Find the information you need

ECOBAT brand, the successful battery finder website launched by Manbat
Published:  08 September, 2016

With the company establishing itself under the ECOBAT brand, the successful battery finder website launched by Manbat will continue to run, giving technicians additional information they need when selecting the right battery for a vehicle, including fitting instructions and product related data.

New in OE

Filters from Sogefi
Published:  06 September, 2016

Sogefi has been selected by Audi to supply the oil filter for its new 4.0l V8 TDI engine which will power this year's Q7 and future models, such as the Audi A8 and Porsche Panamera.

Health check for batteries

Battery tester from Bosch
Published:  01 September, 2016

The portable battery tester BAT 131 from Bosch is perfectly suitable for testing 6V and 12V starter batteries (lead-acid, gel and AGM batteries). The cold cranking current can be set as required between 100 and 2000A. The load free test procedure provides fast, precise and reliable measurement results. The battery tester has a robust housing specially designed for workshop requirements. The enhanced user interface enables simple and intuitive operation.

Oil and emissions

Lubricants from Liqui Moly
Published:  31 August, 2016

Vehicle emissions are regulated by the Euro standards and the latest Euro 6 is the toughest yet. Not only do manufacturers have to submit to them, but so too do aftermarket suppliers.

Keeping cool

Air conditioning service products from Hella
Published:  29 August, 2016

As summer rolls on, air conditioning systems on many vehicles will inevitably require a recharge. HELLA GUTMANN SOLUTIONS offers its range of 'Husky' mobile AC service stations for both R134a and R1234yf refrigerants providing a solution for all conventional, hybrid and electric vehicles.

Balance and replace

Tyre changer from Draper Tools
Published:  25 August, 2016

Tyres can offer a garage a quick profit as long as you have the right equipment available and therefore have no need to outsource.

Get your coat on

Braking products from Firstline
Published:  23 August, 2016

Disc coating allows for improved performance and increased protection from the elements. Borg & Beck has added other features to its specialist BECKTEC coating as standard, a move it sees as a benefit to technicians.

Validate critical

Battery products from Manbat
Published:  18 August, 2016

The ability to make profit does not just rest with the larger work, sometimes a garage needs to invest in other areas of tooling to ensure that smaller jobs charged by the hour are coming in through the doors.

Keeping track of calibrations

Garage equipment from Boston
Published:  16 August, 2016

Garage equipment needs to be kept in peak condition to ensure you give customers the best service, and that it gives you the best service. This is where the new calibration and service reminder software from Boston comes in.

Correct installation

Brembo braking products from Euro Car Parts
Published:  11 August, 2016

Brembo has highlighted the areas technicians need to look out for to avoid making mistakes when fitting pads and discs.

Definition of straight

Wheel alignment from Snap-on
Published:  09 August, 2016

Keeping wheels straight seems a very tough thing for today's drivers to do. The number of obsticles and challenges the suspension set-up faces on the road on a day-to-day basis means more garages are considering wheel alignment as a profit-generating option.

Shaking off dependency

Latest products from Morris Lubricants
Published:  04 August, 2016

Low viscosity oils are in demand and Morris Lubricants is answering the call with two new blends to meet the demands of hi-tech engines launched by Ford and Volvo.

No sign of slowing down

Braking products from Brake Engineering
Published:  02 August, 2016

As the Brake Engineering brand continues to re-establish itself thanks to a period of focus (see page 41), the company continues to add to its already sizeable range, with four new brake calipers and four additional brake discs, reflecting its commitment to constantly develop its offering in order to provide a full-line braking solution.

