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Magazine advises readers to source parts outside the franchise network, but urges caution

Published:  01 December, 2011

A CAR magazine has advised motorists to take advantage of 'right to repair' legislation and to leave the franchise dealer network as soon as possible.

What Car

The article mentioned that while the dealer price for an original-equipment battery to fit a new small family car was £71.66, a big-brand aftermarket part could be bought for £41.94. A set of front brake pads bought from the dealer cost £65.40, compared with £36.60 for a matching-quality pair. An oil filter costing £8.83 from the dealer could be replaced with a matching-quality part found by the magazine for £4.92.

Under European 'Right to Repair' laws, it is perfectly permissible for motorists to have their choice of spare parts fitted, provided the items are of a quality matching the originals.  The magazine sounded a note of caution about where to source the parts from: ""It's always best to ask your dealer or garage to source your parts for you. However, if you are buying them yourself, make sure you deal only with a reputable retailer and are sure of the part's quality. Car safety is paramount" said the author of the article.

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