NSK planning ProKIT extension

Published:  07 December, 2017

NSK is planning to extend its ProKIT range to increase coverage across the car parc.
ProKIT is a range of bearing products developed specifically for the independent aftermarket. Offered as a single box solution, ProKIT includes only 100% genuine NSK products, such as bearings, seals and nuts, as tested and approved by OE car manufacturers.
The range will be increased to cover a wider range of vehicles over the coming months. In support of the expansion, NSK will also introduce new packaging that is 100% recyclable, carrying a range of useful information in 10 languages.

WIN with Autodata

Published:  04 December, 2017

Autodata is the leading provider of automotive technical information for professionals in the UK and across Europe, covering 99% of vehicles on the road.

Coil springs range extension surpasses 200 references

Published:  01 December, 2017

Lesjöfors Springs has introduced more than 200 new coil springs since the start of the year. The 200 references cover thousands of vehicle applications for 12 vehicle manufacturers including Audi, Fiat, Ford, Honda, Land Rover, Toyota and VW. All can be found on MAM Software’s Autocat V8 and TecDoc cataloguing systems. The company offers both parallel wire (constant thickness) and tapered wire spring designs, offering more choice to the vehicle technician. Springs are treated with advanced Zinc Phosphate and Epoxy Powder Paint providing a longer life by minimising corrosion. Lesjöfors is a supplier of matching quality parts according to BER 330 and 461. This ensures springs can be fitted without any warranty restrictions.

Exol unveils new anti-freeze range

Published:  30 November, 2017

Exol has launched a new anti-freeze range, featuring four products covering heavy duty and passenger vehicle applications. The new range features Antifreeze HD (Green), Antifreeze HDX (Blue), Antifreeze SOAT (Lilac) and Antifreeze OAT Universal (Clear). The range has been formulated based on special OAT inhibitor technology, produced in response to the evolving technological development of cooling systems in modern vehicles, while ensuring long coolant operational life.The coolants also contain the additives required to protect a full range of different vehicle types, offering year-round protection, while performing well in challenging conditions.

Diesel EGR and Turbo Cleaner

Published:  28 November, 2017

Lucas Oil is extending its additive solutions range with the introduction of a solvent-based fast action Diesel EGR and Turbo Cleaner spray. When sprayed into the air intake system, Diesel EGR and Turbo Cleaner removes carbon, lacquer, tar and varnish deposits and restores engine performance. To use, remove the flexible hose between the turbo charger/intercooler and the air intake manifold while a warm engine is idling. Then direct short bursts of spray into the air intake manifold. In extreme cases, the EGR valve-housing can be removed and the spray directed straight on to the unit itself. First stocks are expected to be available at UK motor factors from 1 November 2017.

New CR-Series range launches into UK aftermarket

Published:  22 November, 2017

Launch UK has brought the CR-Series product range to the UK aftermarket. The CR401 is an entry-level tool most suited to beginners. Meanwhile, the CR611 offers ABS and SRS system diagnostic functions. The CR701 would suit junior technicians looking for something slightly more advanced. Both the CR701 and the CR701P feature one or multiple reset functions to meet different requirements. The CR801 and CR821 provide an even greater offering and support ABS and SRS diagnosis for 46 car models.

Japanparts Group: New wheel hubs and bearings

Published:  21 November, 2017

Japanparts Group has extended its range of wheel hubs and bearings. The new wheel hub and bearing units have the pre-code  KK- / 44-  / 4- and are provided with an ABS sensor/ring where applicable. There are now over 1,000 codes available for Asian, European and American vehicles.

HELLA’s Bulb Configurator

Published:  20 November, 2017

HELLA’s filament bulb configuration tool helps users easily find the most suitable bulb for the vehicle by giving them access to the

Work smart: See the heat

Published:  13 November, 2017

FLIR Systems’ new FLIR TG167 is an imaging thermometer that combines spot temperature measurement with thermal imaging for fast troubleshooting.  

Borg & Beck introduces brake fluid

Published:  13 November, 2017

 Borg & Beck Dot 4 is a premium brake and clutch fluid for the hydraulic systems of all passenger car, commercial vehicle and motorcycle applications for which non-petroleum based fluid of this type is specified. It conforms to and exceeds the current international specifications U.S. FMVSS No.116 Dot 4 and Dot 3, SAE J1703 and J1704 and ISO 4925 (Classes 3 & 4). It also mixes safely with other clutch and brake fluids that conform to these same standards and has a typical dry boiling point of 260ºC and typical wet boiling point of 160ºC.

