Trade bodies 'outraged' with MOT fee freeze

RMI and IAAF express dismay at the situation

Published:  30 October, 2013

LAST week's announcement that the maximum MOT fee will not be raised until at least 2015 has garnered predictable reactions from the industry's trade bodies.

Stuart James, RMI Director commented "Whilst the RMI acknowledges the Government's efforts to support the motorist it is outraged that it has failed to recognise the spiralling costs incurred by garages. The last official review of the MOT test price was in 2010. However in the last three years the cost of running a garage has snowballed".

"As the majority of MOT test stations are small to medium sized businesses this price freeze could result in these already struggling businesses being forced out of the market. This will profoundly damage the industry and stifle the economy just as it begins to recover" he added.

Meanwhile, Brian Spratt of the IAAF expressed his own contempt for the decision. "What is really galling," he said, "is that the Department for Transport has been trawling for the trade's point of view for many months and encouraging the perception that the fee might be raised.  As a consequence we have invested time and effort in providing data upon which a rise could have been calculated.  In fact, we could have saved ourselves the effort if the DfT had been more candid with us; it's scarcely the partnership with the MoT trade that the DfT likes to portray."

Roads minister Robert Goodwill acknowledged that his decision would not be popular with garages, but justified it by pointing out that around half of the vehicles on the road did not pay full price for an MOT test: "Discounting is a very good way of getting people through your doors."

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