Full beam for longer

Lighting from Osram
Published:  27 February, 2017

Essential reading

GSF Car Parts' Winter 2017 Garage Essentials
Published:  23 February, 2017

GSF Car Parts' Winter 2017 Garage Essentials is the biggest yet at a huge 76 pages, making it hard to miss, as it lands with independent garages and across trade counters.

New supply for chargers

MASCO has signed a new agreement with ABSAAR to distribute the company's range of German automotive products
Published:  21 February, 2017

MASCO has signed a new agreement with ABSAAR to distribute the company's range of German engineered automotive products to the UK motoring, motorcycle, scooter and leisure industries.

Addition to the fleet

GSF Car Parts has added a second Sealey tool van
Published:  16 February, 2017

GSF Car Parts has added a second Sealey tool van after enjoying great success with the first one, launched to trial the concept around 12 months ago.

Pumping up the range

Pumps from FAI
Published:  14 February, 2017

To complement their extensive range of engine products, FAI's well established oil pump range now exceeds 140 part numbers. These cover the most popular European, Korean and Japanese vehicle applications and include gear, vane, crescent and rotor pumps. Whether you require an oil pump driven by the crankshaft, chain, belt or intermediary shaft, FAI offer them all.

Solution to trailing hoses

Teseo AP Kit
Published:  09 February, 2017

Teseo AP Kit - industrial quality compressed air pipework - now within reach of every aftermarket business by packaging all the items required to install a small system in a convenient box format. It replaces traditional piping materials with easy and quick to assemble modular aluminium pipework, creating a safer working environment.

Get smart with stickers

Promotion from Comma
Published:  07 February, 2017

The StickerSmart gift promotion for members of Comma's Professional Partner Programme (PPP) has returned for an expanded eight month campaign in 2017.

Get your coat on

Brakes from Meyle
Published:  02 February, 2017

MEYLE has made further refinements to its MEYLE-PD brake disc (fourth generation) with its high-tech coating. A cutting-edge coating technique offers advanced corrosion protection.

A number of Key additions

Key Parts Wheel Bearing Kits available through First Line
Published:  01 February, 2017

The range of Key Parts Wheel Bearing Kits available through First Line has expanded with more than 75 references added recently, now encompassing over 240 references. These complete kits come with a 12-month/12,000 mile warranty and are pre-lubricated and supplied with an additional grease sachet where applicable. These competitively priced kits are therefore the ideal solution for factors and garages - pure and simple.

Cataloging filters

Filters from Sogefi Group
Published:  01 February, 2017

Sogefi Group, leading filtration supplier of original parts for the automotive industry, are pleased to announce that Purflux, FRAM and CoopersFiaam brand references for the IAM are available on MAM's new Autocat v8 parts catalogue.

Balancing expectations

Wheel balancer from HOFMANN
Published:  26 January, 2017

The latest wheel balancer from HOFMANN - the geodyna 7600P - brings a patented new system along with many more user-friendly benefits.

Taken to the edge

Diagnostics from Snapon
Published:  23 January, 2017

The VERUS EDGE is a thin and lightweight tablet design style of diagnostic tool, with a capacitive touchscreen and keyless, wireless scanning and WiFi, allowing you to stay connected anywhere in the service bay.

Entering alignment

Wheel alignment system from Pro-align
Published:  19 January, 2017

Following the launch of the new entry level Hunter PA200 wheel alignment system, available through Pro-Align, even more workshops can now enjoy the benefits of attracting new, discerning customers into their workshops offering the Hunter alignment experience.

Cloud-based diagnostics

Published:  19 January, 2017

MECH5 is a new secure, cloud-based, vehicle data analytics platform that can help garages access the wealth of data within the ECUs of modern vehicles.

Parking for diagnostics

Parking sensor tester from The Diagnostics Box
Published:  16 January, 2017

The TDB008 Parking Sensor Tester from The Diagnostics Box has been designed to give a visual indication of the output signals of parking sensors using ultrasonic sensors on a range of vehicles.

Battery power

Battery analyser from Ring
Published:  12 January, 2017

Ring's RBAG700 Analyser reviews a vehicle battery's 'health' and provides a printed summary of the analytics that can be shared with colleagues and the customer. By checking the cranking ability, the alternator, starter and earth system, this graphical analyser, which offers multi-functional testing, helps technicians to diagnose potential faults.

New diagnostics from Bosch

Diagnostics from Bosch
Published:  09 January, 2017

Aftermarket technology needs to be able to keep up with the technology developed by OEMs. The new generation of KTS diagnostic tools from Bosch, the KTS 560 and 590, now includes technology only available on OEM diagnostic tools.

