Low cost repair system

Leak detection from Ring

Published:  28 May, 2014

UV dyes are perfect for finding leaks, especially 'invisible' leaks involving air conditioning gas. Ring Automotive has an inspection lamp and a range of UV dyes to detect leaks involving oil and fuel, the coolant and air con system as well as surface water leaks.

The lamp provides 1,000 Lux and incorporates a UV lamp and LED torch. A powerful magnet on the base and two hooks on the rear allow you to work hands-free. Four UV dyes are available to use with the lamp, supplied in single measure bottles for use in the air con system, for coolants, water ingress and engine oils.

The dye is added to the system being tested, left to blend for 20 minutes, then you can use the lamp to look for a fluorescent glow. Once the leak has been found and repaired the lamp can be used again to make sure the work has been successful.

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