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Three manufacturers approve the Hunter Hawkeye Elite TD

Published:  20 November, 2015

The top of the range Hunter HawkEye Elite TD wheel alignment system is set to help boost business at even more workshops around the UK after its integrated wheel clamp and TD targets received fully approved status from three of the world's leading vehicle manufacturers, including the latest approval from Mercedes-Benz. With the need to meet such exacting standards the Hunter Elite TD therefore not only meets but also exceeds the minimum standards specified by most other OEMs.

Made from a lightweight yet durable polymer material to withstand the demands of a busy workshop environment, the QuickGrip adaptors, which avoid any metal to metal contact, allow the targets to be attached to the wheel in one simple click. This speed of operation coupled with a simple roll forward rolling compensation means a full 14-point wheel alignment assessment can be made in just 90 seconds. The compact design and narrower profile makes the system even more suited to restricted workbays.

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