On the tools

Latest products from Teng Tools
Published:  31 July, 2016

To do a good job, a technician needs a good range of tools - not just diagnostic and electronic but manual as well. Teng Tools is therefore expanding its range of automotive tools within its new 2016 catalogue. With ranges that cover engine servicing, brakes, suspension, bodywork and such like all the most popular items are already included. Add to that an extensive range of pullers, riveting tools and general service tools and the range has become pretty complete for most day-to-day needs. In the coming months, the company plans to add even more to its line-up, with the aim of making the Teng Tools range the most complete to offer to garages in the UK. The catalogue is offered by IQ Supplies, the UK and Ireland distributor of Teng Tools, as well as Metalworks garage and workshop equipment and Luna air tools.

Add some heat

Induction heater from Pro-Align
Published:  28 July, 2016

Stubborn components that are difficult to remove due to seized parts can add labour time to a garage's workload. Induction heaters help by loosening the affected nuts, bots or connecting pieces. Pro Align has launched the easi iHeat heavy-duty induction heater, which takes seconds to heat ferrous-based metals of depths up to 6mm, to temperatures of between 400 to 600 degrees Celsius. The flameless solution and finger point accuracy means heat can be highly targeted and can be used in close proximity to cables, pipes and other heat sensitive parts, allowing it to be used with a wide range of workshop applications such as removal or straightening of components or freeing off items. The product is available in five different models allowing workshops to select the most appropriate tool for their needs. For example, the range-topping easi iHeat 15 brings an area of 40 x 40 x 16 mm to a red-hot temperature of around 1,000 degrees, in just three seconds.

A solid start

Components from Solid Auto
Published:  26 July, 2016

Range additions keep a company ahead of the game, Solid Auto can testify to that. The supplier has added 31 fast-moving part numbers to its range of specialist Japanese and Korean automotive products. The additions comprise cabin filters, oil filters, fuel filters, brake discs, clutch kits, and multi-rib belts. In total, 104 references have been brought to market by the company, as it continues to assess and meet ever-changing customer requirements. New oil filters cover a wide range of vehicle applications, including: Nissan Qashqai J11 (2013) and J10 (2011-15); Suzuki Swift (2011-15); and Honda Civic (2012) and their derivatives. The new cabin filter covers popular Japanese model, Nissan Qashqai J11 (2013 on) while the new two-piece clutch kits cover Toyota Auris (2008-13) and Yaris (2009 on), with a concentric slave cylinder available separately. Finally, the new-to-range multi-rib belts cover several vehicle applications including: Kia Picanto (2011), and Nissan Kubistar (2003-10) and Micra (2003-11).

Quality benefits

Lubricants from Gulf Oil
Published:  21 July, 2016

Quality lubrication improves performance and vehicle lifespan. Gulf believe they can offer such quality with the Formula CX 5W30, holding both ACEA C2 and C3 specifications alongside a large number of OEM specifications and approvals. Additional features and benefits of the Formula CX include the latest mid SAPS additive technology which prolongs life of after treatment devices used in the latest passenger cars, low ash content reduced particulate build up in diesel particulate filters designed to deliver outstanding performance and protection in conjunction with fuel economy benefits, active cleansing agents reduced piston deposits and sludge build up facilitating cleaner engines and low temperature property which aids cold start and protects against wear at start up.

Within their clutches

Clutches from LuK
Published:  19 July, 2016

The range expansion continues at LuK clutches with parts for nearly 1.7 million vehicles added, including 30 Luk RepSets, nine LuK RepSet Pros, eight Dual Mass Flywheels and one LuK cylinder. These new arrivals include new LuK 2CT double-clutch components for the VW Golf V (1K1) 1.9 TDI and VW Polo (6R, 6C) 1.4 (2011 on) and a LuK RepSet DMF for the VW Golf VI (5K1) 1.6 TDI (2009-2012). There is also a new LuK RepSet and LuK RepSet Pro for the VW Crafter 30-50 (2F) 2.0 TDi (2011 on), and a LuK RepSet for the Nissan Pick Up (D22) 2.4 i 4WD (2002 on). The company has also expanded its range of clutch parts for Japanese and Far Eastern vehicles with its new additions to the RepSet Pro range, including parts for Toyota, Kia, Hyundai and Subaru, with a DMF for the Mazda CX-5 (KE, GH) 2.2 diesel (2012 on). 08457 001100

