4-2-2: Firm has 'fleet dilemma'

MOT changes to cause 'risk management' woes according to firm

Published:  23 August, 2011

Proposals to change the current MOT regime being considered by the Government could create a 'risk management dilemma for fleets' according to a contract hire and consultancy firm.

Neville Briggs, managing director at CFC Solutions, said that in high mileage fleet situations, the proposed gaps, notably for the first MOT, could be too long to ensure safety and may potentially create a risk management headache for employers.

He said: "In an ideal world, these faults would be identified by the dealer as part of the general service and maintenance regime or by drivers undertaking regular, basic safety checks - but the overall condition of the vehicle is not their responsibility and the three year MOT remains an important point where a car or van receives a clean bill of health just at the point in its life where it may be developing problems."

The Department for Transport's review of the MOT is scheduled to start after the summer recess. Speaking to Aftermarket earlier in the year, Mike Penning, the minister leading the review said: "We need to work together on this... I have no predetermined attitude on the outcome." He also suggested that fleet vehicles and LCVs may actually have the test frequency reduced: "I have seen some crocks of [extremely high mileage fleet] vehicles that are frightening when they first come in for an MOT."

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