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Published:  04 August, 2016

Low viscosity oils are in demand and Morris Lubricants is answering the call with two new blends to meet the demands of hi-tech engines launched by Ford and Volvo.

Multivis ECO FA 0W30 is specifically for Ford's new generation Mondeo 2.0L Duratorq-TDCi (DW) diesel engines with performance level compliant to Ford WSS-M2C950-A. The second product Multivis V 0W20 developed for Volvo's latest Drive-E engines with performance level compliant to Volvo VCC RBSO.2AE. Both new products are now commercially available from Morris Lubricants in a variety of pack sizes and bulk delivery options.

Both products feature a new type of base oil technology referred to as Group III Plus, lowering dependence on the normal use of PAOs (polyalphaolefins) which have always been required to achieve good low temperature and good high temperature performance.

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