Getac launches fully rugged tablet

Published:  07 November, 2017

Getac’s new 14 inch A140 rugged tablet, designed together with a leading automotive manufacturer, meets the needs of workers in the automotive, dealership, workshop and aftermarket spaces. Automotive organisations are concerned with giving mobile workers rapid, secure access to critical information, while working in a diverse range of challenging environments. With increased vehicle functionality comes increased complexity, so technicians need fast performance, the ability to quickly see more data displayed and to operate technology with disposable gloves or protective wear. The A140 offers dual hot-swappable batteries for continuous use, a suite of security features and best-in-class performance Intel Core i5 and i7 processors.

Fuel additive to protect DPFs

Published:  06 November, 2017

LIQUI MOLY has developed a fuel additive for diesel particulate filter (DPF) protection.

DPF gun particulate filter cleaning fluid

Published:  02 November, 2017

Launch UK recently introduced its diesel particulate filter (DPF) gun to its range of diagnostic equipment. This is complemented by the DPF gun particulate filter cleaning fluid.

DPF pressure pipes

Published:  01 November, 2017

BM Catalysts’ DPF pressure pipe range currently covers in excess of over 600 vehicle fitments. 48% of its DPF range now have the associated pressure pipes available for order.

The perfect fit

Published:  25 October, 2017

Comline has upgraded its EOF249 oil filter, suitable for a variety of Japanese applications, to make draining residual oil from the filter housing easier and quicker for technicians. Superseding Comline’s CDH11632 oil filter, EOF249 is now supplied with a plastic drain tube, complete with O-ring. Due to the positioning of the filter housing within the vehicle, there is likely to be residual oil within the housing after oil has been drained from the engine. Failure to properly drain the residual oil will lead to spillage, something that Comline’s plastic drain tube is designed to combat. EOF249 fits: Lexus CT (2010-onwards); Toyota Auris (2010-onwards), Avensis (2009-onwards), Prius (2009-2012), RAV4 (2008-onwards), Verso (2009-onwards) and Yaris (2007-onwards).

Gespasa meters for AdBlue

Published:  24 October, 2017

Gespasa’s MGE-110 BLUE is an electronic flow meter designed to measure AdBlue but also suitable for water, fuel and light chemicals. The meter contains a PVC measuring chamber with high accuracy oval gears and features an enclosed front casing which prevents the ingressof liquid. The MGE-110 BLUE has a integral battery powered LCD display with a five digit flow total displayed in large easy to read numerals. A low battery warning alert and easily removable facia for battery replacement ensures that servicing is quick and easy.

Win with TRICO

Published:  23 October, 2017

Aftermarket readers have the chance to win a fantastic prize courtesy of  world-leading windscreen wiper blade developer and supplier TRICO.

Avoid screeching with Pagid Cera Tec

Published:  16 October, 2017

Created to work best with Pagid OE quality braking components, Pagid Cera Tec helps facilitate brake assembly and protect against scratching and corrosion. The copper-free make up of the brake lube means is designed not to interfere with vehicle ABS or ESP sensors, thus providing optimal safety performance. In addition, Cera Tec is highly heat resistant, up to 1000°C. The completely metal-free construction is ideal for the lubrication of disc and drum brakes, as well as compressors, central lubricating systems, axle bearings, chains, seat tracks, sunroof guides and battery contacts.

Valeo: New references for Volvo car applications

Published:  11 October, 2017

Since February 2017, 24 new references for the most popular Volvo applications have been launched by Valeo Service. References cover the Volvo S60 and XC60 ranges, the Volvo V70 and XC70 ranges, as well as the Volvo XC90. 30% of these offer the Dynamic Bending Lighting (DBL) feature. In comparison with Fixed Beam Lighting (FBL), DBL provides better visibility and security by increasing the range of light when travelling round bends. These references enlarge Volvo coverage from Valeo Lighting Systems, meaning it now reaches 40% of the Volvo car parc
in Europe.

Banner launch new EFB batteries

Published:  05 October, 2017

Banner Batteries is extending its Running Bull EFB product offering with the launch of three new UK aftermarket 12V part numbers. Available with immediate effect and providing comprehensive coverage of Ford vehicles with Stop/Start systems are two type number Running Bull EFBs with 65 and 75Ah rated capacities respectively. Also scheduled to be introduced is an additional Running Bull EFB battery rated at 80Ah that is suitable for a raft of models from Audi, VW and Skoda. In addition to high levels of vibration resistance and twice the cycle life of a conventional battery, EFBs features a double-lid design to safeguard against leaks.

Win with NGK

Published:  25 September, 2017

Aftermarket readers have the chance to win a fantastic prize, courtesy of ignition specialist NGK Spark Plugs (UK) Ltd.

Free LIQUI MOLY Oil Guide

Published:  19 September, 2017

For some time now, motor oil has been a liquid component, precisely matched to each specific engine. The free oil guide at www.liqui-moly.com helps you find the right oil and avoid expensive mistakes.
To find the correct oil via the LIQUI MOLY Oil Guide, enter the code to view a list of approved motor oils as well as the right types of oil for the gearbox, servo-steering and brake fluids. As an alternative you can also enter the car’s make, model and engine. With this information workshops can be sure they always use the right oil.