Connecting with Golo

Diagnostics from Launch UK
Published:  14 July, 2016

A new vehicle telematics tool provides independent workshops with their own response to the connected car, giving them remote diagnostic services with their customers. Launch UK has introduced Golo, a real-time monitoring system, along with a collection of promotional and technical support. The system features an OBD box that simply plugs into the vehicle's 16-pin socket, allowing the owner to connect and communicate with workshops regarding problems, repair and maintenance online. The system allows the garage to access real-time vehicle data to perform diagnostic checks remotely and provide examination and maintenance guidance. This can be done either via a smartphone with Bluetooth or WiFi though an app, or through a SIM located in the plug, depending on model sold. The device can connect with the driver anywhere in the country, meaning should a warning light come on, they can call the garage and get a check to tell them whether it is safe to continue, what the problem is and arrange for it to be booked in. With connected car services offering a similar service through some vehicle manufacturers, Golo is the aftermarket ensuring it remains in the game.

Keeping in uniform

Work wear from Dickies
Published:  07 July, 2016

Keeping your garage looking neat and tidy does not just equate to putting the tools in the toolbox and mopping the floor, a professional image also applies to the workwear your technicians use on a daily basis. It needs to be hard wearing, comfortable and fit in with the look of your business. Dickies has just introduced a new range of items for technicians, including the ED24/7 two-tone trousers with 245gsm fabric ensuring they are 'tough but light' to retain agility, while being free of any exposed metals such as zips or buttons, making them scratch free. They also feature cargo pockets for carrying tools. The range also includes Redhawk Stud Front coveralls, the company's most affordable workwear with a concealed stud-fronted pocket design to prevent scratches to paintwork. The footwear range includes the Deltona Boot, a safety boot with an SRC sole unit and anti-slip properties. The toe-cap protection is metal free, as is the midsole, keeping weight low, while the uppers use a water-resistant black leather with a breathable lining.

New in suspension

Bilstein shock absorbers from Euro Car Parts
Published:  05 July, 2016

Euro Car Parts is introducing a new range of shock absorbers from sports suspension manufacturer Bilstein. The range B4 Airmatic types for Land Rover and Jaguar, where Bilstein is the original equipment supplier (OES), B4 Damptronic types for Mercedes limo and electronically adjustable for the likes of Nissan GT-R, and B4 Gas types for the VW Golf 7, Vauxhall Mokka and Adam, again where Bilstein is OE fitted. The range offered means technicians can source shock absorbers identical to those fitted at factory level and therefore are recommended for those vehicles, designs to work and last just as the manufacturer intended. They feature full TUV approval and will be available through the Euro Car Parts branch network or on the company's new website.

Jump to it

Battery charger from Sealey
Published:  30 June, 2016

Sometimes you'll need to jump a vehicle to either get it out of the way or to aid a repair. The E/START800 from Sealey is therefore suited to this application, providing a greater power output over others in the range. The Electrostart is different to other products on the range as it does not contain a battery inside the unit. Instead, in runs with ultracapacitors amongst other patented electronics that maximise a discharged battery's voltage. The E/START800 requires just 5 volts to jump start a vehicle. Simply connect it to the vehicle's discharged battery and the unit will display the battery's existing voltage. It then draws power from it and energises itself fully within two minutes before pushing full power safely back through the starting system, jump starting the vehicle. The advantage of not having an internal battery is that the device is small, lightweight and has a life-cycle of 10 years, while not needing to be kept in a charged state and therefore can be used instantly.

Price and quality together

Clutch kits from First Line
Published:  28 June, 2016

Price can be king in the aftermarket with garages needing to offer a competitive edge to a quote when customers will only listen to cost and not quality. First Line's Key Parts brand is an alternative to the premium First Line and Borg & Beck ranges, while not skimping on the quality of the part.

