European cars added

Popular European vehicles have been added to the G-Scan

Published:  03 January, 2013

The G-Scan was created back in 2008 when a Japanese and Korean OEM joined forces to provide quality data on both market's vehicles in addition to Japanese 'grey' imports. Since then, popular European vehicles have been added to the tool, which is available from Blue Print. Functions include an automatic vehicle system search, clearing of trouble codes, body control module actuation tests, component and ECU coding/reprogramming, DPF regeneration, ABS and airbag analysis plus many more. The tool comes with a rechargeable Lithium battery which powers it for hours. A high def 5.6" screen displays full DTC descriptions and data parameter names, can record data on road tests and by touching the 'Pen' icon on the screen you can capture what's displayed and add your own notes and drawings which are then saved, or transferred to a PC.

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