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Franchised sector attempts to 'dispel myths' over value

Published:  25 January, 2011


bodies SMMT and the RMI are set to join forces to 'dispel myths' regarding franchised dealers and their service offering.

The plan was announced at a dinner in January entitled 'The Value of the Franchised Dealer Network', and was attended by a mixture of franchised dealer bosses, industry figures and motoring journalists.

Arguing the case for the main dealer, Paul Everitt, SMMT chief exec said: "Vehicle manufacturers and franchised dealers are continuously developing their consumer offering to ensure motorists receive the highest level of value and service throughout the life of their car. Investment in the latest technology and the ongoing training of specialist technicians means franchised dealers can also provide the best quality service to the highest standards".

Sue Robinson, director of the RMI's franchised dealer association said "In a changing world this is all about dispelling myths surrounding the franchised dealers." She added that some recent surveys that showed franchised dealers offering poor value were, in her opinion,  "somewhat inaccurate as they did not show like for like".

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