient and more compact air delivery.

Toughness and strength

Titanium Wrap exhaust wrap from Agriemach
Published:  23 April, 2009

rong>A cooler air intake and, therefore, reduced under-bonnet temperatures are said to result from using this latest Titanium Wrap product on exhausts.

Make money out of thin air!

Trademaster T9100 air conditioning machine from The Trade Group
Published:  22 April, 2009

rong>As air con systems become virtually standard on new cars, the business benefits of offering air con servicing are growing too.

The power of six tools in one

The UNIProbe oscilloscope from Texa
Published:  21 April, 2009

rong>This tool combines a scope, battery probe, Tnet electrical tester and signal generator together with a multi-meter and pressure tester!

Speedier system testing

The 'Hugo' signal detector from Darwen Diesels
Published:  20 April, 2009

rong>Darwen has broken with convention and given this system tester a slightly posh sounding boy’s name!

Shop for lifts in comfort

5TC, 240E and 250E workshop lifts from GEG
Published:  17 April, 2009

rong>The Garage Equipment Group (GEG) has added three new lifts to its range of workshop kit.

Protect against corrosion

EP Primer Surfacer 4500 from Spies Hecker
Published:  17 April, 2009

rong>This epoxy surfacer offers high levels of corrosion protection and is designed for use on factory-produced primers that can be sensitive.

Robust way to test circuits

300 series Smart Multimeter from Omitec
Published:  15 April, 2009

rong>This is the larger of Omitec’s range of multi-meters. It offers a more rugged construction together with a 10M ohm impedance value.

Air con fault detector

Tracerline Cobra 4 borescope from Auto Climate
Published:  14 April, 2009

rong>This multi-purpose detection tool uses two high-intensity LEDs to help you pinpoint leaks and other faults in air con and engine systems. It is designed to get into small spaces thanks to a slim 4mm, 90cm shaft.

For motor sport quality

BMC Automotive Air Filters from Euro Car Parts
Published:  13 April, 2009

rong>Euro Car Parts (ECP) has been appointed sole UK distributor for this brand of air filters used by renowned motor sport teams such as McLaren-Mercedes, Williams, Sauber BMW and Toyota.

Support staff boosted

Autologic technical support from Diagnos.co.uk
Published:  09 April, 2009

rong>The makers of the Autologic diagnostic system have boosted their technical staff to 16 following a surge in demand for independent repairs on the latest vehicles.

Cheaper oil check option

Oilcheck from Parker Hannifin
Published:  09 April, 2009

rong>This portable device aims to give users an early warning of critical oil contamination levels that could potentially cause engine failure.

Simpler sensor checks

ContiSys OBD hand-held scan tool from Continental
Published:  08 April, 2009

rong>This scan tool can be used to check and adjust settings on essential systems from air bags through to air con units. It can even tackle suspension controls, service gauges and electronic parking brakes.

Lighter sanding option

Orbital sander from Snap-on Tools
Published:  07 April, 2009

rong>The latest PSF4312 sander aims to give optimum comfort combined with lightweight performance.

Brush up on brake technology

Brake training from Bosch
Published:  06 April, 2009

To support its range of OE-quality braking components, Bosch offers a range of training courses and programmes to get people up to speed with the latest braking technology.

Plug in and play diagnostics

CReader V automatic trouble code reader from Launch X-431
Published:  03 April, 2009

This handy unit has a simple four-key operation for ease of use when reading and clearing fault codes.

Simple sanding solution

Lesonal 2K High Build Filler from AkzoNobel
Published:  02 April, 2009

rong>This filler is suitable for a wide range of jobs and is designed to be easily applied with good ‘sandability’.

Factor-friendly option

Coil springs range from FAI Automotive
Published:  01 April, 2009

rong>The company is set to release 50 new applications to its range within the coming months.

Installer profit chance

AutoClutch power clutch conversion system from Vehvac
Published:  31 March, 2009

rong>Vehvac is looking for dealers to install this clutch system for manual vehicles.


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