Providing the right data

Workshop software from ALLDATA
Published:  05 January, 2017

ALLDATA is the leading provider of manufacturer' repair information for the automotive service and repair industry.

Straight to the point

Wheel alignment equipment from Absolute Alignment
Published:  02 January, 2017

Absolute Alignment provides wheel alignment equipment for businesses of all sizes. Many workshops will benefit from their own machinery, and with lease prices from a fiver a day this can be a very cost-effective way of generating extra profits. The latest technology is compatible with 2- & 4-post ramps, scissor lifts and even inspection pits, while OEM approval satisfies the most demanding of requirements. Vehicle alignment has a bright and profitable future.

Online fitment solutions

Batteries from Yuasa
Published:  29 December, 2016

Yuasa's upgraded version of their online battery lookup system is live at fit.yuasa.co.uk. The fully updated, mobile optimised website has a photo number plate lookup feature and live technical support.

Coating the discs

Brakes from TRW Aftermarket
Published:  27 December, 2016

Following the launch of its latest 'True Originals' campaign, TRW Aftermarket is highlighting the different brake disc propositions it offers to garages.

Keep Flex in stock

Wipers from Trico
Published:  22 December, 2016

Garages can now purchase and stock packs of TRICO Flex wiper blades, as the original equipment manufacturer looks ahead to another busy winter season.

Filter selection

Sogefi filters
Published:  22 December, 2016

Audi and Porsche selected Sogefi to supply oil filter module for their new top of the range V6 - V8 TFSI engine, equipped also in the new Porsche Panamera.

In your clutches

Schaeffler clutches
Published:  20 December, 2016

Schaeffler has introduced 12 new LuK RepSet DMF kits with Dual Mass Flywheels (DMFs) to give a 'one-stop' clutch solution for a potential vehicle parc of more than two million vehicles.

A full system clean

Fuel additives from Forte
Published:  19 December, 2016

Forté Complete Petrol System Clean is a complex blend of specially selected cleaning agents which act together to dissolve contamination deposits that are formed in the fuel systems of petrol engines. These deposits restrict the efficient delivery of fuel to the combustion chambers, resulting in increased fuel consumption, reduced performance and engine efficiency and poor running.

If the shoe fits...

Pagid Brake Shoe Pro Kits
Published:  15 December, 2016

Did you know that Pagid Brake Shoe Pro Kits can save a garage up to 50% fitment time as all of the components are pre-assembled? You'll only need a single part number as everything is in one box. Take it out, fit it straight onto the vehicle. Easy!

Changing gear

Gearboxes from the Gearbox Centre
Published:  13 December, 2016

When a manual transmission wears, it fails to act as it was designed to, causing vehicle problems and costly repairs. The Gearbox Centre aims to provide cost-effective solutions with a high quality finish for its customers.

Solution to trailing hoses

Teseo AP Kit
Published:  08 December, 2016

Teseo AP Kit - industrial quality compressed air pipework - now within reach of every aftermarket business by packaging all the items required to install a small system in a convenient box format. It replaces traditional piping materials with easy and quick to assemble modular aluminium pipework, creating a safer working environment.

Turbo additions

Turbos from BTN
Published:  06 December, 2016

BTN Turbo have added five brand new Mitsubishi turbochargers which cover the BMW M3/M4 3.0LP 425HP (2014 on), Saab 9-3 2.0T 2.0LP 175HP (2002-2010), Saab/Vauxhall Various 2.8LP (2009-2014), Porsche Panamera Turbo 970 3.0LP 410HP (2013 on) (left hand and right hand model variants).

Lighting on a budget

Lighting from Bosch
Published:  01 December, 2016

Bosch has launched a new line of bulbs designed for value-oriented customers looking for a reliable product from a name they can trust. The new Bosch ECO range ensures that customers have the option of a Bosch branded product at a lower price point.

Backed with trust

Lifts from Tyre Bay Direct
Published:  30 November, 2016

Tyre Bay Direct are proud to supply high quality, efficient and extremely reliable professional automotive equipment from manufacturer Winntec. Made from the very best materials you get maximum value for your investment and will be backed by outstanding customer service and a three Year "No Nonsense" full manufacturer's warranty.

Keep customers coming back

Garage software from Textlocal.com
Published:  29 November, 2016

For a garage, trying to drive repeat business can often be challenging. However, with the Textlocal.com software, you can easily schedule text messages to remind past customers that their annual service and MOT is due. You can also provide service reports and confirm that a vehicle is ready without wasting time trying to phone the customer. The software is free and you only pay a few pence for each text message that you send. Garages using this service can expect to receive more repeat bookings and happier, better informed customers.

