Professional responsibility

A cautionary tale into conducting business properly
Published:  02 February, 2015

By Mike Owen

The future is already here

There are some big challenges ahead for the aftermarket, Neil explains what's in store
Published:  21 January, 2015

By Neil Pattemore

Review of the year: Part 1

A look back at the news of 2014
Published:  06 January, 2015


Review of the year: Part 1

A look back at the news of 2014
Published:  06 January, 2015


Countering the counterfeits

A look at the consequences of using fake parts and data in vehicle servicing
Published:  22 October, 2014

By Neil Pattemore

The customer lifecycle

Give some thought to your customer relations
Published:  21 October, 2014

By Andy Vickery

The loan car

Mike looks into the benefits and pitfalls of offering a service of convenience
Published:  30 September, 2014

By Mike Owen

United we stand

How can our divided industry be brought together?
Published:  22 September, 2014

By Neil Pattemore

It's a classic

As technological developments continue at a pace, will the classic car repair market suffer?
Published:  08 September, 2014

If I showed a Nokia 5110 to a teenager they would probably ask what it is. If I told them it was a mobile phone, they may laugh and will probably ask how many apps it has or whether it is 4G enabled. Technology moves at a frightening pace and older components are quickly forgotten. If you want that Nokia repaired you would need a specialist.

Reaching out to customers

Andy Vickery looks at why sometimes the old methods are the best when advertising
Published:  01 September, 2014

By Andy Vickery

Choose your partners carefully

Parts supply chains have come under some scrutiny after recent events
Published:  26 August, 2014

By Neil Pattemore

A slippery situation

As vehicle technology develops, so too does the oil that goes into the engine
Published:  20 August, 2014

There is more to oil than simply putting it in the filler cap and making sure the levels are correct. It lubricates, reduces friction and helps an engine to perform at the peak of its power.

Sending out the right messages

This month, our marketing expert suggests carefully crafting your message to customers
Published:  13 August, 2014

By Andy Vickery

Death knell for diesels

Will the latest emission regulations suffocate the diesel industry?
Published:  06 August, 2014

By Neil Pattemore

Caravan carnage

EU legislation didn't include a recommendation for annual trailer or caravan checks
Published:  23 July, 2014

Last month, we reported about the scare over the potential split of MOT and servicing workshops, with the EU already having passed legislation on roadworthiness and not including any such proposal.

An invalid argument

Extended vehicle warranties are not a problem for workshops
Published:  23 June, 2014

Last month, we ran a story concerning an update to the Castrol Trend Tracker, showing a decrease in the market share of the independent workshop. Meanwhile, the franchise dealer sector held its share, its first non-decline in seven years.

Can tyres inflate your business

Changes in tyre technology presents opportunities for all
Published:  27 May, 2014

By Neil Pattemore

Be more social

Networking sites offer a way of reaching thousands of customers
Published:  06 May, 2014

The world is much more digital today than it was even a decade ago. The invention of the smartphone has meant that individuals always have an online presence and are able to write and interact with many more people than ever before.

North of the border

The Scottish aftermarket industry is in safe hands with training at GTG
Published:  24 April, 2014

The city of Glasgow is currently undergoing a large redevelopment programme. The old high-rise flats are being torn down, a new hospital is being built and the commonwealth games are just around the corner.

A Health and Safety perspective

We spoke to the HSE about the potential issues surrounding EVs in the workshop
Published:  10 April, 2014

Customer focus

Looking after clients is a way of life at Snap-on
Published:  03 April, 2014

Nestled in the east of the country, in a county that has no motorways but plenty of canals, sits the UK Headquarters of Snap-on Diagnostics and Equipment.

Fighting the fakes

Counterfeiting is prevalent in all markets, including our own
Published:  28 March, 2014

For some people, the best way to make money is develop a cheap product, brand it as something more expensive and sell it at a high price based on the manufacturer's name. This is happening all over the world in a number of different markets, such as pharmaceuticals, food, consumer goods and the automotive aftermarket.