Technical service and repair data at its best

Published:  19 September, 2017

TecAlliance is the brand behind RMI technical service and repair data. It provides technicians with multiple product options for diagnostic fault finding, as well as general service and repair schedules, requirements and processes. The system contains almost seven million items of technical data, more than 21.5 million repair times, 230,000 service plans and 900,000
repair instructions.

Delphi – data

Published:  16 September, 2017

A modern car has 280 connections to manage power, diagnostics and signal communication, 3,100 metres of cabling and 300 diagnostic parameters monitoring performance. Within the system, up to 15,000 data messages per second move around a vehicle. Delphi is already building the capabilities to develop and maintain these future advancements within the connected car and recently announced strategic acquisitions in the automotive data sector with Control-Tec, Movimento and Otonomo. Delphi believes that as vehicles become increasingly complex, having access to advanced diagnostic tools, service data and expertise will become more critical.

WAI introduces new regulator tester

Published:  16 September, 2017

WAIglobal has added a new voltage regulator testing diagnostic tool, the WAI1000, to its rotating electrical range. The new WAI1000 tests whether the voltage regulator is in full working order without the need to remove the alternator from the vehicle. The alternator tester can automatically detect the alternator’s protocol regulator and it also provides information about the class and vendor of the regulator. Besides LIN and BSS, it will support: SIG – Ford, Mazda; Land Rover plus FR – current usage of alternator; PD – Mazda old type; RLO – Denso types for Toyota plus FR; L-RVC – General Motors plus FR; and C Denso and Mitsubishi plus FR.

Brake Engineering’S new coloured calipers

Published:  15 September, 2017

Brake Engineering has introduced eight new painted brake calipers to its range covering Audi, Volkswagen and Skoda vehicles.
The additional brake calipers include six new black calipers for the Audi S5 (2007) and S6 (2006), as well as the Volkswagen Phaeton (2003).Two new red calipers also feature to cover the Skoda Octavia and Volkswagen Golf (2012).
The coloured caliper range enables technicians to quickly identify the correct part as it matches the caliper colour originally fitted on the vehicle. In addition to calipers, Brake Engineering’s range includes discs, drums, pads, shoes and hydraulics.

Pagid brake bleeder

Published:  14 September, 2017

When it comes to the all-important task of bleeding customer brake systems, pressure bleeding is the
only method recognised by most brake manufacturers.
The Pagid Pressure Brake Bleeder 12 VDC/240 VAC enables a member of your workshop team to complete a fluid change, alone, in 15 minutes.

New DPF gun ‘launches’ into diagnostics range

Published:  11 September, 2017

Launch UK has added a brand new diesel particulate filter (DPF) gun to its range of diagnostic equipment.
Vehicles with a free-flowing DPF will see increased engine performance, a reduction of smoke from the exhaust, increased fuel economy and a reduction in exhaust noise. In addition they will experience less frequent warning light activation. The Launch DPF cleaning tool treats a vehicle’s DPF with a special cleaning liquid, dissolving the soot and carbon content inside the filter. The Launch DPF tool can be applied directly to a vehicle’s DPF without removal or other work.

FIRSTLINE cables for electronic handbrake systems

Published:  10 September, 2017

Traditionally considered a dealer-only part, First Line believes electronic handbrake cables could be an additional profit opportunity for the independent sector.

HunterNet: Intelligent four wheel alignment

Published:  07 September, 2017

HunterNet is a cloud based software tool available on Hunter imaging aligners, equipped with the WinAlign operating system. Through the use of HunterNet, alignment information can be rapidly collected and collated. Results can then be transferred to both customers and front-of-house staff, along with additional data for reporting and examination.

TMD Friction enhances parts look up with Brakebook

Published:  05 September, 2017

TMD Friction has enhanced its brake parts look-up service for garages and factors with the introduction of Brakebook, an online and app-based portal. The new and improved system now includes a vehicle registration look-up which identifies brake parts using a vehicle’s registration number. Other features include product catalogue downloads, regular updates on new-to-range products and an expert search functionality, allowing users to search by size of component. A final improvement- a brake pad scanner -has also been incorporated for Textar. Brakebook is available across Apple and Android devices.

WIN with Philips Workshop Lighting

Published:  30 August, 2017

To celebrate the launch of its latest workshop lights, Aftermarket is offering six readers the chance to win with Philips. 

Delphi extends steering & suspension range

Published:  24 August, 2017

Delphi Product & Service Solutions has launched 175 new steering part numbers. The latest additions are on top of 400 steering part numbers launched during 2016.

