Iridium is the key

New spark plugs from Denso

Published:  23 November, 2015

Denso has launched the Iridium TT spark plug, featuring what the company claims is the highest concentration of iridium of any product on the market. The technology combines the world's smallest diameter centre electrode, at 0.4mm, with a needle-like 0.7mm platinum ground electrode.

This allows the unique plug to improve performance, efficiency and durability - the Iridium TT has a lifetime of up to 120,000km, more than three times that of standard nickel plugs.

DENSO Marketing Manager, Aftermarket, Hedy Borreman, comments: "DENSO has always been a pioneer in automotive aftermarket parts, particularly in the field of Spark Plugs, where we have been responsible for several world firsts.

"This improved Spark Plug, which builds on super ignition technology, is no exception; the Iridium TT's technology allows for faster, better ignition of the spark and ensures that less fuel is utilised in the combustion process.

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