How to stand out from the crowd

Make it easier for motorists to choose your garage by telling them why you are different
Published:  28 March, 2014

By Andy Vickery

Apprentices and your business

Training the next generation can also bring you a good return on investment
Published:  21 March, 2014

By Neil Pattemore

Licence to service

Is licensing necessary in the garage industry or do workshop schemes suffice?
Published:  10 March, 2014

The garage industry has taken a beating recently, with claims that the profession is rife with cowboys who will take their customers for a ride, charging for work that is not needed and completing some jobs to a dangerous sub-standard degree.

Euro 5 what's it all about?

Neil Pattemore looks at Euro 5 and what it means for the aftermarket
Published:  03 March, 2014

By Neil Pattemore

Marketing mindset

Accepting the need to change the way you do business over the years is vital or you will fall behind
Published:  26 February, 2014

By Andy Vickery

Poor service costing you money?

Head of Accreditation at the Institute of the Motor Industry looks at the importance of customer service
Published:  24 February, 2014

By Steve Scofield

A wasted opportunity

Aftermarket check out the do's and don'ts with regards to your waste disposal
Published:  07 February, 2014

All businesses create waste and it's increasingly important you deal with it correctly because of the legal aspects and the fact that customers expect their local garage to be a tidy environment to visit. Also, by getting rid of your waste in the right way, you could also get a bit of cash back.

Can the MOT make you money?

What are the benefits of adding your business to the increasing number of MOT centres?
Published:  27 January, 2014

Cloud's the future

Data giant moves its product online and introduces two new packages...
Published:  07 January, 2014

Tech info firm Autodata is set to move to the 'cloud'. The firm is set to move its product away from the CDs, downloads and printed books of the past and into an era where the information is delivered over the web.

Customer care pays dividends

Get the best client retention rates by putting yourself in the role of the customer
Published:  20 December, 2013

By Andy Vickery

I can't charge for diagnostics

Expert advice from Trevor Roper of Snap-on Diagnostics
Published:  12 December, 2013

As I go around the country talking to mechanics about diagnostics, a couple of statements keep coming up - 'There's no money in diagnostics,' or, 'I can't charge for diagnostics'. A few years ago, this is how I thought about diagnostics; a necessary evil something I had to offer my customers. As time has passed, I soon realised you can't hide from diagnostics, the modern motor car is bumper to bumper diagnostics.

A question of safety

We speak to Dave Garratt of the GEA about lift safety and maintenance...
Published:  06 December, 2013

Are there many serious accidents from vehicle lifts collapsing?

Rules for the modern minefield

Employment legislation can be tricky but tread carefully and you'll survive
Published:  04 December, 2013

By Neil Pattemore

Customer care can pay dividends

Improve retention rates by putting yourself in the role of the customer
Published:  26 November, 2013

By Andy Vickery

Fixed MOT fee debate

Article attracts comment from all sides of the debate
Published:  25 November, 2013

By Greg Whitaker

Do you have broken windows?

Physical neglect is not the only thing stopping customers coming back
Published:  11 November, 2013

Andy Vickery

Compress springs safely

Don't jeopardise your staff with obsolete tooling, says KYB
Published:  24 October, 2013

There are many pressures on garages to invest in the most up to date diagnostic equipment and software. It can be a big decision which is the best one and whether it will be value for money. Sometimes there is so much focus on these big investments that smaller items are often forgotten and some pieces of equipment are so old they are not really capable of doing the job they need to.

Custom made sensors

SMPE opens new manufacturing plant in Nottingham
Published:  03 July, 2013

A new 3,000sq ft electronic manufacturing facility at Standard Motor Products Nottingham HQ is making a custom programme of components, starting with Intermotor and Fuel Parts branded air mass meters. The electronics used have been designed in-house and are said to achieve very accurate output tolerances.

Top Tech Live booked!

Frank Massey, Eliot Smith and James Dillon confirmed
Published:  02 September, 2011



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