Keeping it cool

Condensers from Denso
Published:  23 June, 2016

When it comes to keeping cool, especially as we approach summer, Denso has the right idea. The manufacturer has recently expanded its aftermarket condenser program with the introduction of 32 OE-quality Subcool condensers, which can offer up to 30% greater efficiency over conventional products.

Changing gear

Gearbox remanufacturing services from The Gearbox Centre
Published:  22 June, 2016

The manual transmission has been around almost as long as the car itself and The Gearbox Centre finds them a fascinating technology. However, while they are usually a reliable mechanism, they do eventually wear out and fail to act as efficiently as they were designed to. While this could be a costly item to replace, the company aims to provide a quick and cost-effective service, focusing on quality rather than price.

Further engineering

Brake calipers from Brake Engineering
Published:  21 June, 2016

Brake Engineering has added eight new brake calipers to its product range as it continues its bid to constantly meet the demands and requirements of its customers.

Charging for diagnostics

Battery diagnostics from Traction Charger
Published:  14 June, 2016

During diagnostic or programming operations when in a Key On, Engine Off state, a vehicle's systems are operating solely from the battery. This reliance on constant voltage poses a risk in terms of potential loss of data or damage to control units.

Experience counts

Diagnostics from Hella
Published:  09 June, 2016

Experience can provide garages with the essential tools they need to carry out everyday jobs. HELLA GUTMANN know this, with 30 years of knowledge in the field of vehicle diagnostics filtering down into their mega macs range.

Extension of warranty

OE components from Federal-Mogul
Published:  08 June, 2016

The warranty period serves two purposes, it gives garages and customers peace of mind that should anything go wrong there is a chance they are covered, while also giving companies the opportunity to highlight the trust in their products.

Combining into one

Online workshop tool from Autodata
Published:  07 June, 2016

Autodata has launched a new dedicated module to their Online Workshop Tool for changing brakes, saving workshops time and protecting them from the cost of incorrect procedures.

Keeping catalogues

Spark plugs from NGK
Published:  02 June, 2016

Keeping catalogues up to date allows companies to give its customers the right parts, the right information and most importantly, the right price.

Batteries for all occassions

Batteries from Varta
Published:  01 June, 2016

VARTA batteries is highlighting its Dynamic range as a solution for automotive and commercial vehicle requirements.

Keeping it cool

Air conditioning from Snap-on
Published:  31 May, 2016

With the summer upon us it is time to invest in your air conditioning kit. The Sun Koolkare range from Snap-on offers air-con recycling designed for modern workshops that deal with all kinds of differing vehicle systems.

Pimp your hose

Silicone hoses from Forge Motorsport
Published:  30 May, 2016

Silicone hoses are more resilient and for most, look good too. The latest upgrade from Forge Motorsport is a race-quality intake hose for Audi's RS3 'hot hatch'. Designed as a direct replacement for the factory part, and featuring precise diameter apertures as per the original, to allow each hose to connect directly to the OEM fittings, the Forge upgrade offers enhancement over the original, with a much greater resistance to heat-cycling and fatigue, making it ideal for tuned, tracked or competition cars.

Keeping it cool

Air conditioning from GSF Car Parts
Published:  26 May, 2016

As the time comes for garages to start work on a potential influx of air conditioning jobs, GSF Car Parts is offering an extended range to make the most of new labour-saving features.

Clean and easy

Additives from Diesel Power Plus
Published:  24 May, 2016

Contamination of the diesel system can lead to a number of problems, the least of which is a blocked DPF. Sometimes a regeneration is not the only thing that needs doing as pipes can also become clogged with soot and other deposits.

Wipe away

Wipers from Trico
Published:  19 May, 2016

Two of the most safety critical systems on a vehicle are often the ones least checked by drivers. Yet tyres and windscreen wipers play a critical role in the way we drive. Of the two, windscreen wiper efficiency is perhaps seen as the lesser critical, yet according to TRICO, 90% of all driving decisions are based on visual clues, underlining the importance of having a clear windscreen.