Comline Japanese & Korean Filters

Published:  08 August, 2017

Comline is renowned for filtration and its recent success, punctuated by a series of awards and accolades – The Queen’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade 2016 and the Financial Times’ FT1000 to name just two – is thanks in no small part to its all makes line of over 1700 filters.

Carbon Clean add new small unit

Published:  08 August, 2017

Carbon Clean, the engine decarbonising system that works on tap water, has launched a new compact CC-14 machine to complement the existing CC-16 unit.

Valeo lights up aftermarket with OE Technologies

Published:  01 August, 2017

Valeo’s FullLed system offers LED leading edge technology at xenon-level cost and performance with  lower power consumption.

Win with Apec Braking

Published:  19 July, 2017

There are ten lucky readers out there who could soon be receiving a EBP tool from Apec Braking. You just need to answer one simple question.

Win a Bosch Uneo!

Published:  27 June, 2017


LIQUI MOLY Pro-Line Engine Flush

LIQUI MOLY Pro-Line Engine Flush
Published:  29 May, 2017

Many people try to clean their oil system by flushing it with oil. While this is better than doing nothing you donÂ’t get a proper clean.

Keeping cool

Air con from GSF Car Parts
Published:  02 May, 2017

GSF Car Parts air con range includes Bosch's ACS511, ACS611 and the ACS561 for R1234YF refrigerant. All are fully automatic prices start £1,995 + VAT. Waeco has a machine each for R134a R1234YF refrigerant.

Powerful possibilities

New Hunter PA200 imaging aligner packs from Pro-Align
Published:  30 April, 2017

Despite its entry-level price, the new Hunter PA200 imaging aligner packs a powerful punch, opening up a host of profitable servicing opportunities.

Be Kind Rewind

Pneumatic Piston Wind Back Tool Set from Pagid
Published:  27 April, 2017

Pagid's Pneumatic Piston Wind Back Tool Set contains an air operated caliper piston rewind tool, essential for replacing brake pads without damaging the piston or caliper. Works for left and right handed threaded pistons and is suitable for most 3/8" sq. drive wind back and pin type adapters. Supplied with UK style airline adapter (PCL type).

Sun arising

Sun V2400 3D wheel alignment system from Snap-on
Published:  26 April, 2017

The Sun V2400 3D wheel alignment system from Snap-on brings more to your business than just unmatched alignment accuracy -all with speed and efficiency to save time and money.

R1234YF - What is it?

Honeywell Solstice R1234YF is the new environmentally friendly automotive air-conditioning gas
Published:  25 April, 2017

This year the old air-conditioning gas R134A was banned in new cars in Europe. They now have to use a more environmentally friendly refrigerant that has a GWP (global warming potential) lower than 150 (R134A is 1,400). The new Solstice R1234YF has a GWP of 4 so is much better for the environment should it escape into the atmosphere. National Refrigerants are the leading authorised re-packer and distributor of YF refrigerants.Available Nationwide and 100% genuine guaranteed AHRI-70002016 specification.

Universal brake and clutch fluid

DOT 4 ESP universal brake and clutch fluid from Morris
Published:  20 April, 2017

DOT 4 ESP from Morris Lubricants is specially formulated to enable Electronic Stability Program (ESP) systems to operate over a wide temperature range. Suitable for all ESP and other conventional brake systems using Glycol Ether based brake fluids.

The Hidria glow

Glow plugs from Hidria
Published:  18 April, 2017

Hidria is a Tier 1 supplier that develops, validates and delivers a wide product range of cold start systems that contribute to improved engine combustion control and lower emissions for Light and Heavy Duty applications. Its glow plugs come with a five year warranty.

Draper Tools 'Hard Graft' Brake and Clutch Cleaner

Draper Tools range includes a highly effective cleaner for brake discs, callipers, drums and cylinders
Published:  13 April, 2017

The Draper Tools range includes a highly effective cleaner for brake discs, callipers, drums and cylinders. Part of the Draper Tools 'Hard Graft' range the cleaner is available in 500ml or 5L quantities.

Comline revs up its data for Autocat v8

Comline has been granted MAM Autocat v8 status
Published:  11 April, 2017

Comline has been granted MAM Autocat v8 status. This latest version of Autocat means Comline's data will be cleaner, more detailed and more accurate, meaning a more user-friendly and simple experience for Comline customers.

The longest lift...

Lifts from Boston Garage Equipment
Published:  06 April, 2017

Boston's previously longest platform at 6.1m met with exceptional market demand for even longer platforms. In response Boston has now added a full 7m length option, which is the longest MOT ATL platform available and comfortably handles drop sides, long sprinters, tippers, Lutons and all equivalent long vehicles.

Focus on ACtronics

Remanufactured Ford part from ACtronics
Published:  04 April, 2017

The Ford Focus instrument cluster, is one of the most common instrument clusters that ACtronics Ltd remanufacture.


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