Coating the discs

Brakes from TRW Aftermarket

Published:  27 December, 2016

Following the launch of its latest 'True Originals' campaign, TRW Aftermarket is highlighting the different brake disc propositions it offers to garages.

For more powerful engines, TRW offers a range of High Carbon Discs which offer better stability and performance because they resist higher temperatures without distorting. They are able to run cooler, meaning they offer optimum performance and are less likely to distort and suffer from noise vibration and harshness (NVH) problems such as hot judder and brake squeal.

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  • Higher wet boiling point 

    Ultra DOT 5.1 ESP is a brake fluid which has a higher wet boiling point than other standard fluids and retains its low viscosity, even at extremely low temperatures, says TRW. ESP combines anti-lock brakes and traction control with a lateral stability control function. It automatically applies brake pressure to the wheel/s and cuts engine throttle if necessary to help get the vehicle back to its intended path. This demands a quick reacting brake fluid to avoid skidding. This fluid has been designed to flow efficiently even at cold temperatures. TRW recommends you test brake fluid each year and change it at least every two (every year for DOT 3 systems) as contaminated fluid is the number one cause of brake failure.

  • If the shoe fits... 

    Did you know that Pagid Brake Shoe Pro Kits can save a garage up to 50% fitment time as all of the components are pre-assembled? You'll only need a single part number as everything is in one box. Take it out, fit it straight onto the vehicle. Easy!

  • Reducing the noise 

    TMD Friction has launched the Mintex FIT Shim, designed and developed for the aftermarket to effectively dampen brake noise.

  • Keeping it clean 

    A new Non-Chlorinated Brake Parts Cleaner, is now available from Lucas Oil Products (UK).

  • Get your coat on 

    Disc coating allows for improved performance and increased protection from the elements. Borg & Beck has added other features to its specialist BECKTEC coating as standard, a move it sees as a benefit to technicians.


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