If the shoe fits...

Pagid Brake Shoe Pro Kits

Published:  15 December, 2016

Did you know that Pagid Brake Shoe Pro Kits can save a garage up to 50% fitment time as all of the components are pre-assembled? You'll only need a single part number as everything is in one box. Take it out, fit it straight onto the vehicle. Easy!

We all know that time is money when there's a vehicle on the ramp, so products that are quick and simple to fit make good economic sense. When you know that a vehicle is coming in for a brake shoe replacement, using this kit means no more ordering and fitting separate springs and wheel cylinders.  After all, springs lose tension after two years, so it's always good practice to change them.  We realise that many mechanics prefer not to change them as wrestling the springs into place is a pain of a job, but the Pagid Brake Shoe Pro Kit does away with that requirement, thus making the job swift and straightforward.

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