Colour coding in place

Batteries from Bosch

Published:  24 February, 2015

Bosch has re-structured its battery range to make selection easier using a colour coding system which moves the EFB and AGM batteries into three main ranges. A range of pictograms show key specifications and uses to ensure garages and customers are choosing the correct one.

There are three levels of battery for car applications. S3, grey labels, are suitable for older vehicles with smaller engines and should only be used in vehicles with limited electrical demands – such as ABS, a heated rear screen, alarm etc.

    S4, blue labels, are for vehicles post 2000 and suit smaller cars which have a reasonable electrical demand such as cruise control, heated seats and air con. Some include Enhanced Flooded Battery technology.

    S5, black labels, sit at the top of the range and some include Absorbent Glass Mat technology. Premium vehicles and those with large diesel engines require an S5 battery which can deal with electrical demands such as parking sensors, ESP and sat nav.

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