Automated gas service

Air Conditioning from Blyth Equipment
Published:  16 May, 2016

Updating your equipment to take advantage of air conditioning means you can also take advantage of changes in technology, especially the addition of a gas analyser which can detect the refrigerant coming out of a vehicle and reducing the chance of contamination.

Max power!

Additives from Power Maxed
Published:  12 May, 2016

The Power Maxed range is made up of automotive cleaning, additives, lubricants and spray products which have been developed with top level race teams in the UK including a British/World GP Motocross Team and its own British Touring Car Championship race team Power Maxed Racing.

Green refrigerant

Air conditioning from Hella
Published:  05 May, 2016

In common with other developing areas of the automotive industry, components, systems and fitting regulations are under constant review and are therefore subject to change. This is true of the air conditioning industry as well.

Branding upgrade

Ignition leads and coils from WAIglobal
Published:  28 April, 2016

Following its rebranding exercise, WAIglobal has now included its range of ignition leads and coils in its new corporate identity and packaging, under the brand name WAI.

Sealed and delivered

PAYEN, a brand of Fedral-Mogul Motorparts gaskets
Published:  28 April, 2016

PAYEN, a brand of Fedral-Mogul Motorparts, has launched two new high-performing gasket sealing technologies, Coriuseal and Coriusim.

Keeping your cool!

Cooling systems MAHLE
Published:  25 April, 2016

The cooling system of a vehicle is a precise mix of fluids and mechanical parts working together to ensure the engine is not damaged by the extreme heats it can produce. The system therefore need to be working at peak efficiency with no serious contamination while checks need to be completed on a regular basis. A problem with the cooling system can have a serious effect on various engine parts.

Tension mounting

Tension mounting parts from INA
Published:  21 April, 2016

INA has announced it has added tensioner parts for more than 17 million vehicles over the last 12 months. It has recently added a range of timing belt kits with water pump and INA Front End Auxiliary Drive (FEAD) kits, containing the belt/belts, tensioners, idler/deflection pulleys; Over Running Alternator Pulleys (OAPs) and water pump where required.

Pump it up!

Mechanical water pump from Dayco
Published:  14 April, 2016

Dayco has announced it will launch its first stand-alone mechanical water pump program in the UK this March. The initial range provides coverage for 90% of the UK vehicle parc, which equates to approximately 27 million vehicles.

Stick it to them

Promotion from Comma oil
Published:  12 April, 2016

Members of the Comma Professional Partner Program (PPP) have the opportunity to participate in an exclusive member only StickerSmart promotion until May 31st 2016.

Making an impact

Hand tools from Chicago Pneumatic
Published:  07 April, 2016

Chicago Pneumatic has introduced a new straight impact wrench line for the heavy vehicle service market. The CP7763D and CP7773D series is a compact and lightweight impact wrench that provides durability and power for general mechanic applications and tyre changing on light trucks and heavy vehicles. Thanks to the new D-handle design and the various ergonomic features of the impact wrench, users are provided with greater stability when holding the tool and increased user comfort than alternative models.

Brake range extension

Brakes from Brake Engineering
Published:  05 April, 2016

Brake Engineering has extended its product range with the addition of six new parts, including four new brake calipers and two new brake discs.

An obvious return

Lubricants from Morris Lubricants
Published:  01 April, 2016

Last year's CV Show saw Shrewsbury-based Morris Lubricants secure significant supply deals with a number of well-known haulage and commercial vehicle fleet operators, meaning exhibiting in 2016 was always going to happen.

Consolidation sparks upgrade

Ignition from Denso
Published:  31 March, 2016

The number of spark plugs available on the market, with some different types for the same application, means garages have a wide and sometimes confusing choice to offer their customers.


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