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Rotating electrics

Published:  02 April, 2013

The range of Fuel Parts branded rotating electrics has grown steadily since being introduced by SMPE five years ago and now stands at over 500 part numbers which cover 6,900 vehicles. The parts are offered with no surcharge and a no-quibble warranty. One of the continuing best sellers is the Mondeo/Transit starter motor replacement and is so common because it sits right at the bottom of the bell housing. Ford vehicles fitted with a dual mass flywheel can be problematic for the starter too as when the clutch starts to wear and it disintegrates, the one-way sprag fails in the disengaged position so the starter doesn't work, or it fails in the engaged position resulting in the starter working overtime. Fuel leaks from the diesel system commonly end up soaking the starter meaning an instant fail. SMPE's technical team are available to guide you through any diagnostic issues and to help you find out why the original part may have failed.

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