New extreme filtering

Oil filter modules from Sogefi
Published:  24 November, 2016

Audi and Porsche have selected Sogefi to supply the oil filter module for their new top of the range V6 - V8 TFSI engine. The OEMs joined forces to develop a new bi-turbo direct injection gasoline powertrain family, including V6 2.9l and V8 4.0l, that will make its debut in the brand new Porsche Panamera.

A clean brake

Brake cleaner from Pagid
Published:  22 November, 2016

When it comes to replacing brake parts, having a cleaning solution that you can rely on is essential. Pagid Brake Cleaner is developed alongside the highest quality OE derived brake parts. It is quick to act and able to deal with the toughest stains or deposits.

Reducing the noise

Brakes from TMD Friction
Published:  17 November, 2016

TMD Friction has launched the Mintex FIT Shim, designed and developed for the aftermarket to effectively dampen brake noise.

Keeping it clean

Non-Chlorinated Brake Parts Cleaner from Lucas Oil Products (UK)
Published:  15 November, 2016

A new Non-Chlorinated Brake Parts Cleaner, is now available from Lucas Oil Products (UK).

Socket to them

Tools from Draper
Published:  10 November, 2016

Draper Tools has expanded its range of sockets with several 1/4, 3/8 and ½-inch sockets in both metric and Multi-Drive® introduced to the Draper Expert collection.

Starting to alternate

Rotating electrics from Autoelectro
Published:  08 November, 2016

Autoelectro has revealed its latest new-to-range bulletin, with Porsche, Honda, Hyundai/Kia and Dacia all featuring.

Maintain the DPF

DPF Cleaner from Wynn's
Published:  03 November, 2016

Wynn's have added a new Off Car DPF Cleaner to their range of tank additive DPF Cleaners.

Complete remanufacturing

Remanufactured components from ACtronics
Published:  01 November, 2016

ACtronics remanufactured components will have an equal quality compared to a new one and your margin will be better than with a new part, thanks to our special approach.

Fitting exactly

RICO Exact Fit wiper range
Published:  31 October, 2016

The TRICO Exact Fit range is a direct replacement for original equipment. The range can restore customer confidence thanks to its original factory quality. Made from the finest natural rubber and high-strength steel, TRICO Exact Fit offers long-lasting performance.

Changing tyres

Tyre Bay Direct exclusive special offers
Published:  28 October, 2016

Tyre Bay Direct urges readers of Aftermarket to look out for their up and coming exclusive special offers. The company continues to focus its attention on providing its well known, high quality Unite garage equipment at unbeatable prices. The best-selling models will feature heavily in the newest special edition leaflet with more information available from their knowledgeable sales team or from their website.

Laser precision

TreadReader Hand Held scanner from Sigmavision
Published:  27 October, 2016

The TreadReader Hand Held scanner from Sigmavision is a compact and lightweight device. It is quick and easy to use and eliminates the errors associated with manual depth gauges. The scanner is positioned on one edge of a tyre and operated by sliding it across the tread face.

Entry-level increases profits

Wheel alignment from Pro-align
Published:  25 October, 2016

Garages can benefit from a new economically profitable wheel alignment solution with the entry-level Hunter PA200.

Stop right now

Pagid Electronic Parking Brake Tool
Published:  20 October, 2016

When it comes to replacing brake parts in cars with electronic parking brakes (EPB), the procedure is completely different to cars fitted with a regular handbrake.

The smarter workshop

Integrated workshop system from Dura
Published:  18 October, 2016

As the original innovators of the integrated workshop system, Dura has a proud global reputation for delivering flexible and design-led workshop furniture solutions, tailored to meet the ever-changing needs of the automotive industry.

A nut problem

Automotive tools and accessories from Draper Tools
Published:  13 October, 2016

Draper Tools has added three new Locking Wheel Nut removal sets to its range of automotive tools and accessories.

The right charge

Battery charger and power supply from CTEK
Published:  11 October, 2016

CTEK has launched the PRO60, an innovative, versatile and highly efficient 60A battery charger and power supply, designed around the needs of the modern workshop.

Turbo additions

Turbochargers from BTN Turbo
Published:  06 October, 2016

BTN Turbo have added 5 brand new Mitsubishi turbochargers which cover the BMW M3/M4 3.0LP 425HP (2014 on), Saab 9-3 2.0T 2.0LP 175HP (2002-2010), Saab/Vauxhall Various 2.8LP (2009-2014), Porsche Panamera Turbo 970 3.0LP 410HP (2013 on) (left hand and right hand model variants).

Mechanically minded

Bespoke parts from Blue Diamond Technologies
Published:  03 October, 2016

Blue Diamond Technologies, the Hampshire-based engineering firm specialising in the design and manufacture of bespoke mechanical parts for the automotive aftermarket is now widening this service to include custom fasteners with complex or unusual geometries in low batch quantities - typically 500 upwards.


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