Complete remanufacturing

Remanufactured components from ACtronics

Published:  01 November, 2016

ACtronics remanufactured components will have an equal quality compared to a new one and your margin will be better than with a new part, thanks to our special approach.

They test the component for the specified faults. The testing equipment used is developed in-house by the company's own Research & Development team that contains 10 experienced engineers.

After this extensive diagnosis, the component will go through a full remanufacturing program. ACtronics is convinced that replacing defective subcomponents for new and preferably improved product versions is the only correct method for obtaining a longer lifespan. That's also the main reason for NOT working with used parts.

They always replace all known weak parts, not just the ones that tend to be defective. A simple repair seems beneficiary in the short term but eventually other parts will fail too, which then leaves the customer with another repair bill.

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